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File:maxresdefault.jpg (61.92 KB,1280x720)


I've seen a lot of references in threads alluding to the subject, but as a recent kissu visitor I am unaware of the story behind kissu's relationship with 4chan.

Is there a thread or page where I can read about the founding of kissu and what sounds like some kind of exodus from 4chan? Just curious.

I thought of simply poking around the internet for info but decided to just ask you guys directly for a more authoritative source.


File:91482225_p0.png (428.39 KB,884x1362)

I just woke up and it takes me a bit for my brain to join me, but I can write up a summary in a few hours if you don't mind waiting. (or someone else can do it for me)


File:1492877148097.png (1.97 MB,740x2119)

/qa/ was a board for moot's retirement Q&A that just stuck around as a hidden board without a purpose. There's this image which summarizes the state of 4/qa/ up to a point in April when the board was frozen. Then after that period, and a brief vacation for /qa/ to /meta/ on desuarchive (start from https://desuarchive.org/meta/page/28/ and go back if you want to see), the board became 2D random with a bit of a freak sideshow, ran by self-moderation and it was the best point of the board's life. In around October of that year /qa/ was listed "officially" as the meta board and undesirables began to flood in through thread moves and the announcement at the top of the page globally for the site. Quality slowly declined from there and after a lot of bouts with moderation that eventually ended up with a bunch of regulars getting rangebanned around 2019. Dealing with moderation was too much of a hassle for little reward at that point, and so everyone decided to move to Kissu, which was established as a bunker for the rangebans in late 2018 after a thanksgiving freakout by the mods. Since then Kissu has been functioning as the de facto home for 2D random /qa/ and meta /qa/, as neither of which exist on the original 4chan board anymore, which has gone from being one of the best boards on the site to the worst bar none (aside from in the eyes of mods, for which it is their favorite board). In short, people decided to take it easy and have fun here instead of dealing with constant stress, antagonistic moderation, and annoying freaks that came with posting on 4chan.

I may have been a bit negative in my portrayal so feel free to elaborate a bit on the good parts of 4/qa/ if you want.



Even if that were a good post it's a thread and post imported from /jp/.


File:EM3PHh_U8AAOYSI.jpg (51.27 KB,1002x969)

Seems like a good summary to me and I can't really think of anything to add. Staff used developer tools to hinder 4/qa/ for a couple years to avoid actively moderating it. Eventually they ran out of ideas and decided to rangeban regular users to eliminate what user moderation was there to protect and then assumed the controls themselves. In its new heavily moderated form it gained a new userbase and it's like none of this ever happened over there. Kind of freaky in a way.


>it gained a new userbase and it's like none of this ever happened over there.
Great /qa/ replacement theory.


Not OP but thank you for the comprehensive explanation.


Still factual, but doesn't explain various issues later.

Biggest issue was disputes with staff and userbase about how the board should be moderated.


I've never bothered getting into 4/qa/ proper since I'd assumed it would be the second coming of /q/ which was one of my most hated boards. Deranged schizos one upping each other with terrible ideas how the site ought to be run. Glad to know that in the years /qa/ turned more into a /jp/ than a /q/.


> disputes with staff
it’s funny when you think about it
/qa/ did way more to get under the staff’s skin than all the memes and posts deriding jannies and mods ever did
instead of idly complaining about how shit or overrun with newfags/shills the board is /qa/ was able to take action and impose its own will on itself
this action is what ultimately got under the moderations’ skin
I’m pretty some of them took personally offense at this encroachment on their authority


this thread is pretty cringey(sorry there's actually no better word, sorry to offend your sensibilities)


File:[SubsPlease] Peach Boy Riv….jpg (134.52 KB,1280x720)



OP here. Thanks for the info, it was definitely interesting.

Part of the reason I originally asked was to learn more about the formation of the kissu culture so as to better understand the kinds of posts that are expected and/or appealing to the board.

For those who consider this an unholy deviance from glorious 2d worudo, I apologize


I'm also new here and appreciate you asking this as well, now I understand what people here mean when they mention 4/qa/


No, no, /qa/ is the perfect place for this kind of thread. /jp/ is more focused on 2D but /qa/ is open for more things. Hmm, I guess looking at the catalog /qa/ is definitely overwhelmingly 2D images in the OP, but it's not restricted to it at all.
Don't feel bad about making threads.

Yeah. I guess we could describe it somewhere, but I think most people want to leave it behind and focus on kissu's future, which is looking pretty good if we keep getting new people!


File:1485297706380.png (97.75 KB,225x282)

Won't forget Asan.


>>>/qa/ archive/res/58673.html


nice, reminded me to save that thread before it dies


Sounds like you're the one who had your sensibilities offended by this thread, my linguistically challenged friend.



Here's also an archive I made of the 20K thread. I would upload it to archive.is if I wasn't dumb... Back in ye olden days before /jp/, before /all/, and before /megu/ was turned into /ec/.


Anooooo, it says 404...



File:1605748863830.png (2.02 MB,2107x2972)

people unfamiliar with 4/qa/ use this site?
next thing you know someone will ask who trevor is


File:1425667805053.jpg (130.02 KB,1280x720)


I basically never go to 4chan to start with and got here from a much more depressing smaller imageboard that was exclusively for neets. I also don't know who trevor is.


a person tards bring up to feel like they've been on imageboards since 2012


hes a notable user of 4/qa/ before everyone left whos only notable for his ego and autism being funny
hes not actually important, I only mentioned him because I remembered this thread made me remember the /qa/ review videos
a better way to date users is remembering when good threads were bumped with a touhou spell bot



I think that's a good thing. Kissu's becoming more and more of its own thing, distinct from 4chan.


Yeah, I definitely agree. Not many people would have been able to tolerate all the crap on 4/qa,/ anyway. It had its fun moments, but bad ones, too. It's a good sign to be picking up new friends.


not op but thanks. only ever lurked the /jp/s, so i can't truly get it, but i feel slightly less ignorant now.


Hehe. I knew using a tripcode was a good idea for tracking my posts off in the future. This one is probably one of my favorites:

"Things only get worse the longer you stay. I call it Moore's law of shitposting: every arbitrary unit of time between visiting 4chan, 4chan will have decreased in quality an arbitrary amount."

Anyways, this thread gives a pretty good idea of what /qa/ meta was like:

(Bad and full of shit-flinging)


Ancient /qa/ meta summoning ritual.


I know it's a 4/qa/ thread, but the antisocial frog stuff really isn't needed, is it


What even is the point of being able to talk about 4/qa/ if you're not even being able to mention frogs? That same image was posted countless times. To pretend it wasn't to some extent iconic is frankly disingenuous... EVEN IF it's "antisocial", that was still the reality of browsing 4/qa/.

Spoiler it, if you must, but deleting it seems a step too far, particularly for a thread [ul]devoted to /qa/'s history[/ul]...


This shit was never notable in the first place, it was just a footnote in a long line of boring tryhards. Protip: if you're going to spend hours a day desperately trying to catch someone's attention, it's probably a good idea to make sure you aren't easily filterable.


That stuff is better kept secret, as it has nothing to do with /qa/ of today


File:jenga.jpg (78.07 KB,1280x720)

I thought this was the ritual?

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