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File:1439648511159.jpg (116.33 KB,469x469)


Does /qa/ have any rituals that they do? I don't necessarily mean religious, but things you do regularly.

For instance, whenever I go into the bathroom, I always have to pull the shower curtain aside because... Ya know.


File:85888011_p0.png (1.69 MB,1080x1080)

You pee in it?


I always take a crap before showering since I detest being dirty and if I can't wash myself off after going to the bathroom it feels as though there's lingering dirt on me.


N-no!... It's because... Well... What if someone's hiding in there? It's too scary leaving it closed.


i drink liquor in the park or on a bench outside wherever i can during every full moon in the evening


not so much a ritual but when i piss (standing up) i almost always rub the back of my neck with my free hand
it's an autonomous reaction, it happens before i even realise what im doing

generally only at home though and at the toilet itself. i remember doing it as a child and im in my 30s now


File:7083117_p0.jpg (164.02 KB,512x768)

Not sure how ritualistic this is, but I have a NEET blanket that I always wear before I'm able to relax at my computer. Whether it's cold or warm, it's much more comfortable than any normal clothes I could wear.


Yeah, I have some mild OCD so I do stupid things, like I need to rotate the cup I drink out of every time I tape a sip.
Sigh it's so dumb


I like to shit in the dark in my small bathroom, like block all the light.
I don't have to, but it's something I do a lot.
Oh and walking all the way to the garage to get a drink when in fact I have multiple drinks on hand. Very dumb..


I check my alarms over and over before going to sleep
when I close a fridge I press my hand on the handles over and over to make sure it’s closed, even more for a freezer
when I close a locked door or in the past any door I would obsessively open and close it and turn the handle and lock and unlock and then walk away and come back to mess with the handle more
I stare at the stove for awhile after using it because im convinced I left it on
when I use a faucet I press the handles back many times and run my hand under it to make sure no waters out but even when my hand comes up dry I keep doing it

I hate that I do all of these things and thankfully have got myself down to doing these infrequently and not all of them every single day every time I did something mentioned


File:__inaba_tewi_reisen_udonge….png (1.67 MB,1434x1434)

I am very particular about washing my hands as soon as I get home, and whenever I come in contact with something from outside, like when picking up a delivery or taking out the trash.
I weigh myself after waking up every day, even though I'm not really at a point where I should care about it.
I drink a cup of coffee after waking up and a cup of tea after meals, and sometimes another cup of coffee before bed.
I have those "10 hours of white noise" videos on every night, because walls are thin and my sleep times don't always match my neighbors'.

I do this too.

And, most importantly, I say "rabbit rabbit" at the start of every month.


File:6434C2E4-C9C6-482E-AD45-6….jpeg (353.61 KB,1468x978)

I always unplug all my electronics and turn off the gas valve before I leave home. Also I have a habit of smoking so I go around the house to see if there is any fire and pour some water over the cigarette butts before I sleep. There is always a bucket of water next to the living room entrance just in case.


When leaving my room, I always leave a shoe in the open door frame so any wind from the open windows has no chance to push the door back to its frame with a loud sudden noise.

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