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File:Yin sad.jpg (52.61 KB,480x632)


I need to thoroughly analyze my system before nuking it.
Somehow I've become part of a botnet that shitposts all over 4chan, making posts on /int/ and /tv/ and I only just now noticed because I recieved a couple bans. These bans are linked to my HOME IP.
I checked the posts themselves and there's just no way they're me even if I had a split personality.
Have you guys heard of anything similar?


File:anime-eromanga-sensei-mang….png (2.35 MB,1561x3436)

Only ever encountered bans from my phone and maybe once while I was switching my home IP, which is probably just a result of leftover bans from before I switched. Never actually had my IP linked to a botnet that made posts on its own, and I'd similarly be nuking everything if I noticed I was.


remember some time after I started using a new vpn once (OpenVPN I think?) my IP ended up being autobanned from 4chan because it was being recognized as a proxy
uninstalled that shit real fast and the problem never happened again


Oh yeah, that could be it. Some of the "free" VPNs have it in the fine print that you volunteer your own connection as a residential proxy service


Hmm? Well I was posting from my phone originally, but on home wifi, then I just confirmed on the PC and I'm still banned.

That may be the case, just removed Tuxler but I don't use that browser much to begin with.


check network connections with resource manager?


Yep, Tuxler does it. I'm not sure that simply not using some browser will cancel it, though. You should probably uninstall it, not least of which that you really don't want people using your IP for malicious (and illegal) stuff

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