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File:[SubsPlease] Tantei wa Mou….png (3.26 MB,1920x2726)


Holy heck this detective is cute and dead!!


File:[SubsPlease] Tantei wa Mou….png (3.54 MB,1920x3292)

Even cuter in a wedding gown!


File:[SubsPlease] Tantei wa Mou….png (3.37 MB,1920x2244)

Cute eating a pizza!


File:[SubsPlease] Tantei wa Mou….png (6.1 MB,1920x4717)

Cute in school uniform!


File:[SubsPlease] Tantei wa Mou….png (2.92 MB,1920x1839)

Very eroi as a nekomimi maid!


File:[SubsPlease] Tantei wa Mou….png (3.81 MB,1920x3029)

Cute and deadly with a gun bigger than her!


File:[SubsPlease] Tantei wa Mou….png (2.22 MB,1920x1591)

And finally, cute when she wins over MC!
Final because then she died.


she's huge


File:[SubsPlease] Tantei wa Mou….png (1.65 MB,1920x1080)

In what aspect?


Wanted to watch this anime but vtumors will appear as seiyuus so I won't.


File:action-siesta.webm (5.64 MB,1280x720)

don't let some guest seiyuus distract you from the rest of the show
it's got action, mystery, and a cute girl(s)
a triple threat!


>vtumors will appear as seiyuus
Oh.. Anon.. its worse... they appear as themselves.


Just watch it but don't talk about it and don't take/post screenshots of it. That way, there's zero possibility of you supporting it in any way, directly or indirectly.


File:dc0eb390c8a730993f892451b3….jpg (1.1 MB,2160x1740)

...Picked up


File:[SubsPlease] Tantei wa Mou….jpg (131.06 KB,1280x720)

Thought it was really good and I really loved the detective girl, but now I'm a bit worried about how well it will hold up since she's dead


File:[SubsPlease] Tantei wa Mou….png (1.73 MB,1920x1080)

Yeah, she made my heart go kyun~ Too bad she's dead, though from the looks of it she probably comes back as a ghost or something. Since she is in the cover, after all. Or maybe it was all just an act, guess all we can do is watch and hope for the best...


watched and didn't see a single vt*ber in the episode


If they appear as themselves I doubt they play much more than a referential role as vtubers (the streaming kind) can't really act. Unlike Kizuna Ai, who was a former Seiyuu and did provide her voice for a side character in an edgy mahou shoujo anime.


Its in episode 3.


>Unlike Kizuna Ai, who was a former Seiyuu and did provide her voice for a side character in an edgy mahou shoujo anime.
Which one's that?


File:[HorribleSubs] Mahou Shouj….jpg (77.39 KB,1280x720)

This super dumb, super edgy mahou shoujo one.


hah remember watching that, don't remember any talk about Kizuna Ai being in it though. I guess that's how it should be.


File:11ce37cfb1.png (33.22 KB,459x139)

She played a very minor role.


File:sion thinking.jpg (22.33 KB,471x513)

maybe she's just taking a Siesta?


File:[SubsPlease] Tantei wa Mou….jpg (126.7 KB,1280x720)

>and dead
Until they realized they didn't know where they were going with the story so they decided to spend over half the anime on her NOT being dead. (Too bad they still had no idea what they're doing)


Yeah, baited me on dropping it at episode 3, and now its nothing but Siesta! I don't want to continue it, but everytime I see non-dead Siesta I feel some regret...


File:[SubsPlease] Tantei wa Mou….jpg (177.6 KB,1280x720)

I've continued on with it and will finish it since there are (thankfully) only 4 episodes left, and let me tell you, it is complete garbage that makes me question why this is any popular over actual good shows. Is a good first episode and vtumor advertising really all it takes to propel a series into the spotlight? If so I guess that maybe more studios in charge of good anime should try and use them as a money magnet (but not sacrifice the integrity of their series by actually putting them in, like this one did).


I really do wonder what they were thinking with that hour-long first episode and how much of a disconnect the following episodes were. Episode 3 with the idol girl was just mediocre and I didn't see any sign that things would improve. It's nice that Siesta returned apparently, but I'm not going to see it. What a shame.


File:2791c4cebab6cf74d77a7504f5….jpg (168.92 KB,700x480)

Siesta returning is most likely just a tease to trick people into thinking the anime got good again because it has the cute detective girl back who made episode 1 great. However, it's just an illusion as the writing is some of the dumbest I've come across. Which could possibly be on purpose, but bad writing is still bad writing even if you do it ironically. I don't find it funny or the characters amusing/interesting. It's a slog of a show that just treats you to 24 minutes of stupid a week before going away. I'd much rather watch dumb detectives doing fun things than this.

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