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Does /qa/ know any fun facts?

One I just learned is that copper is actually more dense than iron.
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I too would prefer her bag of meat over the two slices on her hand.


That's not a fun fact, that's a creepy perv fact. >>89929 isn't going to be happy when he sees this.


Aesop's Fables was the only book in existence to be excluded from the expulsion of Western books in Edo Japan.


westaboos at it again


shogunate approved!


japanese people sleep in the closet


The return message to a "PING" command is called a "PONG". PING... PONG.


The world hiccup champion had a hiccup for 69 years.


ah, I see you have the machine that goes `PING'. This is my favourite.


File:bird-tree_custom-ee3b3d1f….webp (37.78 KB,900x506)

apparently falcons are much genetically closer to things like cockatoos and parakeets than they are eagles.


Childhood anemia increases the chance of childhood leukemia.


File:hamburger-button-emoji.webp (11.45 KB,650x300)

This button that appears in some UI stuff is called the hamburger menu


File:kafuka_despair.jpg (11.4 KB,283x302)

You are alive for a few seconds after your head gets decapitated, until oxygen stops going to your brain.


A kiwis egg is massive, taking up around 20% of the birds mass. When the bird hatches it is has everything it needs and retains nutrients from the egg enough to last it enough time to figure things out in its own


With the estimation for the number of particles in the observable universe being 10^80 (or 10^89), you could write one digit of a googolplex (10 ^ (10^ 100)) on each particle in the universe and still run out of space to write the whole number.
Made me realize the fact that there are infinitely many numbers that even if you had the ability to write would be limited by the size of the entire universe!


What do you mean by “size”? Are you referring to the space occupied by or the number of particles in the visible universe? Considering the set of all real numbers, your realization requires space to be quantized. If space is continuous then you can create a function mapping every real number to some portion of space. As even though, the total space is a finite number, the cardinality of the set including 0 to any real number is the same as that of all the real numbers.


File:1627141260.jpg (413.36 KB,1280x720)

Right, I meant the number of particles.


File:chinese_characters_are_an_….jpg (35.81 KB,593x500)

Chinese characters (and as a result, kanji) are pretty much the same thing as hieroglyphs. They used to be more self-explanatory even. Their modern version is needlessly complicated in comparison.


I'm sure the modern eye is used to identify the ancient spiky form of 'hill'(rather mountain) as grass or fire or crown(unornamented).


just at a glance, the modern characters are much faster to write


File:Léon Wieger - Chinese char….png (886.19 KB,1201x1904)

More precisely, they are logographs, like that of early cuneiform and mayan glyphs as well. Though, a huge difference between chinese characters and other systems is their deep-seated dislike of using characters purely for their phonetic value, so Gardiner's sign list included a mere 763 egyptian hieroglyphs compared to the 2999 totalled today by the jouyou and jinmeiyou kanji.
>needlessly complicated in comparison
A beautiful fragment from the introduction to Léon Wieger's most excellent 1915 Chinese Characters, Their Origin, Etymology, History, Classification and Signification: A Thorough Study from Chinese Documents:

>2. Causes of the gradual transformation of characters. — The first to be noticed, is the complete change in the instruments and material used for writing. The ancients wrote with a sort of fountain-pen, upon small laths of bamboo or smooth wooden tablets.
>Such an instrument traces lines any way it is moved, either backwards or forwards, straight or curved, as one likes, but all equally thick.

>Not long after the catalogue of Li-ssu was edited, Ch’éng-miao invented a pencil of soft wood, ending in a fibrous point, which being dipped in the black varnish, was used for writing on silk strips. Traced with this coarse instrument on a rough material, the rounded figures became square, the curved lines were broken at right angles. But this ungraceful writing being quicker than with the fountain-pen, the wooden pencil was adopted for public deeds, and the li-tzu or official hand, became the current writing, while the lesser seal characters remained the classical writing.

>As it commonly happens, the way being opened, inventions succeeded one another. During his campaigns against the Huns, the general Meng-t'ien is said to have invented or improved the writing-brush, the ink and the paper. This invention was fatal to the characters. — A writing-brush cannot trace lines against the hair, therefore many characters could not be written and were replaced by arbitrary and fanciful sketches. — The materials used further helped to increase the confusion. Paper is absorbent: hence came the thick strokes, the thin strokes and the slabbery letters, which were all unknown to the ancients. — A writing brush, made with stiff and elastic hair, flattens out when pressed down, twists when turned, projects its point when raised up; hence the swellings, the joints, the crooks, which are not intentional, are due to the instrument itself. — Therefore the actual classical writing chieh-tzu, represents the hsiao-chuan as transformed by the writing-brush.

>There is more. The writing-brush galloping, the strokes were connected up, giving birth to the lien-pei-tzu; then it flew, throwing on the paper misshapen figures, which are called ts'ao-tzu. The fancy for these novelties became a rage. At the beginning of the Christian era, a man believed himself dishonoured if he wrote in a legible way. In this crisis, the initiative of a private scholar saved what could still be saved.

