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File:aaaaaaaaa.png (2.14 MB,1181x1102)

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Have you been working on anything? Art, programming, etc.
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File:Screenshot 2024-03-11 1604….png (169.63 KB,846x679)

I'm making a character for my game to replace the fox, though Ironically the reference image I am using is a fox girl. On that subject, finding good reference images was hard, there are a lot of Character sheets on Gelbooru but most are either clothed or don't have a comparable back and side.
My work yesterday was not so good so I had to restart today, but I learned a lot and I am progressing well(I think).


Cool! Yeah, reference images are generally a profession of their own: concept artist. Otherwise you generally use real life people for references, with scans from all sorts of angles and muscle study and anatomy and so on. You're supposed to arrange images in a way that makes sense to you. Generally the thought is before you can make a stylized human you should know a real human. I'm not sure if the Japanese ever do that, though, and maybe that's why their stuff is so different.
I should mess around with that Unreal stuff sometime, but I told myself not to do it until I'm done with my model which I keep procrastinating about...


File:Character Sheet 001.png (Spoiler Image,3.26 MB,5300x2905)

>concept artist
I suppose their is that as well, somebody somewhere else said that all 3d artists use a 2d artist's image to make their own 3d work, but I don't know how true that is.

I don't really mean references like that though, I mean character sheets. This is the one I am using for example(spoilered because it's lewd). I could only find two that had what I wanted.

I guess studying human anatomy would help. Particularly sense I am still not sure what art style I want my game to be in. I like anime art style but a more realistic style would fit the game better, I would ideally want something like Dead or Alive but that's way in the future when I get better.


File:Screenshot 2024-03-12 2156….png (281.91 KB,944x1111)

That's the head and the feet done, I spent much more effort on the feet than I should have and I still have the hair and eyes and such to do on the head, but I'll do the hands first.


they look better than the other 3D feet


File:Screenshot 2024-03-13 2354….png (171.23 KB,807x854)

I finished than hands, redid the head, added toenails to the feet, polished up some more details and added a subsurface modifier. That hands aren't great, I will have to do something about that.


I meant subdivision modifier not subsurface modifier.


I showed it to my mum and she said the breasts look weird.


now that my vision is not obscured by all those black dots i no longer think the feet look better than the other feet. toes have a messed up teardrop shape and there are big toe gaps. the relative sizes of the toes are alright i think....


File:Foot 001.png (5.55 MB,5224x4448)

I agree, I'm going to go back and thicken the toes, I might try to angle them down more as well at them movement they are inline with the foot so don;t contact the ground, but I'm not sure anybody would notice that, though maybe they would.
This is the image I used for reference for the toes and general shape from the bottom.


File:Screenshot 2024-03-14 1622….png (130.31 KB,1606x900)

It's something to do with adding a subdivision, it slims things down a bit as it makes more surfaces and that effected the toes to a reasonable degree.


those low poly toes are kinda cute


I am currently working on an anonymous git instance that I will integrate with a torrent tracker and imageboard (and in time other stuff).

Users will be randomly assigned username from preexisting list of names. Users must be invited by existing user. Users must log-in to access everything behind what I'm calling web 1.0 wall (fake webpage). Once logged in all interaction with other users will be totally anonymous of pseudonymous (using assigned name). The hope is this will prevent people from bringing existing identity into the community and the fake web 1.0 wall will prevent discovery of the community by the wider internet.

I'm also trying to finish the IPFS. But the code is pretty bad so I haven't been able to yank out their crytpocoin scam yet without breaking access to existing files on the network. I've also been unable to get deduplication on Windows clients/server working correctly. It seems to work on *nix but not that well.


You wouldn't lick a girl's polygons.


File:Screenshot 2024-03-15 1940….png (146.02 KB,1048x862)

I added eyes and hair, but the back of the hair isn't great and I have to do something about that. I still have not fixed the feet or the hands either.


