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File:13776600_p0.jpg (344.35 KB,1000x1000)


What would kissu's dream game be? I've thought about it a lot, but I think the best idea would be a sort of roguelike-mmo.


I'd say a free world mmorpg but;
1. I'm too socially retarded to make any friends in it
2. It won't be fun to play because 2 (unless it has really advanced futuristic anime A.I., then I could have my A.I. waifu in that game!)


Probably some sort of uber VR MMO with single player component where literally anything at all can be done. Like a cross between Minecraft, Gmod and VRChat. "The Oasis" from that Ready Player One movie basically, but minus the real world payments for items and "guilds" that are just real world corporations. Basically, I just want to live out Tensura, slowly building up my little city and doing some light battling every now and then, but mostly slice of life daily interactions and stuff.


File:nun_with_a_shotgun.jpg (520.43 KB,850x1200)

just give me a social VR game that I can host my own server for, and I'm good. I don't like the rules any of these existing ones have and I'm unfortunately too small brain right now to make my own.

if we exclude VR someone already made my dream game because DUSK exists and is everything good about 90's FPS games with the bad parts removed. I guess I would prefer if it was a bit more colorful, so maybe my dream game would be like dusk but prettier?


Probably a game like Operation Flashpoint but modern and with operational and strategic elements and also that the strategic part had the real life brigade numbers of nations and the real life composition but you could have anime girl heroes as officers or maybe the soldiers could all be anime girl clones too. Another idea would maybe to have the game set in a modern Genshin impact world instead and have the heroes like that has.


¥ open game to kill time
¥ imagine playing game just flipping bit on memory
¥ it useless
¥ close the game
idk anon, i feel like numb


like hellmoo but singleplayer


a singleplayer MUD? wouldn't that just be an RPG, but text based?


Yeah. I like the mechanical complexity of most MUDs, but I'm not a big fan of multiplayer games.


File:ezgif-6-bf0003e265f6.gif (2.42 MB,640x360)

the closest game to perfection i can think of is resident evil 2 (original), so something along those lines
what i mean by that is the combination of fun exploration and puzzles with occasional combat that isn't too distracting
please, give recommendations


I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess you've already played dino crisis? other than that, I would actually recommend a handful of metroidvanias from what you've described. "fun exploration with occasional combat" is their main selling point. although the only ones I can think of with good puzzles are stuff like anti-chamber or the witness, where there's no combat at all...


File:65824241.gif (1.25 MB,700x394)

i haven't played dino crisis, but it's been on my list for a long time and i'll get to it eventually
i absolutely love metroidvainias, it's my favorite genre, i have played a bunch, but i always want to learn more, so please go ahead
super metroid and la-mulana are my all time favorite games, i also adore vvvvv, teslagrad and unepic


Metal Slug


File:90018014_p0.png (2.64 MB,700x700)

Gondola walking somulator made in RPG Maker. Kinda like Yume Nikki but with worlds made of famous paintings, IRL locations and such with all pixel art. Also there would be a lot of NPCs to talk to, puzzle minigames and lore-expanding books/notes everywhere. Maybe making it multiplayer and with custom options for your gondola.


This is genuinely a really nice idea, Anonymous. I would like something like too.


File:pixel_gondola.gif (4.28 KB,160x160)

I come bearing a gift


MMO where I befriend kissu and have fun.


game where I uncontrollably fuck a massive pair of boobers and cum between them multiple times


ii ne


Most fun I ever had in any game was probably in Ultima Online 20 years ago. God damn, 20 years.
Anyway, I liked UO a lot because unlike the MMOs that followed it there was a lot of player freedom involved and it was closer to what you see in anime or Western TV shows with things happenings that weren't actually scripted. My server (shard) had the first ever player-created virtual town in human history!
So, uh, my answer is an MMO that's actually not a carrot-on-a-stick level and gear-based repetitive grindfest hiding a shallow and uninteresting world.


only game that fits the bill there is EVE online, and most of the player base in that game (from what I understand, at least) spends all their time in the only part of the game that's not PVP enabled.

a lot of those kind of games died off because of how people would exit the starting town and immediately get ganked, makes me wonder how effective something like a guard job would be, where you get more rewards for defending other players depending on how low their level is, thereby incentivizing randos to keep brand new players alive in a way that doesn't mean people sitting in designated safe zones for all time


File:f15b7632a4d7e8592a25a38e8c….png (601.32 KB,956x839)

a little surprised that /qa/ is so into action games and multiplayer social games
i expected to see something like rune factory or a cute girl themed fire emblem type of game


I think the possibilities in a big open roguelike with others that could effect the environment would be pretty cool. Think of the ways you can effect your world in roguelikes already when you get strong enough, and then apply that to a massive scale with others included. It'd probably be like Yggdrassil from Overlord just with permadeath instead of revives.


For me, it would be something like Genshin but without the gacha mechanics. I want to build a party of cute girls and go on quests and adventures. No timed events or rolling for rates or anything stupid like that. Also I want a lot of customizable outfits for them so I can make them all look super cute together. There would be all kinds of unique dialogue between different girls and certain girls or combinations of girls open up unique quests or unlock other girls to allow for a lot of replayability and longevity. All the girls specialize in some type of role or attack to allow you to build and adapt your party based on the current objective. Also you can marry them all and have a harem of girls running around with you all in their wedding dresses as the endgame goal. You can play as either a boy or girl. I'd play as a girl of course and make my ultimate yuri harem dream come true.

There's so many gacha games that are so close to this but they're all plagued by the terrible gacha system that I hate so much. I just want a traditional rpg style gameplay experience with all of this.


File:tigrex1.jpg (186.95 KB,729x639)

monster hunter but more monster and more hunter


I want a kissu highschool VN
No I'm not joking.


Take Minecraft, add in a lot of content like what you see in mods and design the game's progression to be like Terraria. Put in a combat system similar to Hytale's because that looks promising. Now, make it all take place in hyperbolic geometry like HyperRogue and fill it with lots of cute and affectionate 2D girls. That would be my dream game.


File:26436965_p0.jpg (282.76 KB,1280x905)

I can't really think of anything new, but I have been playing a lot of Fallout 1 lately and I would love a new game by the people who made the first two Fallouts. Basically the same as New Vegas, but with a different setting, massive world map, loads of quests, social options, items, fully fleshed out factions, and no cut content due to stupidly short deadlines.

They originally planned on making ghouls and super mutants playable races, but they had to cut it because of Bethesda. Just imagine what playing as a suave 10 Charisma 10 Intelligence super mutant would be like.


File:birds are jerks.png (Spoiler Image,158.83 KB,640x480)

it's already been made!
though, a pvp shmup of the tss/podd/pofv variety (not cab/megagun) but without the dumb stuff, with the ability to customize almost everything, and with proper netplay - non-delay netcode, matchmaking, and maybe even functionality like classic battlenet - would be wonderful. ...and with more players, too.

i don't mmo, but i remember reading about one a few years back that had a lot of dm involvement - they'd sync up with groups and have the power to be able to change a lot of things on the fly - which made for a highly personalized experience. i can't remember the game or any other details, and a quick search only brought up something that seems pre-alpha and possibly neverwinter nights, so i don't even know if it's something that still exists. maybe there's a private server out there for nwn or another older game where that sort of enthusiasm lives on that might come close to what you use to have... hard to find those places these days unless you know what you're looking for, and i suppose you've tried, but (trying to be positive) maybe it's worth a/another shot?


your dream game was a winnie the pooh baseball game with an impossible final boss?


nightmares are dreams too.

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