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Does /qa/ eat strange foods?
I tried eating natto and actually like it a lot, the sticky texture is very nice, but it has some bitter taste so I eat with the attached sauce.


How did the spider webs taste?


the strangest thing I eat regularly is probably kimchi inside of western style pancakes. as long as the pancake is sweet and the kimchi isn't too spicy it makes this really nice mix of sweet and savory that I can't resist. if you're someone who eats pineapple on pizza or dips french fries in your milkshake I recommend it heavily.


Accounts of natto's smell and taste are greatly exaggerated, usually by Japanese people. Not something I would ever choose to eat, but it's worth trying at least once.


File:ratings-shit.jpg (58.9 KB,636x476)

no. if I like it then that means it's not strange


the taste isn't particularly remarkable
just tastes like beans unsurprisingly
the texture is not pleasant though


What about Surströmming, are these greatly exaggerated too? I've heard that they smell and taste like rotten fish from sewage.


I had never heard of that, seems pretty disgusting.


I wouldn't call it strange, but I used to really hate cool ranch doritos and I tried them again recently and they taste fine.


One unorthodox(unhygienic) way of cooking is to use an unwashed pot/pan from the day before for cooking, that way the new meal tastes a bit like the meal previously cooked in the pot/pan.


which culture did that.. it must be one with not a lot of bugs


It's ok sometimes but you shouldn't overdo it except if your stomach is really strong.


File:1588700246731.jpg (49.21 KB,401x480)

Pickled herring is apparently considered strange by a lot of people. I personally think it's pretty good when it comes in a curry sauce, or a type of sour cream based sauce. There are some sweet and savoury ones too that go really well with hard boiled eggs.


Probably the strangest things I have had are Rabbit, Kangaroo and Duck. Rabbit is probably my favourite of all, Kangaroo is like beef but lean so it's alright but not great.


File:kibbe-platter-cc-ca4641c1….webp (108.49 KB,800x600)

strangest thing i eat regularly is probably kibbeh nayeh
it's basically raw minced beef with spices mixed in


Is it raw and then cooked together with those spices? That looks like baked bread or something


You can make baked or fried kibbeh too but specifically kibbeh nayeh is uncooked.
People can put it in all sorts of shapes to serve it as it's literally just a lump of minced meat that's been mixed with with spices. There's all sorts of regional and just community specific recipes but they way i usually eat it, it has something like number 2 bulghar, all spice, and some other stuff i don't know. It's also mixed by hand wear you have a bowl of water that you dip your hands in to wet the cracked wheat or something like that. I don't usually make it, my mom/ aunts or grandmother does but I would make it more if i didn't have to place an order at the butcher's before hand and then get to the shop early so i can make sure I'm getting the first bit of meat that has been minced for the day.


Do you guys ever worry about uh, salmonella or anything? I guess if the source of the meat is good then it's not a problem


Sorta but for the most part raw meat in general is fine to eat if it's fresh.
The problem with eating raw meat is when you let it sit or their is contamination from other sources like the meat cutter/grinder the butcher used cut a bunch of other meat before hand and there was cross contamination. That's why you have to tell the butcher before hand and then get there first thing in the morning to make sure your meat is the very first one they prepare for the day. And then the dish has to be made same day (unless you freeze the meat) and is only good (relatively safe) for a day or so after making even if you refrigerate it.
This article seems to briefly touch the safety and risk https://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2013/02/06/171301501/why-lebanese-love-their-raw-kibbeh
That being said I've never had a problem with getting sick from it and have been eating it ever since I was 8 or so. I guess it's a trust sorta thing, like you have to trust that the source of the meat is coming from a competent butcher/source.

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