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File:1594169185118.webm (1.98 MB,640x360)


Why does just seeing a vtuber send some anons into a blind fit of rage? It's not saying anything about them, and why do you know them enough to even identify them to hate them.


I don't mind the vtuber as in the anime girl itself but vtuber as the 3DPD is gross.


fuck off


I don't like them, but I ignore them.
well, sometimes they get nice art I suppose


Not a fan of vtubers, but I don't go out of my way to complain about them. I think most vtubers are bad, but that's another question entirely.


it's a slippy slope
you try to ignore them and suddenly they're everywhere


>why do you know them enough to even identify them to hate them.
Because fags post vtubers on my boards.


I find it kind of strange. I don't remember people being so against them until recently. Kizuna Ai didn't generate a lot of backlash. Stuff that was made to promote other media like Goldship and Jashin Channel I remember being well received and liked when they started. Artists have been using virtual avatars when they stream for quite a while. Then last year Hololive exploded in popularity and everyone suddenly hated vtubers. What's the difference? Is it the fact that they're full time streamers or that they're employed by an agency? Maybe it's just the fanbase, not the streamers themselves. But that doesn't explain the animosity that is generated from just posting an image or referencing a vtuber. I don't know. I don't get it.


because they are literally just streamers and vloggers, pure 3dp shit
ai didn't really do that and the novelty alone carried her at the time


isn't a SoL anime just girls blogging about their day with other girls?


>just streamers and vloggers
Artists that use virtual avatars are too. They just talk about their day while drawing and some even stream video games. They've done this since before the typical "vtuber" people think of today and there was no backlash against it. How is Hololive or Nijisanji or some indie vtuber different?


Novelty was a big factor in Kizuna's reception. There are rare chnnels like omesis who started out by putting out what felt like budget gdgd fairies, concrete ideas going in that were taken from concept to performance. That stuffs fine. It's just that the majority of vtuber content that is pumped out is nothing more than streamer culture with a different coat of paint - parasocial interaction with someone consuming media or merchandise vapidly. There's no substance to it.


you can't turn a corner without bumping a vtuber in most anime spaces these days, and you can contribute nearly 95% of that explosion to hololive. seeing something you don't care about slowly invade a space that used to be exclusively for stuff you do care about isn't a nice experience, so you get people lashing out at it as hard as they can, partially in a vein hope to make it go away, and partially because sometimes yelling into the void is the only way to make yourself feel better.
I personally don't care if anyone here posts vtubers or not, but I've been on the bad end of that enough times to remember what it feels like.


Invade suggests that someone is maliciously talking about vtubers to spite you. What I've seen of people who don't like the content is that they don't want people talking about something they see as Impure Japanese content which is kind of stupid because all of the gayposting on /jp/ was obviously just 3DPD worship and if you complained about that then you were a Jan


I'm not sure what word I should have used instead. take over? replace? they see less of one thing and more of another because it grows in its visibility. I have no idea about that impure japanese content stuff, myself. I'm just talking about feelings I've had before that a few of these guys probably have too. if not most of them, then at least a few.


I've noticed less and less direct references to vtubers nowadays that /vt/ is around, and instead it's mostly now just the occasional picture of a vtuber I probably wouldn't even recognize if it weren't for others pointing it out.

I've got to say that if there's one good thing that 4chan has done in recent years, it'd be creating that containment board to attract all vtuber discussion towards 4chan and away from other sites.


This takes me back to when people complained about anime gifs from Tumblr the more things change and whatnot I suppose.


File:1623428658393.png (47.28 KB,178x193)

Seeing something I personally think is crap everywhere is exhausting. And there is also the fact that a lot of the fans venture outside of the designated vtuber discussion threads/boards/forums whatnot, and try to get others into their hobby, as if they were some cultists trying to convert you into their strange doomsday cult.


File:Ebola-chan reactions.webm (10.05 MB,640x360)

Hololives feel so oversaturated. There's dozens of them that all do the same pretending to be bad at video games, starting fake drama, and vaguely flirting with the viewers routine.

I miss Eilene's heyday, before she got blacklisted by youtube over the Ebola-chan jokes.


it's too bad vtubers weren't really a thing back when the internet was more of a wild west, everything's gotten so homogenized on the popular sites like youtube and twitch because of how strict the rules are and how people desperately algorithm chase instead of making original content that's actually interesting, and I can't help but feel like the samey-ness of vtubers is a side effect of that to at least a small degree. I hope some day in the future one of those major companies gets fed up with how the site they use is run and makes their own alternative, maybe some kind of peertube like what pixiv did with pawoo and twitter.


I simply have no interest in streamers, LPers, idols and the like. Creating a character and using an avatar is not going to change that.


Following a report that I partly agree with, this meta-y thread was moved to /qa/ so people can more focus on stupid silliness on /jp/. As always you can comment about it if you disagree and such


I don't have anything against male vtubers.


