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Would /qa/ be willing to view some ads for some free content unlocks in their games?


Privacy: I can care less about. But, ads? Never. I will go to the very ends of the Earth to not have to see them. And I especially would not tolerate them in actual video games.


I do my best to avoid all kinds of media that looks like it is trying to grab my attention and manipulate my psyche. This probably means I miss out on some good stuff (e.g. I won't browse YouTube, and I'll close a site as soon as it springs a popup asking for my email). But everybody has their own set of principles and this is something I do my best not to compromise.


If it ever takes off maybe it'll only in EA games that are basically a scam already, like FIFA. Hopefully devs that actually care about what they're making wouldn't want to put something so immersion-breaking in their games.


Feels like an end game of an industry where they realize their products aren't good enough or take too much effort to make, yet don't want to innovate or even improve outsourcing quality to push things further.


File:88183556_p0.jpg (227.26 KB,1187x1280)

The unfortunate reality is what may start as something for free or cheap games will eventually (if not rapidly) find their way to regular games and it will just become normal.

>Simulmedia has struck deals with some of the world's biggest gaming studios, including Electronic Arts (EA) and Tencent's Hi-Rez Studios

Oh wait, it's already the rich companies selling full price games doing it.
Yeah, stay away from big studio games or wait and hope that people will crack them to disable this anti-consumer garbage. Maybe this will trigger a new wave of cracker teams with new motivations.


would be pretty hella epic if someone figured out a way to skip these ads so that you could abuse content unlocks would troll the shitty publishers so hard


File:09dec0b0ba69d7d52f77abf4be….png (490.36 KB,887x864)

>content unlocks in their games?
No, not in my games. Games with these are garbage that put profit over gameplay and design.


I can't see this working in anything but mobile games. Mobile games can have ads because they're designed in a very arcade-ey way where taking breaks makes sense. On console and PC people play for long periods and getting interrupted would be too much of a sticking point to keep playing.

All media does that, even the good stuff. What matters isn't if you're being manipulated, it's whether or not you enjoy being manipulated.

I'm gonna go occam's razor and say that it's probably just greed. The game industry already makes boatloads of money, so they don't need to do this so much as they want to.

See >>74125
The sort of people this is targeting probably won't care. And on the flipside, the sort of games we play probably won't be affected by it.


>All media does that, even the good stuff. What matters isn't if you're being manipulated, it's whether or not you enjoy being manipulated.
I think we're talking past each other. I'm not going to bother setting out legal definitions for everything, but there's a clear difference between (say) a clickbait article and a novel with a plot that ties at your heartstrings.


EA has already been doing it for years. Related is from 2019, and here's another game from last year with ads:


I don't like posts that include youtube videos.


It's 100% an immersion killer, so probably the only games that will pick it up will be crappy sports games and stuff like maybe Just Dance. Don't think even f2p MMOs would add it in since they make money from getting people to pay for in-game items, and you want the player to be immersed enough to spend in the first place.

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