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Would you still want to go back even if the things you care about now wouldn't turn out the same?

Kissu is never created. /qa/ only lasts a few months. Your favorite artist, or author passes before creating anything. You use your knowledge of future events to become wealthy, but the things that made you happy are nowhere to be found.


this is an easy yes, I could use my newfound wealth to either sit around all day looking for something new or hire people to make it for me


File:149fc0bdf0915e339cadb9c50f….png (4.94 MB,3016x4063)

That's a tough question... I think if my life ever became exponentially worse and I lost what I have now I'd want to go back, since the memories would still be with me even if they'd never happened in the new timeline. However most of what I'd plan to do with newfound wealth in the first place has to do with supporting the people I know now, like investing in the /qa/ mansion or making sure those I know have a stable income and that kissu has the best servers. If I still have those in the present but am presented with a way to go back and forfeit that which would gain me a content life, I probably would not go back.


No, things are fine how they are.


File:[SubsPlease] Higurashi no ….jpg (183.81 KB,1280x720)

Well, when you put it that way, no. Geez, that's not a very good question! "Would you eat this banana, but it your family will die and your legs will fall off?"




no, there's no point to money if i'm miserable


I kinda wonder. If you were able to find a way to go back and get rich by yourself, would the ripples of time really make for such a scenario? I think it'd probably mostly stay the same.


>If you were able to find a way to go back and get rich by yourself, would the ripples of time really make for such a scenario?
That's sort of the point I was making. For the most part, the economy is a zero sum game; if you have money, that means someone else doesn't. Thus, if you attain vast amounts of wealth that you didn't in this current timeline, it's not unimaginable to think that the change in money between average people and you would lead to drastically different outcomes.

Imagine for instance you got super wealthy by buying up a load of bitcoin early, and then selling it off at its height. How would that change the lives of the people you bought it off of? If you never bought it from them, would they have gone on to be vastly wealthy themselves? Did they do anything special with their newfound wealth, like provide a significant contribution to a crowdfunding project that might have otherwise not succeeded? What about your own new life? Suppose you, thinking generously, give lots of money to an artist you like, but they were inspired to make the thing you know them for out of their previous impoverishment which they now won't endure in this timeline. What if that artist had a big impact on the styles of others as well? Of course, what of the people that only ever got interested because of artists that were inspired by the one you used to like?

Perhaps the broad strokes might be similar, but the finer details, I think, would be all over the place. Most individuals won't change much, but change isn't about one single person, it's about how all of those individuals are impacted by everyone else, and if one person doesn't have the same spark they otherwise had, how might things turn out? People like to say that Weimar Germany was primed for a Hitler, and that even going back in time wouldn't have stopped the rabid polarization, and I tend to agree. Granted, that's a case when an entire society was caught up in something. In recent memory, I don't think there's very many events where the same thing would happen every time. Maybe '08 and the housing crisis, but would so and so win the election every time? Maybe not. In positions like the presidency, a lot of change is vested in a single person, so the entire course of history for better or for worse can change at a moment's notice.


File:1610189711525.jpg (743.81 KB,1152x2048)

I would care about other things I can't be sure to be as great as the things I care now about. It's not highly-promosing unless I get a touch of the awaited future.


No, that would essentially mean that I would have killed my favourite artist or author.


I think people are taking my OP a little too seriously. I didn't mean to imply that if you went back in time, that those things would be inevitable, but that they're possibilities among many by virtue of your reliving the past in a different way than you did in this timeline.


I'm a little baby who when presented with too great a risk gives up. I'd like to think if I lived according to myself but only slightly different to gain wealth I'd be able to reach pretty much the same position I'm in now but richer. Should the ripples of time do change too much I'd be scared to go back.

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