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Nen Refugee Thread Please be kind and welcoming to nen friends!

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Have you been working on anything? Art, programming, etc.
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File:aharen28hqreal.png (2.29 MB,1920x1080)

Not sure if this fits in this thread but I evaluated how feasible NVENC is for anime encoding. I found some quality benchmark results suggesting that NVENC can perform better than software encoders but none of them use anime content, so I did a micro benchmark myself.
I selected 2 1-minute segments from an episode of Aharen-san for evaluation, one is bright and low motion, another is dark with high motion to evaluate typical scenarios. They were encoded by several encoders (x264 slower preset, x265 slow preset, NVENC AVC, NVENC HEVC) at different bitrates (CRF from 17 to 28), and the result videos were tested for PSNR, SSIM, and VMAF scores.
My result showed that for both videos, the quality ranking are:
VMAF: x265 > x264 > NVENC HEVC >= NVENC AVC (the margin is narrower for the bright and low motion video)

So the result showed that NVENC HEVC is on par with x264 at best, although it's 5x faster on my computer. For NVENC, using 2-pass ABR instead of QP slightly increases the VMAF score, but it doesn't change the ranking and quality decreases when bitrate is too low.


File:rationals-cover-colored.png (7.73 KB,1152x1152)

To show that the rational numbers in (0, 1) take up 0% of the length of (0, 1) according to the Lebesgue measure, you need to be able to construct a sequence of open intervals with arbitrarily small total length containing all rational numbers in (0, 1). A simple and common way to do this is to make the rational numbers in (0, 1) into a sequence and take ε/2ⁿ around each rational in the sequence. Some of these intervals overlap, making it more difficult to figure out what the total covered length is. That's not really a problem; all that's needed for the proof is the upper bound on the length. But I wanted to figure out a way of doing it where I could calculate the actual total length covered by the intervals. This is what I came up with.

Start with the open interval (0, 1) and n = 2. Take the outer 1/n² of the interval, 1/(2n²) from each side, including the boundary points between the taken and untaken parts. Split the remaining interval into n²-1 parts and take the boundary points between the parts. In each of the n²-1 remaining parts, repeat the process with n increased by 1. Continue to infinity, and the set of points you have taken will be a union of disjoint open intervals which contains all the rational numbers in (0, 1) and has a total length of 1/2. If you start with an n other than 2, you get 1/n of (0, 1), but still get all the rational numbers.


there isn't a single part of this I understand.


File:Screenshot 2022-05-23 1448….png (143.48 KB,638x760)

Slowly learning to 3D model.

I present a "human". They're more stick figure than human at the moment.


Huh, are you following a guide or something? What method are you using to build? Looks like you're going polygon by polygon?


File:Screenshot 2022-05-23 2030….png (166.49 KB,731x773)

Yep. I'm slowly following a tutorial. I wouldn't say I'm going polygon by polygon. More like, gradually shaping things out by moving and scaling vertices, and then adding more detail by creating additional edge loops. Where limbs and feet need to be added, they're extruded out from a set of vertices.

This is the tutorial series:

I've had to go a bit off script because they're working on creating a female body whereas I want to make a male one. I think I'm coming along okay so far.


File:05 Understanding Topology-….mp4 (25.21 MB,720x480)

Holy crap, 200k views. I forgot VR Chat was so popular. I really need to get into that so I can sell stuff to fellow perverts.

I'd probably go for a tutorial from a more traditional artist instead of a VR Chat person. I'd volunteer to share some tutorial videos, but just this one blender course from a private tracker is 40gb......
I'm much more of a sculpting person, I hate moving verts around like that, but there's no escaping it if you're doing extreme low poly stuff like that. Have you tried messing around in Sculpt mode? Blender's isn't the best, but it's pretty damn good.

Testing if I can upload this quality-destroyed and rescaled video. I'll probably delete it in a few weeks if I can since it's pretty big.


You'll notice the number of views drops off pretty rapidly as people realize that stuff is beyond their ability... The next part has 78K, then 44K, then 26K...

