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Last thumbnail wasn't befitting of a good music thread, so have some chocominto aisu


also new nanao akari


posting it again



it took me a while to get that she was saying “like a 雷火(らいか)” instead of “like a like a”
though i guess that is on purpose




Rape Rape Rape Rape Rape!


Sing-a-long pabada da da




File:16 猫鍋.flac (38.62 MB)

How about some denpa?







I love this one. Probably my favourite track by 33.turbo, along with うちのお兄ちゃんが鈍感でこまる.


Interesting ballad. It's a little hard to listen to, though. It's not exactly... musical.



Saw Blade and expected the Rave OST


File:techposting.webm (3.47 MB,1280x720)

getting the urge to rewatch it


very cyberpunk, I like


I wake up one morning, strangers say hello to me
Tomorrow their names will be carved onto stones
We're going home alive
I'm a terrible liar
Forgive me
That's not the Arc de Triomphe



File:03 man=MAN.mp3 (8.03 MB)




This vocalist is the best


This reminded me that the early 00's had some really good anime OPs.



File:15 P.Y.flac (28.42 MB)

再生ハイパーべるーヴ - ぱんださんようちえん is a great album. You should give it a listen.


bermei.inazawa and mirawi are probably my favorite dempa affiliated composers (rip mirawi)



really liked the song that goes "panda san, panda san na na na na panda san"
stuck in my head for 3 days now.


Okay this has got to be peak teen-core music right here.
I feel my inner angst rising up once again.




Probably my favourite vocaloid song, thanks for sharing that cover.


I never really got into the characters surrounding vocaloid, or the music people usually associate them with. But I do think it's a pretty neat musical tool that goes surprisingly well with less "traditional" genres.




File:__hatsune_miku_vocaloid_dr….jpg (585.5 KB,1310x2048)

Superb taste, vocagaze is to me one of those strange little oddities that works so well but will always be a niche of a niche. It helps that there were a few good artists writing honestly good music, and not just good music for vocaloid standards or anything else. Honestly good music.
If anyone knows anything more recent I'm all ears. Mikgazer Vol.2 any day now.


was it this



File:1459396488417.jpg (103.56 KB,336x500)

Hey thanks for the recs, I will give them a listen one day.

>Mikgazer Vol.2 any day now.

You've probably already listened to postgazer, so here's some unshoegazed shoegaze instead.


Does anyone else get strangely sad when they find songs like that and they are 10 years old?
It feels like I missed out on something..


I used to but now I'm sadder when I listen to stuff I used to listen a decade ago


Not really, because I know there are people around me who don't know it either. Just because something happened a long time ago doesn't make it memorable.

In fact the further in time we go, the more mysterious or even forgotten things there are that you experience.


This is counterculture.


You really gotta give credit where it's due to the people working on anime with great taste. Rurouni Kenshin certainly had people like that in its music department.







Welcome to the Yggdrasil labyrinth. The forest beckons you.
A Japanese game referencing the world tree of Norse myth? Crazy, but true!





Nostalgia is such a strong emotion





You know I've never commented on this before but does anyone else hate these videos? I've never watched them before but something about the aura of the artstyle and thumbnails just repulses me. I don't even want to click em. What the heck is wrong with me..


Good question, what is wrong with you?


Look...maybe I only like it halfway or something..



File:Cafe.mp3 (2.92 MB)

what does /qa/ think of this nice bgm


it's cute
but to be honest this sounds like one of the royalty free music frequently used in dojin games...


File:24. Here we go!.mp3 (1.77 MB)




Black Company's ED is really nice. It reminds me of the 90s/00s



Nickelodeon-core anyone?





sorry, I’m a newfag and this site is extremely awkward on mobile.


you click on the chain or use the form at the bottom of the page called File URL:


alright, I got your phone version and I can't say I know exactly what it looks like since I use an android, but I'll see if I can get an emulator and experience what you're experiencing.

If it's too shitty you can use https://original.kissu.moe
which is the old school UI

edit: ran it on an emulator and it zoomed in on whatever I focused on. That's not what I want if it was doing this


File:1531172912891.jpg (44.14 KB,229x231)


File:1544333689336.jpg (116.37 KB,744x586)




Anonymous is a cute dork!!


I think I fixed a problem with iPhones, but I don't own one.




What a band name







SZS really had an amazing soundtrack. Season 4 any day now...



File:03. Primula Juliae.mp3 (8.93 MB)

thank you for posting shaori


File:79012593.gif (759.87 KB,560x560)







Thought about playing Tyrian recently but the DOSBox launcher for it wasn't working...


Funny how the remix is better than the original song because it lacks the rap backup singer.






New Order if they suddenly went Prodigy





Was intrigued and not disappointed it also reminded me of this one Fischerspooner song but sadly I can't remember the song's name.




emerge probably


Oh no...





new pinop



You have good tastes. Please post more.




someone suggested a yys stream in #qa but I think it's much more important we stream this sometime first






got them 'nime blues


Someone mentioned how Tsuki Michi's ED reminded them of older OPs and such and I was thinking I really miss when good stuff like this was common for anime themes around the early-mid 2000s.




Actually, guess L'arc was doing it back in the 90's... Guess it's hard to pin down when the genre, whatever I call this, hit its peak.


File:29123790_p0.jpg (469.3 KB,1024x768)




Have I ever said that I really like Lamp? They're a really nice on the ears band.


This is so weird lol






cool retro sound





>can’t minimize videos on mobile anymore
god I hate YouTube





cute animations












A little wacky tobaccy never killed anyone.


pinocchioP hot off the presses



Really love this song, but I recently noticed a part sounds like someone saying "dee bee dee" in the sort of way a Japanese person would pronounce "DVD" and now I can't unhear it and it's honestly kind of ruining a song I love...



Pretty nice one


I should replay this and its sequel one day.


0:47~0:55? I can kind of hear it maybe.


good fucking game



I really love this track




good ol' days

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