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File:1588803930661.jpg (394.52 KB,1109x743)


if someone was a hiki with no connections and no need for any sort of interaction would they really exist?


They'd probably have an online presence.


What do you mean?


File:30f50077a1f904c50a8a609b99….png (197.77 KB,700x653)

They could be king of the internet


How would anyone know they're king of the internet if this hikki has no connections?


The hikki would know, and that's all that matters.


I wonder what happened to all those old /jp/ hikkis that used to live in their parents floorboards and post on their phones.


File:1c1c802a4d5da89e1f877d4c1f….jpg (177.29 KB,800x753)

By perceiving things the hikki confirms his own existence


File:1616288712919.jpg (295.38 KB,1920x1080)

I wrote long dissertations, essays and novels on that topic but you really got it compressed in a sentence!


File:candy.webm (72.2 KB,180x352)

no one exists


IT'S LALA! Hi Lala!


File:Oyo.webm (122.6 KB,500x480)


File:0ED96E6E-F9F0-4BBB-B61D-F….jpeg (50.03 KB,750x750)

that only confirms other things existence
you could say his existence is confirmed in his relation to other things but if it’s just things that can’t perceive him back nothing is confirming him
he could be the fake and everything else real and if there is never mutual confirmation there is no way of knowing
an observer who doesn’t interact with his environment is not a part of the environment but an outside entity


Maybe a game account, a poster on kissu, etc. That'd still count as interaction, right?


You'll always exist and be real to the taxman.


What taxes does the hikki incur?


sales tax

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