Not always, the ancient form of 日 was easier to write than something like Ó, just a circle with a dot, while 月 and 耳 were utterly butchered.


File:Léon Wieger - Chinese char….png (818.34 KB,1194x1940)

P.S: super early chink doodles were the weirdest thing ever. Lovecraftian, even.


File:Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei S….jpg (559.27 KB,1600x1200)


File:552px-Quirino_Cristiani.jpg (130.53 KB,552x599)

The first animated feature film and the first animated film with sound were both made in Argentina.


it could be intentional but these remind me of stuff from Mushishi


File:FgPL6Z6XoAIvx-K.jpg (669.96 KB,1976x2048)

The first message sent on the internet was "lo". It was meant to be "login" but it crashed after the first two letters.


File:Lo!.jpg (209.45 KB,850x1360)

Seems like a divine statement at work more than an error to me.


Most materials are RF transparent or interact very weakly, but water interacts very strongly. So, if you're ever microwaving something and are finding the heating lackluster: very slightly dampening it can improve the heating a lot.


Today the human population of Earth has reached 8 Billion.


File:pentti-linkola-3232779060.jpg (592.18 KB,838x838)

and that's a BAD thing


Nothing will be done about it though


the most cheerful and optimistic Finn


File:76950cb5ed9ce110e321b4a504….jpg (213.31 KB,1200x1675)

The process of making the fanciest wines in the world is befittingly as intensive and precise as one would expect:


This is the highest sweetness level of wine that you can find. Even if you look outside of wine and consider fruit beverages in general, it's probably naturally the sweetest drink by far. To even start to produce this special kind of wine requires the year's climate be in a vineyard's favor, meaning there's many years that it can't even be produced (although it's become around supposedly every 2/5 years as apposed to around once a decade because of climate change). Why a good year is required is due to the noble rot that's required for the sweetness of the grapes to manifest itself best. In a year where there's lots of moisture the rot turns into grey rot and destroys the crop.

Given that you have a good location and year to grow such grapes, there's still additional challenges to get a bottle of tba wine. As once the grapes are afflicted with noble rot they become shriveled almost like a raisin. Making the extraction process more challenging, and the overall amount of grapes needed to produce a full bottle rise exponentially. Even after all this, there's still a greater level of scrutiny one can use to discern the quality of a tba with which vineyard it came from. Like which river the vineyard lay on, and the mineral content of the soil/soil quality from which the grapes are grown.

To me, one of the most interesting parts of this all is that the production of this type of wine has been tradition for hundreds of years at this point. Which stands as a testament to humanity's ingenuity and creativity when it comes to making better food/drinks for itself.


nice fact


File:__graf_zeppelin_and_aquila….jpg (90.01 KB,700x924)

When looking through danbooru tags I learned that the seiza, the elegantly painful traditional Japanese sitting position that foreigners can't maintain was recognized as an "immoral punishment" if parents forced their kids to do it. I think that means it's illegal now since it mentioned child abuse?


File:AS20191203003966.jpg (123.38 KB,640x606)

The example was specifically "you were messing around with something important (implying there may have been some damage to it), so now you must sit in seiza for a long period of time"

With "long period of time" being the key, and also the use as a punishment. The law appears to be a prohibition on punishments that cause physical pain or discomfort. I don't think it would be applicable to something like making your kids sit in seiza at a funeral service.



I can sit like this with all the abuse I've put my knees through but apparently expecting children to do it is unreasonable hmm


There's a Classical Chinese Wikipedia, alongside Latin, Sanskrit, and... Old Church Slavonic, wow. That one I didn't expect. Here's the full list, it's a long one:


I think AI will make this even more insane


Peanuts aren't nuts, they're legumes like lentils or chickpeas, and the Catholic Church is female.


>the Catholic Church is female
Female as in a feminine noun?


Ayup, always referred to as "she".


That's strange. I've only ever it referred to as "the Church," never with a gendered pronoun.


Yeah, but in scripture and other religious texts she's female. Here's an excerpt from the Catechism of the Catholic Church:
>Through Tradition, "the Church, in her doctrine, life and worship, perpetuates and transmits to every generation all that she herself is, all that she believes."



Ahh, just the church in general, makes sense.


File:Assassin's-Creed-Towers-Sh….jpg (451.65 KB,1920x1080)

I learned that a game mechanic has a name: the Ubisoft Tower:
If you're playing an open world game, but the game uses focal points to guide the player to specific locations to unlock something to make navigation easier, or even possible at all, it's called a "Ubisoft Tower" after the company that made the Assassin's Creed games.
I'd say Elden Ring has them because you start with a dull, primitive map and to upgrade it you need to visit the locations marked on it to grab "map fragments" to get a far more functional map


There's a few informal English interjections that come from closing the mouth at the end, causing a /p/ to be inserted:
yeah -> yeap
no -> nope
well -> welp
Of course you already know them, but it's funny that the change comes from just not opening your mouth enough hehehehehhe



Boch Bach and Handel(best known for the Hallelujah chorus) were blind at the end of their lives and both were treated by the same doctor who turned out to be an occult charlatan who only worsened their condition.

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