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The human mind is pretty strange. Oftentimes, I'll be sitting in a room with a fan. For some reason, my mind will interpret the sound of rushing air as being the sound of rain. Likewise, when in the car, I sometime perceive the rushing air as the sound of crickets or cicadas. My bathroom also has a ceiling fan I hear as crickets too.

Does /qa/ experience anything similar?


I'm not sure, but sometimes on the verge of sleep I feel I can hear people talking or yelling or something wonder what sounds I'm mistaking for that.


File:smug_smartie.png (816.81 KB,1158x1636)

the conscious mind is a series of ever active shortcuts desperately trying to make sense of more information it can ever reasonably process. and this leads to some really weird tricks, like every optical illusion in existence, or how you'll hear your name called from nowhere despite no sound happening that's remotely close. a lot of ghost stories originated from people trying to explain that odd phenomena before we knew enough about the human brain to explain it for realsies.


there is a large plastic rainwater tank next to my bedroom
when it is raining the water dribbles into the tank and the splashing sound reverberates in the empty part of it
it sounds like distant music
you know like if theres a concert or something far away and you can identify it as music but it's all muffled and inconsistent..

the first time i heard it that's what i thought it was


File:39d444a3f150fe94c7bdc7256a….jpg (107.38 KB,575x598)

I slightly hate most tinitus-invoking(or what I think it is) sounds. Yesterday in the evening some alarm was ticking far away for no reason and nobody bothered to stop it while I had to listen to all of it, some little digital watch's alarm supposedly. I live in a crowded area so I constantly hear noise, cars, sirenes, dogs, green-cleaners, trash-collectors, distant vacuum cleaners, even if I close all windows and by so deprive myself of oxygen; most noise-inducers such as green-cleaners wear headphones while the naive rest is obliged to the auditory misfit. But I do like that some working dish washers sound like the waves of a sea, mysteriously because there is the mental idea of a comparison to the sea without a single vivid memory of any sea, while other dish washers remind of the sound of a flushing toilet. And I may cheerfully remember the danmaku sound effects for few seconds until I regret remembering it. I would have thought that my sensitivity would decrease by decades of keeping my ears busy with loud background music in headphones I wear but that hypothesis couldn't be true, not as true as the sensitivity hypothesis went along with other bodily functions as such of the vision's sharpness and light perception sensitivity.


File:mpv-shot0082.jpg (231.95 KB,1920x1080)

I think this is called synesthesia, where one sensory sensation excites another region in the brain. Never happens to me when I'm well rested and fully awake, but I begin to see and feel all sorts of funky stuff when I'm deprived of sleep. I wondered how much my mental state would be distorted if I deprived myself of sleep for prolonged periods of time, so as a little experiment I didn't sleep for a couple of days. So I began to do this, and after the first 24 hours, I started seeing gusts of flames randomly appearing around me, which happened to coincide with the gusts of wind in the particular environment I was in. So I wouldn't see them unless I was inside a closed off environment with windows shut close, but they were a common occurrence when I was on and about outside. After 48 hours I started seeing monster-like creatures that seemed to be made out of black mist, that would reverse their color composition when I was paying attention to them, as opposed to letting them naturally appear and disappear in and around my field of view without paying too much attention to them. I also started hearing people calling out my name at this point. After 72 hours, I started semi hallucinating. I was randomly dragged in and out of my field of perception, a state of being half awake and half asleep at the same time, dreaming when I wasn't really sleeping. I saw planes crashing head to head and the debris falling out of the sky, only to disappear into mist right before they were about to hit the ground. I was riding a train over a high, old bridge in one moment, hearing the click-clack sound on the rails, the smell of old iron, before snapping out and finding myself strolling down the street to my house.

I don't have the energy to keep myself awake for that long nowadays, but nonetheless it was a pretty strange experience. It really went to show how much our mental constitution depends on the assumption that we will sleep every day.


never happened to me ever


>I think this is called synesthesia, where one sensory sensation excites another region in the brain
Synesthesia is when it is totally unrelated sensations. Mishearing one thing as a similar sounding thing is just standard brain function.


File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (165.66 KB,1280x720)

I don't think that's ever happened to me. I absolutely rely on white noise from a fan to sleep and not go crazy, though.
I don't know how people do it otherwise. Every little sound it magnified in silence, like the cracking caused by my computer's plastic parts when it cools off. It's so loud!
You ever wonder if your hearing is much better than other people's?


Maybe some people are too scared to have any sound near them to even block the misinterpretable sounds. I use white noise because the constant scuttering of my cats or other noises always make my tired mind think of something terrible, but if I really believed there was something terrible out there I don't know how I'd be able to sleep while blocking out my only defense against it.


In certain circumstances, I've noticed my hearing being better, but other times it's considerably worse. For instance, I can barely understand what people are saying when in a noisy room, or in a room with multiple people talking. I believe it's called the "Cocktail Party Syndrome". For whatever reason, my brain is simply unable to really make out what's being said. It's quite bothersome, because my hearing is otherwise fairly decent, but it makes me very hard of hearing at times, so I'll often have to ask what was said multiple times until I can properly understand someone. Even though I'm still a young person, it does make me feel like someone who's older, which can be embarrassing for me, and also annoying for others who need to repeat themselves for me...


I believe it's less your hearing and more your brain being unable to separate out different sounds.


That's true, but the end result is still that my hearing is still quite limited at times even if in ideal circumstances it's no worse than a typical person my age.

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