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File:[MiG_MuX] PriPara - 122 [B….jpg (856.34 KB,1920x1080)


How many internet arguments have you won in your life?


File:Screenshot_20210619-050552….jpg (143.71 KB,1137x335)

Food for thought: you win 100% of the internet arguments you don't partake in.


File:duty_calls.png (13.77 KB,300x330)

But how's that supposed to help if you see someone being wrong on the internet...


One, I was quite shocked when it happened.


All of them. Everyone always picks their own winner, and I pick me.


I disagree


That's pretty amazing, hard to ever get someone to concede on the internet.


Acceptable answers range from 0 to 2, depending on age and body weight. If you answered any higher then you're a fucking liar.


I haven't argued anyone in a long time. I believe we live in a post-truth era.


File:44847a2b7e572b26f7746e5469….jpg (870.84 KB,1200x1500)

I don't think I've won very many, but mostly because the other guy was impossible to convince and not because I ceded anything. Such is life on the internet.
It's nice when you have solid evidence to prove something, though, and I guess that's the only argument I should ever join. Alas, human emotion is a strange thing and we make bad decisions because of them. At least I'm good at generally avoiding the 95% of the internet that is centered on outrage and anger these days


File:1402872339955.jpg (21.32 KB,230x316)

Someone must be winning because I keep losing.

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