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I want this to be good but it sounds like the kinda thing that will flop real hard.


I mean, Star Wars has been creatively bankrupt for years, so I wouldn't expect much...


I'm thinking if it's just original shorts that the studios made and they just happen to have a Star Wars coat on it, it will all work out. My fear is that it will be some lucasfilms/disney people dictating the story and direction while the studios are simply animating their demands.


File:[Endro!][02][BDRIP][1080P]….jpg (230.54 KB,1920x1080)

Hate it. Disney's dirty money seeks to consume everything just like every other tech giant, but it's somehow worse when it comes to escapism media. At least they recognize they've dragged their own brand into the dirt and need outsiders like this, so it's a start? BRING BACK LUCASARTS!
Also lol at the dork saying "ahh-nime", was he trying to sound fancy and educated?


Can't understand how Star Wars continues to maintain its relevance. Feels like that ship should've sailed many years ago.


I feel like it'll be like a Halo Legends thing, and everyone will forget it exists in exactly 12 femtoseconds, and will only be brought up when kids who've grown up make retrospective video essays 15 years from now.


American produced anime always feel like American action cartoons to me, and I fucking hate American action cartoons. I have absolutely zero interest in this.

Feh. I don't really care what happens to a property once it's fulfilled its potential. In my recollection, Disney hasn't really "ruined" anything of worth. The new Star Wars stuff sucks, but it's not like they killed a franchise that was still in its prime. As far as I'm concerned, Star Wars ended when the original trilogy ended. Everything else is just extra crap.

The first three movies (production wise, not chronologically) are still classic movies. Art lives longer than people think it does.

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