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File:46651549.gif (1.34 MB,810x455)


thinking about becoming a full time kissu poster
what should i take into consideration?


Remember to always post source of any media you post!


File:R.gif (1.03 MB,400x627)


I open kissu first since I know this board and then open other


File:1461896368788.png (168.69 KB,575x446)

Don't think, drink!


File:90922030_p0.png (360.1 KB,960x680)

Do you have a moment to hear about the lord (of idols)?


Sakura's cutting board chest is cute! CUTE!!


what anime is this?


That's the Touhou anime.


found the redditor


found the piss teen


File:__izayoi_sakuya_touhou_dra….png (1.55 MB,1205x1800)

None, because that's a fake manufactured image.


you know im right


File:1553034702720.jpg (21.71 KB,448x506)


go away forever


File:69553188.gif (93.31 KB,436x454)

happy 4th of july, 'muricans


File:1373242945790.gif (415.62 KB,300x250)

Thank you for celebrating our freedom day before we can. I thank you for your service.


File:/qa/ Golden Rule.jpg (21.27 KB,240x320)

>what should i take into consideration?


All anime is manufactured and fake.


What next, you're gonna tell us that all novels were conjured out of the imagination of an author and not real?


How thous do thy define reality?


*How dost thee define reality


reality is that thing that's really good at disappointing me


too little, just right, too much


File:83872103.gif (769.19 KB,660x360)

morning post


File:Untitled.jpeg (153.85 KB,320x1680)


File:84829855.gif (144.17 KB,494x720)

afternoon post


File:ezgif-2-ad10428e8739.gif (1.41 MB,500x280)

evening post


Amagi Brilliant Park. Sorry for the late reply.

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