File:Screenshot 2024-03-17 0055….png (Spoiler Image,2.52 MB,1648x1043)

I uses the sculpting tool on her body a bit, added coloring too her rigged a skeleton to her, made an idle, walk and run animation and exported that to Unreal and did all the things needed to set that up.
So now she is in my game and can walk and run. Imaged is spoiled as she is NSFW now.

The character is not great nor are the animations, lots of work needs to be done but I succeeded in both making a character, making animations for that character, adding that into Unreal and getting it to work.


aren't her hands too short
the wrists are supposed to be at the same level as crotch if i remember correctly
can't be assed standing up to check...


File:screencap-240316-142642.mp4 (5.31 MB,1600x900)

made a linux framebuffer backend for my gui programs so now they work without any window server
definitely the simplest way to draw pixels to screen so far


it's his first thingimajig. Wouldn't be concerned with anything more than completing a project


File:Screenshot_20240316_205600.png (368.88 KB,1920x1080)

How did you do this exactly? I wanted something similar in the past and ended up using some X11 hacks like override-redirect, and then a fullscreen window with mouse passthrough and continuously updating what area of the window is clickable.


framebuffer would mean like.. he's rendering a window on top of the window


File:e76a63b0c4b1dee9eea7e3242….jpeg (484.89 KB,1700x2400)

if you want to do what you said in x11, there is the xshape extension exactly for that
in my video there are no windows at all and all programs (including the linux console) render to an area of the screen directly, so any rendering overwrites whatever is on the screen previously even for contents from other programs


Looks like she's tensing her shoulders quite a bit

You also have the classic problem with the breasts; the nipples should not be pointing straight ahead, but away from the torso in an angle.

Otherwise, great work! You got farther than I ever did


File:Screenshot 2024-03-17 1141….png (Spoiler Image,631.84 KB,931x860)

The two are related, getting the shoulder right is tricky. as you can see here her right arm which has not been rotated is fine.

I did try to move them apart a bit but because I started with two half spheres for breasts the nipples were just the apex of that and so moving the apex to be inline with my reference image would have distorted it a lot. But yes, it certainly is something that needs to be done in the future.


File:1710242971504.png (242.1 KB,944x1111)

You're basically running into the thing I did when I started out (and probably what most people in this niche do) and that's using 2D images as a direct reference instead of learning anatomy. 2D generally looks horrendous when it's not 2D because it doesn't make sense in 3D space.
Tamamo's breasts here >>121397 don't really form a coherent shape if you compare the front and side views.

Anyway, the thing with breasts is that they start from the shoulders. Above the pink line in this image this girl looks exactly the same as someone that's completely flat, and that's the main problem. Even if you ignore the anatomy issue, for purposes of animation they should start way higher than they do there because that's where their movement needs to start.

In the left part of this image is the side view of the breasts. The top of breasts are a straight line when seen from the side and the perkiness determines the angle of that straight line. From the front, breasts form two 6's and the ligaments extend up and to the shoulders and armpits.
Anatomy is fun!


File:Screenshot 2024-03-17 1847….png (Spoiler Image,343.97 KB,1467x1008)

The reference image was not the issue really, it was the method of construction that I used for the breasts, being that they were two half circles, but I did get them to angle down like that, it's just not noticeable from the angles I posted.


Any reason why you'd want to remove windows?


File:baf8b79323a78608c373ba9881….png (2.11 MB,2156x3541)

it's not really about "removing" because in the framebuffer backend there is no window system in the first place
but because of the abstraction used by my gui system, the program code doesn't know about this fact and still thinks it's in a window even though there isn't any


File:tumblr_p2j2d3MeYd1vgzd4so5….gif (2.94 MB,367x358)

Chino-anon, I've been using your software and I really enjoy it, especially the booru browser and the youtube client. I have a question about ikatube though, I know you can make custom themes for it, but how would one go and do such? I'm not seeing a json file for themeing inside of the folder directory. I was looking for the template for the other themes too but I couldn't find them.