>there's no escaping it if you're doing extreme low poly stuff like that.
That's sort of one of the issues with VRChat, it's not necessarily that I'm planning on making something low poly -- I'll add more detail as I go along, and do some smoothing -- but when it comes to avatars, it's best that they're optimized and don't have an excessive number of polygons. A lot of people have insanely detailed avatars with more than 100K polygons, multiple outfits, heavy shaders, dozens of dynamic bones for hair or tails, and an over all size nearing 200MB! For Oculus Quest compatible avatars, for instance, there is a hard limit of 20K polygons, and a limit on dynamic bones, predefined shaders, and a recommendation of only one material. Needless to say, although I'd like to eventually end up with something with a fair amount of detail, I'd rather not fall down the trap of creating something insanely unoptimized either. I'd like other people to see me after all.

>Have you tried messing around in Sculpt mode?
I haven't... I'm not very good at those sorts of more artistic detail work stuff. I have a Wacom tablet which might be helpful but it's mostly gathering dust when it comes to this... I suppose I can imagine details, but it's hard to transfer that to reality, at least for someone at a beginner level like me. Likewise, the whole not wanting to create a million polygons because I want something a bit more round or whatnot applies again, I think.


>100K polygons, multiple outfits, heavy shaders, dozens of dynamic bones for hair or tails, and an over all size nearing 200MB!
Wow, 200MB for an avatar. Yeah, that's absurd.
How does VR Chat handle this? Do you get a window to consent to downloading so much bloat? Are there rooms/worlds that bar that stuff? Most of what I've seen seems to be anime-style and furry stuff and detail really isn't needed there, but the people are probably running around with 4k or even 8k texture maps for hands and other stupid stuff. Optimization really isn't a taught skill unfortunately and you see it fairly often in modding, too.

Sculpting is something you can put off since you're dealing with such basic shapes, but it's also really fun to mess around with. Well, if you enjoy that kind of thing. I love it, personally, but there's also people that hate it and prefer moving verts around or typing coordinates in.


>How does VR Chat handle this?
Poorly. Due to there being no hard limits really being enforced as to how optimized avatars are, even with high end graphics cards, VRChat basically runs at 40 FPS in VR. Likewise, because of these avatar loads, VRChat caches worlds and avatars, so after a few days, you can pretty easily fill up 15GB just from avatars and worlds.

>Do you get a window to consent to downloading so much bloat?
Thankfully, yes. There's varying levels of granularity in the safety settings, which allow toggling animations, shaders, SFX, etc. per user "trust level" (somewhat arbitrary measure based on a combination of playtime, uploaded content, friends, etc.). There's also global settings for setting the maximum avatar size to download, as well as the minimum optimization level of avatar to download (optimization level is kind of useless since most avatars rank as "poor"). As a result, if an avatar wouldn't load because of your safety settings or otherwise, the person would turn into a default robot avatar, but they've recently added "fallback avatars" which are essentially meant to be highly optimized avatars to load when the main avatar cannot.

If it wasn't already clear, VRChat is basically a complete mess when it comes to avatar detail levels is basically the wild west with zero rules enforced about them other than the ground rules about not having NSFW avatars in public worlds, and not having intentionally malicious avatars, such as ones with shaders that distort the views of other people, or fill peoples screens. On the one hand, it's very liberating, but on the other it means a lot of duplication of work because of these VERY, VERY loose suggestions rather than rules.


File:Screenshot 2022-05-24 0006….png (953.3 KB,1919x1018)

Hands... Noticing thumb looks a little short, and maybe a bit too far from the palm. Finger width is all over the place... Index finger looks good, but the rest are kind of a charity case. Pinky finger looks very silly.


File:Screenshot 2022-05-24 0033….png (371.06 KB,824x748)

This is basically a hand. Could use some more tweaking though.


If you're looking to improve whether it's drawing or modelling one thing that's the best to learn is anatomy.


Yeah, probably. Anatomy is one of those things you can tell is subtly off, but is hard to really pin down without use of various references I suppose. I'm having a slightly difficult time simply because I'm not sure where is best to look. I think I've gotten the broad strokes of the hands down, but now that I'm looking to refine my body, I'm noticing it looks slightly off. I'm having a bit of trouble finding male reference images that aren't absolutely jacked monsters compared to the more slim and average physique I'm trying to go for.


File:tumblr_o98nqnSmqh1s4dx9ko1….png (201.81 KB,1200x1255)


File:Screenshot 2022-05-24 1529….png (590.26 KB,1600x1153)

Thank you for the anatomy references. Upon reflection, though, more realistic body types are incredibly uncute. Just phenomenally not nice to look at. Like really, really not what I want at all.

