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Have you watched any cinema or film recently /qa/?


I watched the Green Knight, which is an A24 adaptation of the chivalric romances about Sir Gawain. Wasn't so sure what to expect going in, but it was quite a great film that I think nicely captured the spirit of these old folktales, alongside the atmosphere and writing. Not sure how much I agree with the message, but it's of the time and understandable. Only consideration I had was whether the ending was too ambiguous or fine the way it was, since interpreted wrong it may leave one confused.


I'm not sure I would really consider it "cinema", since it's not particularly high brow, but the most recent movie I've seen was Ready Player One. I saw it when it originally came out in theaters, but I was really critical of it. At the time, I was really put off by the CG-ness of the animation, which still felt a little uncanny valley to me. Likewise, I was very put off by the product placement in the form of the countless IPs portrayed in the film, which came off as tacky pandering and blatant sell-out-ism (Back to the Future Delorean, Akira bike, Iron Giant, Halo 4 Spartans, The Shining, etc.). The story really isn't anything worth talking about either. It's a typical "little guy vs. big, bad corporation" story. Re-watching it, however, I enjoyed it a lot more. With the rise of fairly accessible VR in the form of the Oculus Quest 2, and social VR programs like VRChat that are very similar in concept to "The Oasis" as portrayed in Ready Player One, I was less captivated by the story and more the world as shown in the movie. Focusing on the world itself, made me reconsider the way I felt, especially over the IPs shown in the movie; with programs like VRChat, it's really not uncommon to see someone wandering around as Master Chief, or as a Storm Trooper, or any myriad of characters from all sorts of things. At the time, that was my biggest gripe with the movie, and seeing how things have turned out in real life for comparison has made me more sympathetic towards the movie, and at the same time hopeful that such an expansive VR universe like "The Oasis" genuinely comes into existence.

As far as more proper "cinema or film" are considered, the last I watched was West World. I found it pretty interesting to watch, although the characters themselves were rather unlikable. I get that the title was "West World", i.e. focusing on Western themed section, but I think it would have been interesting for there to have been more focus on the Roman World, and Medieval World rather than just showing one or two sets of each. The actual reasoning for the androids to be malfunctioning was pretty unique; they somehow managed to catch a "virus" that spread from one to another until they all became affected and started attacking visitors. I know that it was probably just a throwaway line, but hearing that the androids had a biological layer to accurately mimic the look and feel of humans, or animals was a cool thought, but I wonder how something like that would work in real life. The vision overlay of the one antagonist android was pretty cool, I thought. Thinking about it, it reminds me a lot of how in the movie, Predator, the Predator alien has a sort of infrared heat vision that gets used throughout that movie. Seeing the huge, bulky computer monitors in the one viewing room was pretty cool too. Movies from 70s have an interesting aesthetic that is hard to explain; perhaps it's down to the not-quite-perfect color film chemistry or style of camera used that gives it a sort of unique look, but I enjoy it a lot. It's also just sort of interesting seeing what kind of narratives came out of the 70s, which was a time when computers were on the cusp of becoming mainstream in person usage, but were in the public consciousness. There's not very many examples of things that have so revolutionized the world and inspired interesting narratives; some people think autonomous cars will revolutionize travel, but it's kind of hard to imagine it really captivation the public consciousness as something unique and world-changing like computers were and still are.


back when I still played VRchat I watched that movie with a friend I had on that game- we both had a fun time commenting on how closely it managed to predict the social parts of VR games. we personally had experience with pretty much everything not related to the main plot (girl pretending to be guy, two people meeting in VR and becoming a real couple, etc) that happened in that movie. made for a much more interesting experience.


I have but I've little desire to post about it because I honestly hated it and I cant say anything because this certain movie is one you're just not allowed to be negative about.




Actually thinking about it instead of going on a massive rant I'll shortly post the few things a liked about this movie.
Rutger Hauer acting as the main villain was amazing, the CGI was top class perfection and at least the movie made me want to read the novel just out of spite against the movie.


I thought I knew what you were talking about just based on you saying Rutger Hauer, but from what I know the novel has absolutely no relation to the movie outside of the name. Also it's fine if you don't like it as long as you at least like the sequel, if it's what I think it is.


Well?... What movie is it?


My guess was Blade Runner.


recently watched seven samurai and once upon a time in the west. solid movies, although greatest-ever accolades is a bit much (but when isn't it?). i'd sooner recommend yojimbo or sanjuro for kurosawa films, for example.

this is the "just the tip" of a rant. let's jam it in.

the revenant, blade runner 2049, ex machina: all sucked. empire of the sun was too awful to finish. twin peaks was a show about scumbags for scumbags that stopped trying altogether about halfway in. gattaca was just ok.

yeah, the setting is phenomenal, even today. i'd say it's worth watching the first hour-ish for that alone.


>that stopped trying altogether about halfway in
that's not really a controversial opinion (at least if you mean s2)


right, that was lazy. but i'll leave it at that though and do better next time.
besides, things like silent hill and touhou suspense might not have happened (or might have been much less than they were) without that influence, so i don't want to be too critical anyway.


It was probably a whole lot more influential than you think




Watched Donnie Darko and thought to myself that it seemed to be a bit more explained than I expected for it being known as a surreal movie. Then I realized I was watching the simplified spoonfed directors cut version and felt a bit stupid. Still enjoyed it though.

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