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File:Profusely_ojigi_Halkara.gif (288.44 KB,853x480)


If one day you had to fight to defend the honor of your waifu against a decently built opponent, would you be able to?
Despite my delusions of grandeur, I am fairly certain I will lose to even a 15 year old. My only memories of school fights are ones where I was too afraid to do anything because I didn't want to get suspended and/or expelled. Then as I grew older, I started realizing how weak the human body is. Mostly due to all those rekt threads on 4chan...
I don't understand how people can take part in fights, the human body is so weak. (Well, of course, if not trained properly.) Take a hit in one of the many critical hit areas of the human body and you could possible die or worse; turn into a vegetable.
Hence, as much as I despise myself for having to say this, I for one could not fight to defend my waifu's honor. I am simply too pussy. Gif related will be me.


Typical waifuists, not only do they insult the artist and ruin his creations but they are weak and cowardly too.


you can be that character type that lets the opponents beat him down until they get tired, give up, and walk away


It's not that simple when you're not young anymore. I had a certain someone with a decent build charged with assault, sentenced to a fine and had his criminal record tainted. So in the end I got away with some minor bruises but pretty much ruined his life and most of his employment prospects.


File:[ANE] Denpa Onna to Seishu….png (2.34 MB,1920x1080)

Stealth takedown anyone that tried to dishonor me or my shabs


File:90744263_p0.jpg (669.27 KB,1000x1000)

Maybe? If a loved one is threatened people can fight stronger than usual, like real life 'limiters' getting removed, so I suppose I could at least take some hits. Not sure I'd accomplish anything though...


File:1502190531513.gif (439.33 KB,640x414)

I have pretty high reaction times, and I'm decently quick, so I think I could at least dodge most attacks. As far as being able to throw punches, however... That's another story. I'd probably have to rely on exploiting my opponent's balance through kicks and trips. Once they're on the ground, I think I'd have a decent chance at beating them, but if they knock me down, I don't think I'd be able to escape or recover.

All in all, I'd say my odds are 40:60 win to lose.

If things are spiced up by throwing weapons into the mix, I think I might have the advantage when it comes to dealing with knives, but blunt weapons like bats I'd be back to disadvantaged again.


You get beat up face to face, then spend like a week stalking them waiting for the right time to take them out and dump their body out into the ocean.


I've gotten into fights with medium sized animals (made short mention of one time on the /sum/ board) and three humans in my life time I've lost most of my muscles since and I'm skinny now but yeah I just don't know really I guess it depends on who the opponent is.

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