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File:9a5132f1ebd9db971552b9dd4e….png (848.06 KB,1042x1456)


Why is discord so bad again? It's just a chat platform like any other?


why am i sexually attracted to that cat


she's being a complete tease and she knows it


File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (180.5 KB,1280x720)

Because it leads to this question being asked every few weeks..
You kids and your discords, it's frying your memory!


File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (152.85 KB,1280x720)

But to answer again, it directly competes with imageboards and siphons and eventually kills the ones that aren't 4chan. It's also used as a filehost that you need to jump through hoops with to find the files you need instead of it being on mediafire or mega. As such, its clique-y nature has influenced filesharing in negative ways


File:[ALH]Bludgeoning_Angel_Dok….jpg (11.63 KB,281x386)


File:7c8491a940d588ce835625d477….jpg (114.88 KB,894x1279)

It doesn't compete with imageboards more than any other chat platform does it? IRC cabals and such have run circles around poor online communities for years and you don't see people going after them anymore. It's just the modern day boogeyman and scapegoat for all the bad things. Everything is in one place too so it's more convenient than a bunch of mediafire links you can't ask anyone about.


it's run by the chinese and also fuck irc and also fuck you


IRC is just text, it lacks a lot of things kissu does and they've existed alongside imageboards since the beginning as secondary channels so it's really not the same. It's really not a scapegoat when it's directed related to communities leaving the web and heading into closed channels on discord.
Well, that's all I have to say about it. As I said at the beginning this is brought up far too often


classic thread


I don’t like it’s userbase. That’s about it really.


Ironically, I think discord has the best userbase out of all the big social media sites. It's definitely very teen oriented, but there tends to be less retarded drama than on sites like reddit and especially twitter.


Well, I don't think it's comparable to other big social sites. The interactions you get on discord is more ephemeral and so the nature of content shifts to casual chat and sometimes banter. Every server has it's own retarded clique with in jokes that take time to understand, and I don't think it's worth putting in any kind of effort trying to assimilate into this environment when there are only diminishing returns.

I used to get invited to a lot of servers back when I used to use it a lot, but those turned to be grooming servers with people who were far older than me insisting I post pictures of myself and join them in the voice chat, knowing full well I was a minor back then. I guess the word got out, and my name got passed around in some circles and the rest is history. This kind of thing persisted until I deleted my account. I made another account a couple of years later, but I only use it for tracking seasonal anime and manga release cycles, and message mods when there are release issues.

As opposed to that, posts have a longer shelf life on reddit with plenty of interaction, and votes, even though they are derided among the imageboard crowd, acts as a form of quality control so the type of content worth your time is naturally presented above everything else. You can learn plenty of things on reddit and gain insights into things you didn't even know about, and that's far more valuable than what discord has to offer.


File:1625074744155.jpg (142.19 KB,1080x820)

Nothing spells quality like the superfast circlejerking of IRC chatrooms merged with the media shitposting of imageboards.


How can discord interactions be ephermal if they last forever? At least in IRC logs are a bit more separated from the channel.


In my experience that is massively dependent on server. Some Discord communities are fairly chill places to hang out whereas others are just constant drama and shit-flinging.


For me the main issue is Discord is overly centralizing.

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