>someone consuming media or merchandise vapidly. There's no substance to it.
Couldn't you say the same thing about anime? I find many aspects of both are similar. For a lot of people, vtubers have replaced anime because they offer a similar experience but with more interaction.

So it's just because it's new and popular? If it stayed at the level of Kizuna Ai would it be okay? Vtubers seem like they're becoming a staple aspect of otaku culture, and a lot of people have integrated them into their interests. I don't think it's invading as much as expanding the sphere of things that are a part of the culture. Yes, some people can be obnoxious about it, I agree, but I think it's mostly just bandwagoners that constantly jump from fad to fad trying to keep up with the latest thing. As the medium(?) matures it will probably mellow out as those people lose interest and move on to the next "big thing."


Regardless, streamer culture is definitely not a thing that needs to be encourage, and the aspect of monetizing interaction is pretty cynical as well. It's no better than if watching an anime episode required a gacha mechanic to continue watching. There are a lot of people who are addicted to that sort of thing, and it really shouldn't be encouraged.


I never enjoy their stream, they are just boring


>For a lot of people, vtubers have replaced anime because they offer a similar experience but with more interaction
This is baffling to me. What kind of similar experience do they offer? Vtubers are streamers that play games, talk about their life and get your donations. How are they in any way similar to anime , except talking in japanese. Hell, not even that, seeing that english speaking ones are just as popular, or even more.
Anyway, to answer OP, 1 I don't llke streamers culture, and vtuber culture is pretty much the same that revolves around any big twitch/youtuber "star" 2 The ones that I tried to watch were annoying; I guess that's a staple to hololive 3 They don't play games I like, and I don't like watching people stream games anyway 4 I don't know how anyone can stand having an obnoxious chat comprised of 15k+ people without getting crazy 6 Superchat is cancer


Like >>75731 noted, a lot of them attract people who enjoy SoL anime because they evoke similar emotions. It's cute 2D girls doing mundane things poorly (or expertly) and talking about random stuff. The difference with vtubers is that these 2D girls can actually respond to you and have a conversation with you. And that's a pretty powerful draw for some people who are big SoL anime fans. Most would love to be able to talk with their favorite girl from their favorite show about whatever random topic was discussed in an episode. And now they can do that with vtubers.


File:f145ba41a9648356ea393d6128….jpg (362.37 KB,1000x756)

SoL tends to multitudes more interesting and better than real life.


oh yeah, "talk with their favorite girl", inside of a giant mass of people so their actual voice is never heard unless they shell out actual money. just to get some text in front of a woman pretending to be anime. I've got nothing against fantasy but this is just a level further than I can accept!


File:[Tsundere] Non Non Biyori ….jpg (181.25 KB,1279x1079)

I can't see the similarities between SoL and a real girl talking with thousands for living


File:1627377054361.gif (185.6 KB,540x431)

I think the only thing that's anime about them is the avatar. Their realistic mannerisms and flawed acting constantly remind me that they're just 3DPD with an avatar. And because of this, they feel a lot more like real life idols than interactive anime girls.


I can't possibly support the platforms the vtubers and their believers operate on. It's basically a capitalistic subversion, a cult with no ulterior values to gain from.


streamers are just reality tv stars for new generations
some japanese reality tv shows have guests speak behind anime avatars, exactly like that


>streamers are just reality tv stars for new generations
You never had to shell out $100 just to call in on whatever reality TV if it was airing live.


This wretched world will find a way to commoditize everything.

VTubers on a technical level are nothing new. Software such as FaceRig has been around for years. It's funny to whip out a cam feed and surprise the audience - the guy behind the mic is actually a talking paperclip. It was generally obscure enough that poor usage was looked over.
What's not funny is some dumb bitch (or guy) using these 3D avatars and plastering them onto the screen 24/7. These niggers could have followed the trend of putting their ugly mug into the corner of the screen while they stream. But that's not good enough. They only think in terms of business. It's all market share, "making markets", revenue and viewership. There are plenty of people who think they're hot shit for tapping into this type of thought.
There's some images or articles out there that describes the process of how niches and hobbies with honest practitioners (read:nerds) get exploited for profit. VTubers are for people who like "the anime" and also "the videogames" but are complete secondaries. If VTubers die down so will their desire to watch them. They will simply latch onto another thing. They are consumers in the most degenerate sense.

Imagine being on an anime board and all of a sudden these stupid 3d avatars that have no merit start flooding in. The discussions are noise. Countless threads fill your catalog but nothing can be gleamed from the words within. It is so bad that you could replace the VTuber names with actors from Bollywood and not think twice about it. That's how shit they are.


Leftfield/outsider performance vtubers would be interesting, something like alantutorial but for vtubers. Hatoba Tsugu kinda had the right idea.

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