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How well versed is /qa/ in image/video editing software? I was thinking about having a thread for which people could share tips and tricks they know about their software of choice, or maybe ask questions about how to perform certain tasks. For instance, I was masking in Davinci Resolve and the video I was editing repeated some motions, so I was curious if I could possibly copy the position for my earlier mask onto that later frame to save on the time required to move all nodes.


Yeah, I do it here or there. I'll post some stuff late, but too tired right now (and maybe for the day).
Davinci probably has an option to import a mask file which is just a black and white image, so you could use a different program if you wanted to and then import it.


Err, I mean, you could save the mask (which you should be able to) and then either import it right back on the next frame or edit it and import again.
Haven't used Davinci yet, though.


crazy feature, although it doesn't seem to track anime so well


I spent the better part of 5 hours editing a YT video once with whatever "free" software I could find.
Last time I tried something like that I remembered to put -Filmora in the Google search; bunch of scummy bastards.


Something I've found about masking is that if you do it, you want to be really strict on the borders. Trying to be perfect and get the outline right gets the background leaking in and looks quite bad. It's much better to overdo it than do too little


I wouldn't have recommended it a year ago, but I checked kdenlive recently and at some point they updated their UI to be human friendly. much more likely to recommend it to people, now.


This is a playlist for a short and concise series of videos for learning the basics of photoshop. I don't know if it's been superseded by anything, but it's a great series to watch.


kdenlive just fine, but I am interested in MMD thread on /wsg/ right now.


Does anyone know if there's a way to make a static backgound into a mask in Resolve? Like say I'm cutting out something from an anime and I just want the moving part, but the background never changes, can I somehow easily cut that out without needing to do polygonal rotoscoping?

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