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Where do you get your (pirated) games from? Wanted to play Senran Kagura games but cant find them on nyaa and thats about the only place I know to look for games at...


I don't often pirate non-Japanese games but when I do, igg-games.com is my go-to


Was going to suggest skidrow, but they're all pretty much the same contents aren't they.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy M….jpg (291.15 KB,1920x1080)

You can try fitgirl's site. I don't remember which site is the genuine one, however.
Japanese games have a high likelihood of being on nyaa, though. Did you check there?


Found some Senran Kagura games there, still those kinds sites always scare me... at least this one doesn't have ads after every click.
Yes, as stated in OP.


Everything I'd be interested in can be found on Nyaa (and similar) or ROM sites.


Forgot to say: thanks
>I don't remember which site is the genuine one, however.
Probably the one listed on wikipedia...


Can I as, what are those (similar) and ROM sites you speak of?


One thing I would add is this: if you're looking for pirated games, if there's a GOG version, it's best to download that because GOG installers are pretty much guaranteed to be safe since you can check the MD5 hash of the installer against what GOG says since GOG provides the installers themselves (obviously not for pirating, but you get what I mean).


err sorry, just got done watching anime for six hours and my brain kind of just skips paragraphs sometimes


Animebytes, Anime-Sharing and a few others.
>ROM sites
Just your regular ROM sites, Emuparadise and whatnot.


Thanks for the sites Anons, found what I was looking for! Now I can truly say I like the Senran Kagura girls!


File:927bc44dc542bf6a969debf3a7….png (640 KB,800x1500)

Here is the list of all the sites that I currently use:
and cs.rin.ru for obscure games.
They all should be safe.
For ROMs and ISOs I would suggest:
vimm's lair
wowroms (they have this annoying popup when downloading, but are otherwise okay.)


thank you!!


I got a gazelle games account despite not playing that many games

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