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Sometimes I must wonder if there's an imageboard board equivalent of a stroad and if it's actually a bad thing.

The stroad is characterized by being unpractical to both cars and pedestrians as apposed to the road for cars or streets for people.
On imageboards you have discussion based boards and boards for pointless threads.
In a sense there's a parallel here in function, but the existence of hybrids which contain topics and pointless is not established to be a negative on an imageboards

Does it seem like there's an imageboard equivalent to a stroad and is it bad?


I read this post three times, and I'm still not sure what you're trying to ask.


>Sometimes I must wonder if there's an imageboard-board equivalent of a stroad and if it's actually a bad thing.


> the existence of hybrids which contain topics and pointless is not established to be a negative on an imageboards
I guess this could be remade into a question to be clearer
¥ Is the existence of hybrid boards which contain topics and pointless threads a negative on an imageboards?


Ah these type of paths are the bread and butter of the midwest, as if the sceneary wasn't shit already.
After traveling Japan and seeing what human prioritized building looks like it just makes me angry.


>the stroad is the futon of transportation


hate bikes
I'm glad it's not in the culture where I live


bikes shouldn't be a culture at all dude; they should be an actual viable means of transport like other countries use them and not just for spandex tryhards like I usually see around.


Ironically, this thread is a bid of a stroad


I dislike the look of a car based society with their ugly roads, traffic lights and car parks everywhere but it's actually the best kind of society for the individual. It enables the individual to live in a suburban house with plenty of room and gives the convenience of immediate and private travel to wherever they feel like. Good city planning prioritises the city not the individual, it aims to pack people as close together as possible and make the best use of space as possible and have the people walk or take public transport which is much more efficient than a car, this doesn't really benefit the individual and robs him of many luxuries but it does benefit the collective. Good city planning is communism.


That's a bit extreme, and also wrong. In big cities like New York or Tokyo, you get both.


Not really and in the case that there was a suburban house in the middle of the city it would be incredibly expensive.


You underestimate how large apartments can get.


Depends on what your scale for "suburban" is. Could be you're underestimating how large they think when they say "suburban house". Could be a few acres large.


I prefer being able to walk to a store and have a civil servant drive me to work(or bike) than having to get a car, make sure it has gas, go to the gas station and buy myself a toothbrush.

In the end I save much more money and can buy more useless crap not having to spend on a 10,000 dollar car + other things and in terms of the statistical/probable benefit of no car ownership I get to live longer both from reduced danger of good urban planning and better exercisze.

The video also points out the benefits to the government which allows them to better allocate their funds to more things.


Sure but how expensive is that? How loud is that(you still share walls, floors and roofs with others and have a roaring street below)? How much freedom do you have there? Do you have a yard too? Can you renovate and extend? How convenient is it to move up and down elevators all the time? What about moving furniture around?


You probably do save money in the long run but it's the price of convince and privacy. I could not stand the idea of having to walk to a train or bus station, wait for it to arrive, sit in a spot that who knows how many others have sat in or who those people are, be surrounded bu who knows what, get out to walk to my destination only to have to walk back and wait for the train to come back again. Though excersise is not really an argument in my view, good luck bring a home gym up to your apartment and setting it up, you aren't going to be doing much in your back yard either.

I agree that there are benefits to the government and it does allow them to spend money on other things but that goes back to what I was saying about the individual vs the collective.


when it takes you longer to walk across the parking lot and back than it does for me to walk to the nearest bus stop and back, you know you've fucked your town planning.


I don't think American cities are designed to value the individual either; we have the landscape we do to keep businesses going, the vehicle/oil economy churning, and enable large trailer trucks the ability to keep on shipping their soy and cornsyrup laden processed garbage to us all quickly.

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