Where can I get Chino-anon's software?


File:ikamp.png (511.97 KB,696x1095)

>>111607 >>118027
Great work! Cute set of tools
ikachan is a great little booru browser. While it's nice that it lists tags alphabetically, as far as I could see it unfortunately omits the tag categories like Artist, Character, and Copyright (the first and most useful (imo) things I look for when browsing Danbooru, for example). Just a small thing, though, all the info is still there. That aside, it's quite a functional and convenient tool~

I got ikatube to browse, but somehow couldn't get it to play. It's probably because I didn't use ikafb+pwm-xft. I've ZERO confidence that I can use ikafb and not bork my system lol

ikamp is great! This is something I'll be keeping for sure. Played with the config a bit and it looks nice. The new borderless option looks good. I likely don't have whatever compositor (probably ikafb+pwm-xft) is needed to draw border around the window, but nothing wrong with rectangles! haha

Thanks for these, Chino-chan ^-^


Linked in the replies of the comment I made just before seeing yours. For ease, it's https://chino-chan.gitlab.io/programs


File:65d322106adc01cb20abedc101….jpg (1.6 MB,2100x1200)

It could be this, but make sure mpv (or vlc) is properly configured in your $PATH too. That's the problem I had on my machine when first configuring the program.


File:spectrogram.mp4 (819.18 KB,450x450)

just released a new version of ikamp with spectrogram support!

for ikatube you can use the same theme file included with the ikachan distribution (ikachan_colortheme_bocchi.json), you can use that as a template
i actually have worked on a gui theme editor for my programs, so you can use it once it is released, just need some polish
>as far as I could see it unfortunately omits the tag categories like Artist, Character, and Copyright
this is unfortunately a limitation of some other boorus ikachan supports, like gelbooru, so they're not always available
>I got ikatube to browse, but somehow couldn't get it to play.
do you have mpv in your path? it should work with that
>I likely don't have whatever compositor (probably ikafb+pwm-xft) is needed to draw border around the window
are you using the native wayland version? window border is not supported on gnome in this case


File:67e33801220f716efe3a3125cd….jpg (982.87 KB,1000x1414)

ikafb is a library that my programs use to draw ui and is already bundled in, and pwm-xft is an old window manager that i used previously
so they should'nt have any effect on the operation of the ika* programs


File:ikamp-fft.webm (136.4 KB,619x616)

Wonderful. Looks great, thanks for that ikamp update! I got the spectrogram working on my end and did some other small tweaks in the UI file to make it look pretty without being too cluttered. Took a while, but I finally understand how to use it properly now.

>>123011 >>123014
I actually figured out what my issue with ikatube was. It was in the .json file where I overlooked the default program was mpv! My $PATH was all correct, but ikatube was looking for a program that just wasn't there. I've used VLC exclusively for everything for the past 15+ years. I didn't even consider that it'd default to another program that I've never used haha
I usually use FreeTube on desktop and NewPipe on Android since they're privacy-focused YT front-ends, but this one works fine now. Nice to have some more fun tools~


File:0314460413.png (55.58 KB,521x354)

>>123020 >>123012 >>123014
I also forgot to mention that I'm on GNOME yep. I got a new laptop recently and can't be arsed to do any ricing lol. Pop!_OS does exactly what I need for daily tasks and it's been good for many years ^^


File:zoom.png (1.83 MB,1782x1050)

added zoom mode and an image toolbar to my booru viewer


I have been meaning to make a database of Scottish computer science exam questions tagged by topic to make my tutoring job easier, but I haven't found the energy.


File:mpv-shot0237.jpg (166.51 KB,1280x720)

Thanks for the useful programs, I've been using ikatube+RSS as a youtube alternative for a long time. Is there any way to display all the site content when viewing gelbooru in ikachan?


>all the site content
do you mean displaying contents from all booru sites at once or something else?


