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Are we magical girls? Sometimes I feel like one. Are we here to fight normalfags? Is the chanosphere our prison? Is anonimity our power? Do you feel powerful sometimes? Do you feel like there is something magical and special inside of you?

I like this feel.


File:77983196_p0.png (1.3 MB,1000x1861)

We're all super mahou shoujo trapped within the confines of Anonymity out of fear for what would happen if we were to be comfortable named. Just look at all the notable /qajp/ personalities that got on the bad side of moderation and faced years long bans on their trips because of this. It surely tells that if one desired to, they have the power to destroy the chanosphere, but choose not to since that'd be too boring.


magical girls would kill us in an instant from across the stratosphere if we allowed ourselves to get this cocky


feel powerless nore often than powerful
so many things that are out of my control in life


We are dancers!

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