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People sure are going crazy about "NFTs", but what exactly are they? The extent of my knowledge is that they're somehow exclusive copies of "memes" but how does that even work for internet stuff, it seems like a trick. Also, excluding all of that, who's even the market for these scam tokens? Rich people with nothing better to waste money on?


stands for nice fuckin' titties


NFTs are sort of like trading cards if that makes sense. Ultimately, they only have as much value as the people who want them decide that they're worth.

I'm pretty sure they're basically a scam created by the same people who add "blockchain" to everything hoping that the uneducated masses will think that makes it intelligent or something, but trying to catch the market speculator types who buy into bitcoin and stuff.


I think the extent of how awful this trend gets is to be seen with whether that one video game being made about NFTs takes off or not.


I've seen NFTs used to allow trading of items between two different games, but if you have access to the code for both games to add NFT support you could just make the player inventory access a common backend. It makes no sense to me.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy M….jpg (157.35 KB,1920x1080)

It just doesn't make any sense at all to me. I think it's just that rich people are trying to find new ways to let us know that we're in their world because they allow us to be. With so much wealth accumulation going on they're probably running out of things to buy, too. That, and money laundering. Obviously there's dirty money involved with anything like this


Is it even still happening or have they moved on already?



But I mean are people still spending hundreds of thousands on them or have the people with money moved on and it's the poorer memers that are left behind?


Ugh... I replied to myself, I meant to reply to you >>74212



It seems like one of those nonsense technologies that does nothing but caught on because it's been hyped up a lot.

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