I suppose this might end up being a first attempt for learning, but without anything usable, unfortunately. I did however, save along the way so I'll see about working my earlier body into something more aesthetic and less... uh... masculine.


Oh, be glad you haven't seen the 3D models with all the various skeleton and muscle systems and veins and stuff. Yeah, it's definitely not cute.
It does help a lot to know where the muscles are and how stuff flows, though. Also, to know what is uncute also helps you know what is cute, since you can see it as a lack of the uncute stuff.
The disappointing thing about learning 3D modeling is when you learn that there's no English tutorials from experts or experienced people in making pretty or cute things. It's all monsters and gore and gross stuff because the people work in Hollywood or Western video games and it's all about the violence and monsters.
It might be changing slowly because of stuff like VR Chat, but not at any reasonable speed.


File:Screenshot 2022-05-27 0157….png (368.99 KB,776x815)

I've progressed a little bit since last time I posted. Still struggling a bit with cuteness vs realism, but I think I'm mostly at a place where I'm fairly happy with how things look. I haven't gotten particularly far so I'm still at a point where I'm at liberty to move stuff around if I don't like it.

Slight uncanny kigurumi feel, but hopefully that fades with shading, texture work, and proper hair instead of being a baldy.


If you ever want to put your things into a 3D game engine to do things then give me the "plot" and I'll do it. I'm trained as a gaym programmer and it would take me like a few hours or less to do it.

Typically just pulling or buying assets from https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/sharp-rock-10-91909721747b46679ee641bb1ffe2ee1
and watching Unity graphics tutorials
Skeleton 2d/3d rigging


File:2022-05-27 01-38-11-1.mp4 (2.91 MB,1280x720)

Heh, you gave him (her?) pants already?
Well, I got my tablet's cable yesterday and started messing with it. Man, it's hard to get used to, but at the same time it already feels natural.
I should probably get back to messing around with Elden Ring stuff and maybe finally release a mod, but this is fun. Pressure sensitivity doesn't matter much at this early stage of the body, but the positioning and accuracy is really nice.
Kinda weird timing with two people here working on 3D bodies with two vastly different workflows.

Yeah, I don't know really know what I'll do with my 3D stuff, I'd like to start making money from it after messing with things for a decade. The western porn game market is such a low bar that it's at ground level, but furry and Japanese-style models in VR stuff also sell for a pretty penny.


Make a futa model, make it one of those easy 2D action scrollers. Give me some animations. Split it 30:70


>Heh, you gave him (her?) pants already?
Haha. Yeah, it's mainly just a placeholder texture for now. It doesn't really serve any purpose since I don't plan on doing anything NSFW anyways and it'll be covered up with clothes. VR ERP... That's way way way too weird.


File:73f445f1b021b80507fdc6ee2f….png (1.46 MB,1024x1024)

Found out about "JXL art" which is what you get when you configure JPEG XL's prediction method by hand and then generate a small file where all the differences from the predicted pixels are set to zero.

Pic related is one of them converted to PNG. As a .jxl file it was 49 bytes. Here it is as a data URI:

I posted some others at
http://z5lcip4dafatwwa6hvyibizpzwycvwp67cjga3hzjhxhwvuyaqavxnid.onion/tech/1147 / http://l7jqnz3yfe2wtwietafoieadmgqbu7dcmzmey63ktbjtxal3he4a.b32.i2p/tech/1147

There's some stuff other people have done here, a lot of it more impressive:


File:ZBrush_ZzSSN9cwt2.png (175.39 KB,577x1038)

Man, feet are hard. I'm not looking forward to hands.

I'm a long ways off from doing something like that. Yeah, there's premade assets and stuff but you still need to assemble them all in the world.
I just know basic female fantasy body stuff, not environments and animation. Well, I know weighting which is part of animation, but haven't built rigs before, just tinkered with pre-existing ones.


File:C-1654015640010.png (515.03 KB,881x416)

scrapping up some cover art for those tracks Ive got in my pipeline.


File:ZBrush_WfFgbdkhVs.png (245.31 KB,791x1181)

Never sculpted a foot in my life and this took forever. But, I can't get bogged down in one body part since this is is a base body that I'll retopologize later on, so I think I'll stop here for now.
I used a bunch of 2D images as references, which probably made it a lot more complicated. I'm also not a foot guy so I don't know what's attractive, but it seems like rounded shapes were the way to go since that's how it works for every other part of the body that people find feminine and attractive.
Also, like 99% of 2D feet images are from the bottom so the top is a bit of a mystery. I'll have to figure that out later, but it seems pretty rounded and plain so I don't think it'll be much work.


