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Does /qa/ have good posture?

Every now and again I catch myself in a woefully poor position, hunched over, staring intently at my screen, or slouched over so far my spine is touching the bottom of my seat, or countless other bad seating positions.


I've terrible posture. I think sometime I'll try and do calisthenics or whatever to fix it but it's a bit of an opposite hunch. Probably because of how often I lay back. But it's so comfortable and it's probably not going to cause any health problems so who cares...


I do during the first 50-70% of the day usually, but muscles get tired and it gets worse and worse. I should look up back exercises one of these days...


Fuck no, I've got such bad posture I've got stretch marks down my arm and I'm proud of it!


not really but it's getting better since I sleep on the ground, my back doesn't hurt anymore


File:42613976e6d3c6ec56e469b228….png (7.47 MB,2728x3857)

Good posture when sitting in comfy chair, gradually worsening when writing down lots of things on paper and after many motionless hours(but that should apply to anyone getting tired of anything throughout the day). Though I'm yet not quite sure where to rest my arms when doing nothing but clicking & scrolling, some elbows of sweaters even got ripped because of the friction with the hard corner of the table.
Horrible posture when standing or walking usually but holding the arms behind the back like a wise geezer seems the best way to keep a somewhat straight back.
Bad posture when lying in bed, sometimes waking up with mild shoulder pain. Hard to tell your body to be tired when it's done nothing for it to naturally become tired, deviative riskier poses have to be used at the expense of whatever's left of a good posture.



i dont think there is only one kind of 'good' posture, or as important as people think

that being said, if you spend most of your time sitting, investing in the best chair you can afford is a good idea


"good posture" is actually really bad for you. sitting up straight puts pressure on your spine for really long periods of time. the actual best posture is to switch around how you're sitting constantly. so if you're one of those people who fidgets around frequently switching positions to stay comfortable, you're doing it right.


File:ZZM 008.jpg (246.86 KB,1068x1600)

No. My head sticks too far forward and so does my belly kind of like this. It's annoying because it also makes me feel fat because my belly pokes out, if I just stand up straight then it looks lean. I think it has something to do with Pelvic tilt as well as posture, I moved my monitor a bit higher up and when I move out I well start properly addressing this.


Ever since I started exercising daily I've noticed my posture getting better and better. Maybe it really is useful to do in which case I'd need to thank kissu for inspiring me to get into the habit of it.


I'm never really hunched over, more of the time I find myself almost curled up in a ball while sitting in my chair. Maybe I should just get a bed to lay in since I think that's all I really want to do...

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