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File:photomode_12012021_202707.png (2.76 MB,1920x1080)


Does /qa/ spend time taking screenshots in video games?

I played a bit of Cyberpunk 2077 and found the screenshot tools really nice (too bad the game is buggy and story just meh)


File:DQB2_EU_i3yuOMDqnw.jpg (310.55 KB,1920x1080)

Yeah, I take them, though it's hard in action-y games. I completely forgot I started DQ Builders 2 and then forgot about it. Oops.


File:GTAVCS.PNG (1.81 MB,1458x886)

only when something interesting happens
an old one i took, it's hilarious that the pedestrians can't walk around a car debris and instead bumping into it repeatedly until they drained away all their health and died


File:20191002144328_1.jpg (387.8 KB,1920x1080)

Once I tried to get a good shot of a parry/backstab animation in code vein.
Thats the best I could do


File:648800_20201010133414_1---….jpg (219.28 KB,1920x1080)


File:ScreenShot64.png (3.27 MB,1920x1080)

there's skyrim but aside from that it's mostly screenshots for doucmentation of the event


File:2099-07-12-113455-114005.jpg (103.78 KB,960x544)

a short dump of some vita games after I discovered it could take screenshots, although I've shared images from some of these games before


File:2099-07-18-015800-430931.jpg (111.1 KB,960x544)

the Atelier Dusk trilogy was really good, these two were from Atelier Shallie Plus


File:2099-08-03-184023-405749.jpg (90.46 KB,960x544)

Atelier Sophie


File:2021-05-06-084825-264800.jpg (126.94 KB,960x544)

Soul Sacrifice Delta


File:2099-07-24-184336-196274.jpg (104.54 KB,960x544)

Touhou Double Focus's character viewer. Had no idea until this point that this artist was involved. It's a Metroidvania and kind of 'meh', but very nice and cute art


File:2099-07-25-115806-427259.jpg (146.28 KB,960x544)

Touhou Genso Wanderer. It's one of those Japanese mystery dungeon games that are similar to roguelikes in gameplay, but not in penalties


File:2021-05-18-094549-046996.jpg (137.33 KB,960x544)

Omega Labyrinth Z. I have a lot of screenshots for this one heheh


File:FLOWERS 2021-06-28 11-41-1….png (2.79 MB,1920x1966)

I even stitch them!


File:ALCG00B2.BMP (900.05 KB,640x480)

Sometimes. I typically save my screenshots in the game folder, then I forget about it and lose them when something happens.


File:th11_2017-11-06_09-48-04.jpg (213.59 KB,1280x960)

Not really - I barely play PC games, and taking screenshots on the consoles I use is a bit of a pain. Plus there's just not much I'd want to screenshot anyway.


File:Cyberpunk 2077_2021.07.03-….png (3.42 MB,1920x1080)

underwater kitty


File:03.png (1.15 MB,1280x959)

Found my Recettear folder... I should play again sometime.


File:dnplayer_LPfT1iQTFi.png (1.19 MB,1443x811)

CAPITALISM, HO! I always end up stopping after a couple in-game weeks. I think I next time I try I should see if there's a save file online with all true cards or something.
Anyway, here's Last Origin. I took the screenshot to translate on yandex, and it's an event about sweets for something like Valentine's Day. (event replay?)
I'll take some video shots of the gameplay itself soon


File:05.png (141.79 KB,526x306)

>I think I next time I try I should see if there's a save file online with all true cards or something.
Isn't that... cheating?


File:20200710220035_1.jpg (228.21 KB,1024x768)

I had one of those, but then I lost it... And man is getting Arma's true card not fun, the Lapis Ruins are no joke.


I certainly don't think so. Already beat the game a few times and a character that can dash helps alleviate early tedium. Hmm wait, do true card characters carry over their equipment? I wouldn't want that part...


File:save.zip (69.51 KB)

If you want, I have a save from when I went back to the game that includes Nagi's true card.


Also you can just sell off all the equipment and stuff from the save you select to use for NG+ and then use that for NG+ so you don't go in with anything else.


File:2021-07-13 13-32-11.mp4 (1.52 MB,1488x850)

I learned to do some cropping OBS, but haven't yet figured out how to cancel out the blank space...
Anyway, I was impressed by Last Origin's Live2D/tweening/whatever animation.
Here's one of the units that isn't a cute or sexy girl


File:2021-07-13 13-39-45.mp4 (2.65 MB,1488x850)

Although, this particular robot does have a slutty girl skin


File:OBS.png (296.74 KB,1079x756)

>but haven't yet figured out how to cancel out the blank space...
Go into the settings and check Video, then you can change the Base Resolution to whatever you need it to be. I typically take a screenshot and then find out the window resolution by cropping it to the window border.


File:2021-07-28 01-05-24-1.mp4 (13.36 MB,1384x778)

Powerleveling some girls and robots in Last Origin. This was definitely a stage made for this kind of thing.
Man, Triana (blue-haired girl) is so cute

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