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File:86624763_p81.jpg (499.4 KB,1148x1178)


What is their endgame?


File:[SubsPlease] Meikyuu Black….png (1.83 MB,1920x1080)

To be super uber neet and tensei into an isekai


File:1462665516599.jpg (8.28 KB,178x178)

I agree with the first part, not so much the second. Feel like I'd rather have my computer than not have it.


Ideally to die of natural causes alone and forgotten at a reasonably old age.


I can't speak for every NEET, but my endgame is to become self employed in a way that requires as little work as possible. assuming I live longer than my relatives, anyway. (and before anyone asks, yes I have neetbux but rent by itself would take 70% of that in this area, which is not high end by any stretch of the imagination!)


File:1511410973996.jpg (11.15 KB,250x250)

To become master of the known universe, holding all things under my benevolent domain. To cure the lame and sick, to enrich the destitute, and house all those without a home. To ensure the equal treatment of all, to quash prejudice, and to eliminate warfare, strife, and scarcity.

But... Above all... The creation of the /qa/ mansion for all those who desire its comfort and aid.


To rule the world!


Live off parents until rest of family busts in with baseball bats after after their funeral


File:1626427118647.jpg (20.93 KB,446x559)

to suffer not a day of being a slave


Reading and writing books devoid of narratives.


File:1598165796853.png (1.02 MB,931x570)

peaces and quiet


do you mean like, how to books? or fiction that somehow doesn't have a narrative? what would that second one even be like... like a slice of life anime, maybe?

I've noticed a lot of smaller places like this have some kind of dream to own a mansion or an island that everyone can escape to. I like how in the place of money or power we've replaced that dream with one where we just want to hang with bros.


I don't think I would actually want to live with anybody here... Well maybe some of the Precure posters would be alright.


Fictional, slice-of-life where the cute factor is replaced with the pity and pathetic factor or boast verbosity factor, the narrator may describe a lot from his life but stays always in the same room. Talking, doing nothing, never getting practical on the question: "When will I stop doing nothing and start acting". It's very slice-of-lifey in the sense that it doesn't get to the point, big questions get replaced by littler questions.


I was not aware books like that existed


Try The Book of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa.


NEETs, or at least the hiki variety, have no endgame. It is just a steady existence without highs or lows. Goals and plans are for those with motivation and purpose, something that you must leave behind.


Hikkikomori are a few steps from buddha compared to normal humans. But still, they are woefully human in all the parts that count. One might even say their pursuits are hyper-normal since they live purely by want without much consession in regards to physical needs.

Were it that they were naturally drawn to scripture instead of games and media, they would be nobler monks than many.


File:1599436219541.jpg (89.23 KB,850x1191)

return to monk


Probably why the best programmers tend to be shut-ins


Want to teach Miyu the meaning of chastity!!


>NEEt's what is their Endgame?
i just want to be /comfy/


File:48749123.png (134.44 KB,518x493)

scripture? like manga?


File:noricute.jpg (141.45 KB,1000x750)

I have a somewhat unique experience regarding this. I spent most of my time when I was more depressed watching and reading mecha stories like gurren lagann and gunbuster, where hard work and guts were not just respected and effective, but keys to godlike power.

now that I'm out of my funk I've managed to accomplish a lot of stuff I used to think I would never have the talent for (I made my own full fledged indie game, for one), and I think I owe a lot of that to spending my time with fictional people who believed in me more than the real people around me did. I think in this case those anime really were my scripture.


File:1540182063621.jpg (80.55 KB,558x530)

Be bound to ones earthly tether and enter the yukkuri.


Why should I be drawn to self-programming when I can do self-programming I like?


File:image.jpeg (70.95 KB,1023x645)

To live in paradox; too scared/lazy to work and would rather live working on constructive hobbits but too scared/lazy to ever start them.


File:1367011009390.jpg (22.72 KB,500x353)



Yes, the shire-folk are some of the most successful NEETs in all the land and we should all learn to be as productive as them.
I have no idea why I said hobbits instead of hobbies..


File:1632906525481.png (482.78 KB,1000x1000)

The endgame is complete world domination.
After the world is in my hands I will be a benevolent dictator and reshape society until it becomes comfy, the first point of my agenda is to force everybody to take it easy, not taking it easy will be made illegal, then I will reshape education by taking the education budget and redirecting it toward producing it high quality anime, students will learn everything through anime and at most they will be requested to read manga and light novels as homework, then I'll take the whole military budget and redirect it towards the creation of lethal catgirls, they can be robot catgirls or genetically modified humans it's the same but they will be my army and will be feared by whoever doesn't take it easy.
That is all.

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