>rounded shape
I like foot fingers that look more like hand fingers more than round ones.


Apparently pointy heels are what they want, that's what I have heard.


If you have examples could you post them in >>>/ec/4410 please? Or reply to the ones already there that have what you mean


Hm, long and slender ones that aren't too round at the tip:
and not short and very round ones like:


Do NOT listen to any of these NASTY TROLLS please >>90764




I have been unfailingly polite.


File:Screenshot 2022-06-04 2240….png (195.67 KB,576x835)

Found a really nice chibi avatar that I figured would be relatively easy to just elongate the arm, legs, and torso and make into an avatar with normal proportions. I'm moderately happy with the over all look and minor edits I've made, but the torso is now fairly stretched and the arms are really screwed up with each arm being a slightly different length and the bones being different lengths... I though I could just be clever and delete the opposite arm and it's bones and then mirror and symmetrize, but nope. blender doesn't approve because the arm I wanted to mirror has shape keys.

How tiring.


File:e5c8ff6d-9672-417f-8107-fc….jpg (194.05 KB,1024x1024)


File:Screenshot (172).png (1.31 MB,1723x957)

Fixed up my arms, but it would seem like I need to adjust the proportions of everything to get everything working correct to use as an avatar. Right was before adjusting proportions, notably my real arms are way higher than my avatar's arms. Left is with the torso stretched even more, and the head, neck, and arms raised, which seems to have fixed it, but now the bottom half of the torso is a bit too high and the legs need adjusting. I'm pretty sure I know how to do all that.

One thing I'm really not sure how to do properly however is getting a transparent scanline effect across the monitor face. You can see it there on the eyes on the left, but that's just from applying a texture to the eyes, which does work, but it has problems. Notably, the eye blendshapes deform the eyes into various shapes (e.g. =3 -> X3, @[email protected], >w<), so that scanline texture gets stretched and squished and doesn't look right. I was thinking maybe I could create a plane and put it just over the face and that would be fine, but it kinda seems like it wouldn't work like that. The scanline texture gets all messed up from the alpha channel somehow. Instead of it just being a line, it's got these sort of scaling artefacts with what looks like a black layer underneath the a blurry scaled version of the gray scanline line, but with regular transparency surrounding it. It's like when you have a layer with transparency with another layer behind it, and then you merge it with the layer below that, and then color select the background and delete it but you're left with this sort of messy edge where the layer that had some transparent colored pixels were.

I just want to have normal looking lines so that I can apply that across the face so every expression has proper looking scanlines... Maybe someone knows how to fix that?

My only other issue is that I think somewhere along the line something I did kinda nuked my expression controller for VRChat, because although my blendshapes and visemes are intact, my actual expression controllers in Unity are completely borked and missing all of the things for how you control expressions. Even the VRChat SDK seems kinda broken. The examples which should normally contain example expression controllers are missing everything related to expressions and attempting to copy in the controller from a separate Unity project did show the animations, but it was missing the hand gesture part. I even went to check that project by itself and now it seems it's gesture are also broken. What the HECK. Anyways, I think the gesture thing being broken is mainly because of the CATS Blender plugin. For whatever reason it decided to combine a bunch of my bones, which has been the source of many of my problems thus far. I tried recreating my finger bones, but to no effect. I think I might need to rename them to the finger bone naming the avatar originally had, but I don't see why that would make everything suddenly appear in Unity, but I'm kinda grasping at straws and just want my expressions to work and I really don't want to have to re-edit the original model from scratch again...


>I just want to have normal looking lines so that I can apply that across the face so every expression has proper looking scanlines... Maybe someone knows how to fix that?

I think I might be the only other 3D guy here and I have no idea.
I'm guessing a "blendshape" is when the vertices move around to different locations to change the shape of the mesh? I think blender calls them shape keys. I don't understand why it would mess up the texture like that, maybe look at the rendering and texture maps. That stuff gives me a headache, though, I've purposely avoided learning any rendering stuff because it's like looking at a spreadsheet.


>I don't understand why it would mess up the texture like that
It's because the mesh gets deformed. I guess you could think about it like a having a rectangle with 6 vertices and the texture is lines going across it. If the top corner vertices get moved down, the lines will become like an triangle rather than staying horizontal.