File:gelb.png (7.98 KB,240x159)

displaying tags that are hidden by default like loli and some others


ikachan already displays all contents on gelbooru by default


File:cd9e69e52498ee9e9a70ae462f….jpg (91.51 KB,650x541)

you're right, i guess something wasn't working on my end. clearing the cache solved it


File:scrolltext.mp4 (1.35 MB,600x600)

just added scrolling text support


You have very good taste in aesthetics!


File:50 Questions D, Borders-Sm….png (320.92 KB,5100x6600)

Was doing some studying and went to do some practice exams, and I was struck by the lack of quality multiple choice printables. I ended up spending the afternoon making a bunch of scantron bootlegs... (´・ω・`)


File:Bootleg Scantrons.zip (12.51 MB)

I made them in 50, 100, 150, and 200 question variants, alongside side bordered and non-bordered versions (borders around every 10 questions to improve readability). There's also a few arrangement variants of the 50 question version.

Maybe some studious Kissu fren will find them useful.


File:shes_middle_aged_like_me.png (499.08 KB,626x1092)

I've been working on a modernized version of virtualdub. Basically, a front-end for ffmpeg and vapoursynth/avisynth scripts along with built-in capture card support and importing of various digital audio formats (BD rips, DVD rips, LD rips, digitized tape and so on). I started working on this because I've been incredibly frustrated by all the random tools I've needed to use over the years. Many of which are still Windows/NT-only. Capturing analog sources is very frustrating because they haven't made a proper capture card in 20+ years now and most of the tools to control the proper ones are Windows XP-era software. Most of this stuff doesn't work correctly in wine either.

ffmpeg along with the various codecs can do a lot of this stuff from a CLI. But it's a maze of options and the documentation for a lot of edge cases isn't that great. If you haven't been using these tools and scripts for 25+ years it's almost impossible to get started. You have to spend weeks crawling through old forums and mailing lists to learn anything and you have to stop mid-project often to spend hours reading the documentation.

There really isn't a proper GUI application for this stuff either. There are a lot of GUI options for editing video provided it's already in a format you want. But taking an old NTSC/PAL source from analog or digital and cleaning it up + producing a good encode (either lossless or lossy) for distro is a huge pain in the ass.

I thought it would be pretty simple to do this considering ffmpeg can do most of it by itself provided you know your way around. But the options for cross-platform GUI applications is still kind of awful. I've ended up using C++ and Qt to do the GUI stuff. I didn't really see another way if I wanted support for the 3 major platforms people use on workstations. While I'm primarily making this for Linux/UNIX I really wanted to retain Windows and Mac OS support because I know a lot of people still use those for video work.

Anyway, I'm calling this a "Video Mastering Application". Aside from the GUI itself the most important things about it boil down to;

- A package manager to manage all the various Vapoursynth/Avisynth filters along with the various codecs needed to do anything
- A new file format to store "projects" to store all the meta data and misc. stuff associated with each mastering project. Basically, a renamed .mkv file with an extra attachment that stores the meta data
- A list of presets/targets to export projects into different formats (e.g. Youtube, BluRay, DVD, lossless "master")

This has been taking away a lot of time from my own backlog of video projects. But in time I hope it will save me a lot of work in the future. Having a GUI for a lot of the things I do would be very helpful. Along with being able to do some tasks on Linux that still require wine/Windows box.

In time I hope to grow it into either multiple small applications (a proper suite) or integrate tasks that are spread over many small applications now into the main mastering application. One example is IVTC. I often have to manually reverse telecine a bad source into true progressive video. It's a huge pain in the ass and both of the applications that try to provide a GUI to *synth scripting for this task have terrible documentation and frankly terrible GUI interface. It would be nice to finally have a proper application for that.

In the long term I'm hopeful that if this catches on professional studios might start using it. Which would mean less kuso sources in the future. Since tons of stuff has been lost over the years and the only source for such things now is a badly done mastering decades ago on rotting discs or analog tapes. Pretty much all Japanese content is on such tapes _if you're lucky_. A lot of studios burned them long ago. So the only sources remaining are second-third generation copies of those tapes that were badly converted over to consumer VHS or DVD.


