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What's /qa/'s favorite controller? Handhelds technically included.

Personally, I'm a fan of the Xbox 360 controller.




for 2D: sega saturn controller
for 3D: if I could get the Dpad and softer buttons from the xbone controller onto the original 360 controller, it would be heaven. so, one of those two, I just can't decide which.


Dual Sense


File:s-l500.jpg (14.92 KB,500x304)

I think everyone copies the PS2 controller for a reason, and the PS controllers copied the SNES.
Its pad on the left really sucked, though, so I kept a regular controller around for fighting games and sidescrollers. Actually now that I think about it every controller I've used with an analog stick and a D-Pad has had a bad D-Pad. It's like people just stopped caring.


everyone always says gamecube and its still what everyone uses for smash but i just dont like it


Probably PS4, that of the Xbox 360 is okay but the Xbox One controller is too big and I fear that the PS5 one might be too but I have not tried it yet.


Probably would've said the DS2 as well if it weren't for the DS4 which I've got to say feels really nice and much better than the 2. It's nice how Sony found a good design and stuck with it instead of trying to needlessly innovate for no reason.


I use the 360 controller for most PC games like Halo or Genshin.


Everyone loves the playstation controllers, but they've always been too cramped for my liking. Maybe I just have freakishly large hands, but even as a kid I could never find a comfortable way to hold them.


I'm currently using Logitech F310. For the price it's really good. I just wish the cable's slightly longer.
The 360 controller has d-pad issues, but once you fix it's great. Just the right size, weight, and button clickiness.
The PS3 controller's a bit too light, and not well supported on PC, but everything else is alright.
The PS4 controller has a useless touchpad and the Share/Start button too small, you often accidentally press on the touchpad by accident.

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