I still think that somehow applying a texture to a plane would work I just have no idea how to do it properly because I want it to be semitransparent and having lines by using an alpha channel causes problems. I may have to just have like 20 planes stretched into lines to get it to look correct, but if it works that's what matters.


Well, I'm not sure how you're planning to animate it, or if this is something animated at all, but you could always duplicate sets of eyes with their own textures tailored for each shape, and then your "blendshape" thing grows one set of eyes to full size while the others are infinitely small.
I should probably look into how the 2D face texture animations work on 3D one of these days...


File:VRChat_1920x1080_2022-06-0….png (487.2 KB,1920x1080)

Got the shapekey/blendshape things working. This is what I mean by how the texture gets all warped. At this point, I think I'm probably just going to leave it as it is and only change it sometime in the future if I learn enough about how blender and stuff works for how to make it work properly, because this is probably good enough and most people won't notice or care anyways.


File:ZBrush_datFZmZGpd.png (Spoiler Image,756.54 KB,2072x1198)

Oh. Yeah, that looks like a basic texture warping since the mesh itself was warping. I thought you meant something more elaborate was happening since you mentioned alphas and stuff. You can have multiple UV sets on a mesh, but I don't know if that's compatible in Unity/VR Chat and I have no idea how to make them.

Anyway, been working on my model while watching anatomy videos and stuff. Anatomy is so hard, and the hands were not fun. I'm not going for realism, but you still need to follow basic rules or it looks wrong and your subconscious picks up on it.
Model from 2 days ago on the right, model right now on the left. The head is a prebuilt head and I haven't done anything with it, it's just there so I can try to figure out how the head is supposed to work. I don't think the 7-8 head height rule for bodies works for anime-style heads. Do I give it any neck detail at all? What about... BLEH!

I don't think nipple-less 3D model boobs are NSFW, but just in case people are sensitive to it I'll put it behind NSFW


Those hips are NSFW.


File:blender_0Gx2hCfPCb.png (346.39 KB,1184x824)

I am beginning the retopology process, starting with the feet because they're so freaking ANNOYING. GOD I HATE FEET MODELING!!
I can't even tell if this is good or not, so I might have to do it again. Toes don't have a very wide range of motion, though, so it should be fine. I definitely need to flatten the top of these afterwards so the nails can be placed on top.


File:IMG_20220618_083623.jpg (1.22 MB,2560x1440)

now that I played my first 40k game 2 weeks ago with some friends I got motivated to paint my army again. only a few more units until I have 500 points to play my own army next time


They're looking pretty good, don't even see anything that would indicate painting the wrong spot accidentally.


File:IMG_20220618_085240.jpg (1.12 MB,2560x1440)

been having issues with my airbursh, I left it out without cleaning it for a month a while back and its not flowing right even after soaking it in isopropyl alcohol. also had some issues with mephiston read spray primer where it came out really chalky and fucked up on of my big guys.


Cute Sakura


File:krita_X9i1Pd3BDi.png (946.22 KB,2012x1231)

After banging my head against a wall repeatedly I think I got the bottom of the foot topology good enough... maybe.
This was the big headache area, but thanks to my drawing tablet (I love this thing) I was able to plot out stuff... kind of


File:blender_EstNcgdEvI.png (248.41 KB,833x866)

...and this is what it looks like now. God damn, I really, really, really, really HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE feet topology. In hindsight maybe I should have started elsewhere on the body, but at least now I'm back in the hang of getting mental imagery of squares in my short term memory.
I looked at a bunch of 3D models of feet, but they all seem to be done in a relatively rudimentary manner with, understandably, far more focus on the rest of the body. Maybe this is a sign I should make foot fetish art? Wait, for the big bucks I do furry foot fetish 3D art!
No, that won't work because I don't actually know what makes furries or feet attractive. I think the gentle slopes and curves and the spherical shapes seem to be great, it follows the stuff that people find femininely attractive elsewhere on the body. But, the responses earlier show it's not that simple.
If you do want to talk about attractive 2D feet so I can try to understand, try this thread >>>/ec/4410 while posting examples. It's still a bit of a mystery to me.

Oh yeah, and the toes look pretty basic now, I ended up redoing them in a uniform manner and will give them individual sculpting later on.


I made a post in that thread pointing out the feet that are good. >>>/ec/8425
See also this thread: >>>/ec/7648

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