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The internet is a vast place. Yet because of how expansive the net is I've found finding specific content becomes difficult. How does /qa/ find what they want while surfing the web?


Have simpler wants honestly and you'll seek out better things.


I have a list of sites I use for specific queries, like anidb/mal for anime, discogs for music, and archwiki for computer things; and for one off queries I use duckduckgo most of the time and yandex/saucenao for images.

I also tried running a searx instance at some point but it was too slow and I never bothered to configure it properly.


I have low expectations or else I couldn't explain the use of my time.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy M….jpg (337.5 KB,1920x1080)

You can find interesting stuff if you explore google searches more than just clicking one of the top answers. Searching by image and looking around is also very lucrative and it's how I've found a few sites I've shared with kissu.
Allow me to demonstrate:


File:waterfox_zGUTXr6QE4.png (888.24 KB,1269x770)

Let's search for kissu on google and then navigate to images.
Jebel Kissu? What the hell is that?


File:waterfox_FWYYDQhyiN.png (1.25 MB,1217x829)


File:waterfox_CzaRWeKe7i.jpg (322.57 KB,1190x767)

I went to the main page of this over-view place

>Overview uses satellite and aerial imagery to demonstrate how human activity and natural forces shape our Earth. This perspective provides a powerful look at the planet where we live and the civilization we are creating. Through our daily posts, products, and collaborations we aim to inspire the Overview Effect.

Seems like a cool website and I only know of it now because I searched for kissu and explored the results


high quality post coming through
i want to paizuri that lady

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