I forgot to mention that one of the main things I'm hoping to eventually do is provide a seamless client to server interface. Basically, you can send off projects to a powerful encoding server that would spit out finished encodes in various formats. In other words; batch processing.

Right now the situation is you have to track down a bunch of stuff manually. The existing repos are a bit garbage. No one has properly collected all that stuff together and documented.

The core of this project is basically an IDE for video editing/scripting. In time I'll provide a GUI for common filters and an easy way for other people to do the same through python scripting. When I started this was basically a text editor with syntax highlighting + mpv to display the results in real time. Then I moved on to providing a GUI for ffmpeg and the codecs it supports.

So instead of loading a .VOB in one application. Splitting out chunks of it. Saving that as its own file. Importing it into my script. Editing it in another application. Saving the script. Opening that in ffmpeg and having it spit out an h.264/265/whatever encode. Which I open in yet another application for muxing. While doing a similar process separately for each audio track. Then another round of editing for subtitles in yet another application. Then muxing it all together. Then testing in mpv. I do most/all of it from one application.

As I said before ultimately my goal is to provide an all-in-one solution to mastering video and audio. With the recent changes in the Linux landscape like pipewire this is finally becoming possible without many hours of configuration to each individual system. Linux finally got something akin to Video for Windows in the last couple of years. So it's ready to take on the role Windows has been required to use for decades now. An application like this is badly needed for both sides of video before and after the editing step. Meaning it would be useful for making clean video to work with from traditional sources (IVTC/color correction/deblocking/lots of other common errors) and the final step before distro (encoding into different formats for distro/creating a true lossless master to store the video long term).

There are a lot of great applications for editing video already. But no one has really bothered to make an application for producing good sources to use within such applications. They all pale in comparison to the filtering you can do with the *synth scripting. I've noticed most "professionals" don't even bother with cleaning up video proper. Since the tools they use for editing are so badly lacking proper filtering.

I think if I work at this hard enough over the next year or so I might be able to turn it into a full time job. I plan to release it for free. But I feel like people would happily donate for something like this. I see so many people requesting fixes and features for applications like MeGUI, Staxrip, Vdub and things like DGIndex all of the time. Most of those haven't been touched in years now.

I'm kind of amazed that we're halfway through the 2020s and most of the serious video work is still being done in 20-35+ year old software. When I said "XP era" software before I was wrong. A lot of this stuff is Windows 98-era software. A lot of it is still 32-bit only!

It's a pipe dream. But if I had the money I'd love to make something like a modern Amiga system. Where my own Linux distro came pre-installed with a suite of video/audio editing software. It'd have some custom hardware to do stuff like rip raw data from Laserdiscs and a proper capture card to get at analog sources. It'd be powerful enough to do all the processing locally. But if the end user wanted they could also purchase a powerful server from us that they could offload the processing work to (or rent a server from us). It would be very useful for studios that process a lot of video and re-master old video for release on modern formats like BluRay or the web. If I could offer that I think I could turn it into a thriving business and compete with the existing players in the market. I'm not kidding when I say no one is offering this and hasn't since the late 80s-early 90s. Professional studios only very recently got away from analog formats and went all-digital. So the market is ripe for someone to swoop in and offering an all-in-one solution to these problems.

I plan to spend the next year or two working on this full time. I'm hopeful that my choice to use Qt won't come back to bite me in the ass. One of the reasons I picked it was the fact that I could build cross-platform GUI using python. Since python is what is used for modern *synth scripting. Similarly, I'm building it on Gentoo right now since python is used by portage. I've been building it on Gentoo and testing it on Arch, Fedora and Windows 10. I want to throw an Apple device into the mix but I can't afford one right now. I'm hoping one comes up on the used market for cheap soon.

Sorry to ramble.

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