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File:1520560159165.jpg (94.39 KB,500x500)


Why does vichan have like 30+ different levels of user privilege? How the heck would you even make an imageboard that uses all of them?


Does it? I just remember it having user-definable classes that determined what features a given ranked user has access to. For instance, I think the default Admin had access to all features, and there were two pre-made but not activated ones for defining mod privileges and janitor privileges. I suppose in theory if you accounted for all permutations of access, in theory it might come to around 30 different levels, but obviously not in practice it doesn't.


You know what else has/can have 30+ different levels of user privileges? Discord.


File:1446842422662.jpg (509.48 KB,950x633)

Apparently there are. Kissu requires permission level 31 to delete posts on /trans/, so there are a few. But I was less interested in why there are so many levels and instead intrigued by what possible site could be made that utilized all 30 levels. Would it place priority on users like exhentai does, giving them moderation power based on some system? Or would it (somewhat) function on a very large board by having janitors/mods for all sorts of levels to keep others below them in check?

How terrifying... they're merging!

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