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File:91465292_p0.jpg (1.07 MB,1172x2000)


Someone needs to crack mobile games so people can play through the story and be romantic with the characters without hundreds or thousands of dollars or hours to unlock it all.
Will you volunteer?


File:90699439_p0.jpg (440.26 KB,886x970)

but I want to open my kokoro to Kokkoro without opening my wallet just to have a cartoon fly appear from it


Play VN instead. There's nothing worse than gacha games. They might not even be worth the effort since everything on them is souless. I wonder why do people pay for such shitty experience. Same with VTubers. The newest otaku generation is turning into braindead consumerism. This is also the reason why the doujin scene is decreasing. I'm really pissed about all of this, sorry if this post reads kinda rude. It's just so obvious the industry doesn't care about NEETs anymore.


my man aris knows what's up


...but Kokkoro and her wonderful design isn't in a VN. Ever since the anime aired I've wanted to know more about her and now I have installed an android emulator to play her game, but I'm not even going to download it without some sort of crack to bypass all the gacha stuff.

>It's just so obvious the industry doesn't care about NEETs anymore.

Did it ever? NEETs can be your most loyal fans, but they're not going to be big spenders, right?


I searched for princess connect crack and I immediately found APKs for download claiming infinite money. Don't know if they're legit, haven't tested them.


I'd imagine if private WoW servers exist, then it would make sense that there'd be something similar for gacha you could set up to play however you wanted.


File:reconnect_manga_01.jpg (411.42 KB,1064x1659)

the more successful gachas tend to have manga adaptations where all the characterization that can't happen in game goes, and as a bonus they usually run alongside the game instead of running for a bit and the stopping, like the anime does. the translation for th reconnect manga is only up to page 4 from what I could find, but it exists.


I'm pretty sure most of those are probably viruses... You can find the same thing for just about every app.


Yeah, I saw some warez-like site where it was a paid thing. Paying money to avoid paying money doesn't seem like a good idea, much less giving the credit card info to such people.

Hmm... though if it's an APK wouldn't that mean the virus is localized to inside the android emulator? That doesn't seem like too big of a risk

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