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File:59e358edd741cd1b48f6d88d52….jpg (821.21 KB,2894x1566)


Is anyone here on /qa/ involved in the Scene? How did you get into it and what is your experience with it?
It seems to be a very small and closed-knit friend-to-friend network of people that the only way to get in is to know one of them personally. Most of releasers also don't have any public profile and any information about them is told by someone else that know them.


File:__chen_touhou_drawn_by_noa….jpg (150.26 KB,719x800)

Always wondered, is "The Scene" for hollywood movies and such the same as the one that gets all the anime BDs?


Scene is made up of different groups which have their own interests, so they’re probably not the same people but they have common content sharing principles.


What is 'the Scene'?


File:a1c0681dc227e4008dd06285b1….jpg (125.1 KB,433x600)

A location where a crime has taken place.


No, officer.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (234.34 KB,1920x1080)

Yeah, I want to know too. From what it sounds like I guess it's people related to releases of... something? Warez? Scans? It is a mystery.


I assumed Warez


File:b367182096940a9693acff3e5d….jpg (139.71 KB,1067x600)

It's surprising for me that so few people here is familiar with it.
The Scene started by sharing warez during early personal computing days, a cracker broke copy protraction and inserted credit and shared them with their friends through physical media.
With high speed internet, it became possible to share other contents like films and TV shows so some part of the Scene branched to include them. Now they include almost everything that can be distributed digitally.
However, unlike P2P/torrent release groups, the Scene still only distribute contents via private servers with a ratio system similar to what private trackers have, but there is no website. Some stuffs from the Scene that end up appear elsewhere are redistributed by some who have access to these servers, not the releasers themselves.


does "The Scene" use IRC?


Well that's the primary thing I want to know so I made this thread. I don't know how they communicate, along with some operating details.


File:E0wOqhzVEAAuMP7.jfif (261.4 KB,1000x1412)

Love that artist. But, uh, I know about scene stuff, but the whole privately distributing stuff is pretty interesting to hear about. I was under the impression that scene culture died out in the early 2000s.


File:96631c74153a64dae8c884c5c2….jpg (800.45 KB,800x1131)

Well, it was operated in such secrecy that the distribution procedure was only known because someone high in the distribution chain got caught and the procedure was released in court document.
From what I see, the Scene is still alive with lots of contents being released and their private servers contain lots of releases that can't be found anywhere else. The scene culture has mostly moved to Demoscene though so you might be correct.


File:boingball.gif (659.88 KB,499x281)

I love the demoscene, those guys are always making the weirdest stuff, and it's almost always made in some super interesting way. the only one I really know of off the top of my head is when kkrieger made a tiny splash for a being a technically full functioning game that was several kilobytes, though.


In the old days they existed as intro for cracked computer programs so they must be small, fancy, and utilize fully the hardware the same time.
I like the chiptune on some of the gameboy demos a lot, they seemed to use some custom coding to stuff more simultaneous sounds into the very limited sound system it had.


The gameboy's interesting. It's pretty weak but it's also very cleverly designed, so if you're smart you can push it really far.


File:f1c0d99450a83fef4e19a4efb4….jpg (1.55 MB,1600x1600)

good info website with scene stuffs


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