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What does /qa/ do during blackouts?


I have a bunch of board games, some of which are single player (yes, that exists). I also have pen and paper to draw stuff on. I have a bunch of physical books I can read too. I also have a rubiks cube that I can fiddle around with, but that'll only last a few minutes since I've completely forgotten how to solve it the easy way which is the only way I learned. all of this is assuming I at least have a flashlight or some kind of alternate light source though, if I got no light I can't do nothin.


Last real blackout here was a year ago, ~48 hours or so. I went outside and marveled at how green the grass had gotten since the last time I'd been outside. That didn't last long however, too frightening out there with or without electricity. Spent a bit of time staring at my phone, but didn't want to waste electricity. Think I spent most of the time reading. A bit of a pain, had to hold a flashlight with my chin to see the page. Even got me to take the aluminum foil off my window to see if I could get some more light in (and to get some fresh air in since I was suffocating in the heat). Well that was the only real (i.e. more than an hour) blackout in the past six years or so, if they were more common I'd probably buy a bright lantern or something.


If it's night time I sometimes walk along the streets, it's interesting seeing them without any light and with no people, it's kind of post apocalyptic. Otherwise I just read by candle light.


File:1450148465380.jpg (678.81 KB,1024x576)

The last blackout I was in, was a few months ago. All of my university classes were online, so I had to walk down to the main university building and use the internet and plug my stuff in there.

As far as the last time I was in a blackout where I wasn't under any obligations to do anything... Well, there was a really bad storm that knocked out power in my neighborhood for about a week. For the first 3 days, it was constantly storming so I couldn't go outside. I had a generator just in case, so I used that for power. The house got kind of cold, so I had an electric heater. Most of the power went to powering the fridge so my food didn't spoil, but I think I threw everything away afterwards anyways. For the first little bit, I screwed around on an old laptop that I had recently installed FreeBSD on. That was fun for a little while, but got old quick. I can't really remember what else I did. I think I mainly went about using my phone as my main device and that was that. After it was over, most people were telling stories about how bad it was and how utterly bored they were without having any electricity; it pays to be prepared I guess. I was more concerned with the fact a few trees in my yard had been knocked over. The wind was seriously bad, and it looked as if a few were poised to fall right into my house, but luckily none did. A small fence got busted, but that was the extent of the damage.


Never experienced one thankfully. But if I were in that condition, I would have time to enjoy the otherwise boring contents of my physical books and notes. And I would finally start on my DIY furniture project I've been suspending for so long.


File:e7bf749c14a4f9b0dc7be92628….png (1.24 MB,989x1200)

Thought everyone has at least some spare candles lying around they can light up for light. Is it just me preparing for this case?


I have neither candles nor any lighters. I just dozens of flashlights and lots of rechargeable batteries that I charge every now and again.


File:[SubsPlease] Ochikobore Fr….jpg (178.65 KB,1280x720)

I spent a week without power once when a blizzard/freeze knocked out the power lines. At least it was winter and not summer, so we just put more clothes on and extra blankets and stuff.
Thankfully there was still hot water so you could warm up the bathroom if you wanted.
I spent most of the time in bed listening to NPR (public radio with various educational stuff) and was able to get about 30 hours total out of my DS with my share of the power charger thing we had.
Being without power sucks- it's the lack of stimulation from the internet and electronics more than anything else for me.


I have spare candles matched and so forth but they're not really enough to illuminate anything certainly if you have like a camping lantern or something meant to light up an area it'd light things up right but just some candles won't withstand the stress test of a real blackout unless you mean just for getting around only need a tiny bit of light for that when you get used to it.


Can't remember the last time there was one here, but I have a bunch of mobile devices, like a tablet that I use for manga and old anime, an e-reader with a ton of pirated books, and handheld consoles, as well as a portable battery that I keep fully charged just in case, so that would probably be more than enough to keep me occupied until the power comes back.


File:a1a0fcdaf1b17063aaa4f23a0….jpeg (1.07 MB,3508x2480)

guess i've never experienced a real blackout that knocked off cellular internet, so i will keep silent here
i wonder if everyone else here had no cellular internet during the blackout or are just unwilling to use any cellular internet including tethering, because you all seem to be true hermits that don't seem to deem internet essential...


last time there was a blackout here I didn't even have a phone. I would try not to use it too much if it happened again because if my phone went dead I'd have no way to charge it and no emergency flashlight/ way to contact the outside world.


you can get one of those portable chargers that have a built in battery. mine can charge my phone three times before it runs out of battery.


Might have to consider this thread today...


Good luck!

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