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File:Heinrich_fueger_1817_prome….jpg (132.85 KB,483x700)


Are you interested at all in all the old world mythologies? Obviously you can't throw a JRPG rock without hitting at least 20 references to Norse mythology or various Canaanite things and their successor religions, and Western media is the same with Greek mythology.
One of the most interesting things I find about them is when they have shared stories as it indicates either groups influenced by each other via trade or war, or perhaps an underlying human desire to explain specific phenomenon. Many of them have a story about great flooding, for instance. Similarly, humans gaining knowledge that wasn't intended for them is embodied in Prometheus, Lucifer and Loki and likely others (I'm not very worldly).
I read up on this stuff occasionally on wikipedia, but I doubt it's a great source for this kind of thing and there's also just so much out there that it's impossible to see it all.


File:Yoshitoshi_Kobayakawa_Taka….jpg (163.68 KB,466x708)

One of the things I've wondered is if there's a connection between the Turkish/Mongolian Tengri and the Japanese Tengu. Tengri was the region's unquestionable monotheistic God at one point, but later on it become a title held by dozens of others. There are good tengri and bad tengri; divine protectors and insidious aggressors. The one thing that share is a strong association with the sky, although they have no given appearance.
Meahwhile, the Japanese tengu seemed to have started out as good, but gradually stories were told of bad ones. Their appearance can be human-like, monkey-like, bird-like, or any combination. There's no set appearance it would seem, although the red ones with big noses seemed to become the most popular eventually.


Tengu is onyomi reading from Chinese though right?
I really do think that may just be coincidence, sort of like how Susanowo has some parallel to Thor.


Perhaps less so mythology, but I am definitely very interested in classical civilizations. The splendor and monumental architecture typical of Greece and Rome is really awesome, especially their feats of engineering particularly when considering much of the architecture and engineering of Rome would not be surpassed for more than a thousand years past its fall during the Renaissance. Although, it should be said, the Renaissance was built upon the corpse of Roman works, particularly when many buildings were made by the deliberate destruction of and pillaging of Roman structures for materials. I've no doubt it would be awful by modern standards to witness other aspects, but the colossal nature of Roman architecture would have truly been a sight to behold.

>Many of them have a story about great flooding, for instance.

I think modern historians have largely concluded that these stories can be attributed to the glacial recession following the end of the last ice age, which in turn resulted in much of the low-lying areas which may have been inhabited to be slowly engulfed by the rising seas. After all, most human civilizations emerged from proximity to water; Mesopotamia inhabited the region between the Tigris and Euphrates, China the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers, London the Thames, Paris the Seine, and so on and so forth.

>Similarly, humans gaining knowledge that wasn't intended for them is embodied in Prometheus, Lucifer and Loki and likely others

This is an interesting parallel I've never considered much. In regards to Prometheus and Lucifer, I would assume there is some historical continuity with previous Greek and Roman deities that influenced those of Christendom, much in the same Zeus and Jupiter are to Yahweh. Loki, however, in my layman's understanding is more archetypal of trickster figures in mythology than "forbidden knowledge". In that regard, the story of Pandora's Box seems a more appropriate analogy to that of Christianity and the Garden of Eden story. Admittedly, again, mythology is not my strong suit, so perhaps I'm mistaken.


Commonalities between myths are a result of shared experiences across different cultures. Dragons, for example, came from people digging up dinosaur fossils and not knowing what they were.


Flooding makes sense because it would be a shared experience for most human beings, not just because of the Glacial retreats but even now we still see it, there are majors floods in Germany and China right now.

Yes, Loki and Prometheus both get chained down and tortured for all time but Loki was chained down due to a trick he played that killed Baldur(and then also him insulting most of the gods). I don't recall him obtaining forbidden knowledge unless that refers to sorcery which he did practise but so did Odin.


I have a passing interest in Greek mythology but it mostly boils down to why someone would think up an utterly asshole God like Poseidon and then choose to worship the bugger.


>Dragons, for example, came from people digging up dinosaur fossils and not knowing what they were
That's actually completely untrue.
And if you go beyond the name, most mythical creatures we call "dragons" now don't actually share a lot of features. It's more European ethnographers trying to fit these creatures into something they know than actually being similar.


>Dragons, for example, came from people digging up dinosaur fossils and not knowing what they were.
>That's actually completely untrue.
What a nice well-reasoned internet discussion we have here...


>What a nice well-reasoned internet discussion we have here...
If you knew a tiny bit about paleontology you'd know that most fossils are single bones or even bone fragments, not entire skeletons of giant dinosaurs that might be mistaken for primordial monsters. There's a reason dinosaurs didn't enter academia until the late 18th century.


You underestimate how much people are willing to extrapolate. All you need is a skull and the rest will follow.


Who knew Kissu was filled with such empassioned people on the topic of dinosaurs and dragons.


It's a moot point since the source of those stories is when mankind lived with dinosaurs 6000 years ago.


File:133371[1].jpg (446.49 KB,1280x1118)

dragons are cool i like dragons wish i could befriend one


Is there a SINGLE piece of writing mentioning supposed "dragon bone"?
Is there a single piece of "dragon bone" that is known to have been in the possession of ancient nobles?


dragons are cool i like dragons wish i could be one


Dragon remains are sometimes mentioned as being found in Chinese chronicles and Dragon bones are used in Chinese medicine as well, most of the bones used in medicine are most likely not Dinosaurs and instead just anything large that was found in the ground but many of them may have been. There is a church in Italy, the Santa Maria e San Donato, that has large bones said to be those of a Dragon slain by a saint but these are most likely from a Mammoth or something.

I did a brief wiki search on the history of fossil and they do not actually mention this church(the church has a wiki page itself but it's very small and does not even show the bones very well you can just see bits of them sticking out from behind an altar in the background) or the mentions of them in Chinese Chronicles nor do they mention some other cases like the man that found them in the 16th century and thought they were from a Giant but they do mention Chinese medicine. So this isn't a very well researched field it seems.

They do mention that thing about the dwarf mammoths being Cyclopes and also they make a very ambitious claim that a story of Griffons protecting gold in Hyperborea is referring to triceratops fossils found in a gold mine on the border between Kazakhstan and China. The second is just silly but the first could be possible(though they are not dinosaurs) but there is still no solid evidence of that being the case and it could easily be a coincidence(stranger things have happened).

Dragons are a very old concept as well. So there is a possibility that like Flood myths they could be based on encounters with dinosaur bones from long before recorded history. Most dragons don't really bare that much of a resemblance to any known dinosaur this could be due to how old the myths are or maybe from incomplete remains but even then the skull and form of a dragon is far different than that of a Dinosaur and more seems to resemble known animals as does the Griffon and most mythological creatures.

I think it's possible and even likely that dragons are based on Dinosaurs(or maybe prehistoric animals) but I would not say that it's certain or that there is any solid evidence for it that I know of but as I said it does not seem to be a well research field of enquiry.


I like Babylonian/Assyrian/Middle Eastern Pre-Abrahamic city-state religions, those were really neato.
Should learn about the Demiurge though

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