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File:Tropical_Rouge_Precure_ED2.mp4 (32.17 MB,1280x720)


Are you ready to accept your CG overlords yet?


CG will never ever look good and will always turn me off from watching.


File:3d499010-3588-4e7b-8cdc-34….jpg (185.67 KB,1154x649)

It's getting there, but still not ideal. The issue is that the Japanese use some sort of weird framerate for their CG and it always looks off to me. It can look great in video games (like Tales of Vesperia here which was released like 15 years ago) but the frame rate in pre-recorded media is just odd.
It's less noticeable in Precure, though, probably why it looks good.


It's not the framerate, it's just the way it moves. Anime uses this super pose-y style of animation with strong keys and minimal inbetweens that was developed for cheap TV productions. It looks good in 2D, but in 3D it looks jerky and unnatural.


I don't think Precure uses a weird framerate for their CG, which makes it look good. That's also probably why when they do their CG in the ED it's all CG, so nothing looks out of place. Haven't seen them try and mix the two yet.


Cure Lamer has such an old-fashioned looking hairstyle.


3dcg has improved to the point that i dont mind it anymore as long as it makes sense why they wouldnt just draw it
this and love live nijigasaki are really highlighting the future of 3dcg
new cure endings sucks btw first one was way better


I used to hate it but they made some progress and I got past that by dint of jo while playing koikatsu. can't say it feels the same though, and it still looks somewhat jarring when it's not 100% CG


I dunno, seems like only a couple studios know how to do actual good CG while the rest look like the same monstrosities as a decade ago.



Imagine if they made something of this quality again with their now perfect CG


Meh. It looks good in spite of the animation, not because of it. They have great models, texturing, rendering, etc. but the motion itself still looks clumsy.


This is basically CG anime isn't it?

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