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I'm guessing Kissu is a bit too isolated to have noticed, but what do you make of the Troll face coming back to prominence?

A similar thing has happened with (de)motivational poster-style memes, but their usage is quite a bit different. Having been adapted towards use in videos, they're often used to highlight some absurd thing in a freeze frame, obviously with accompanying text. Granted, the text itself isn't styled like a demotivational, but more like a caption

Also somewhat revived has been Doge with Cheems and the buff Doge, although those are basically completely unrecognizable from how it was originally aside from the usage of doge as a template character.


Here's an example of the way demotivationals are being used now.


File:l3pukb3ms1571.jpg (125.82 KB,615x767)

And, here's doge I guess


is it really common though? how does one classify if a meme has revived?


Saw some rage comic templates being used in political memes if that counts. Although that's probably njot the best setting to see them again in...


I am against all template images like this as a principle.
I dislike meme necromancy.


File:1610911786123.jpg (41.88 KB,640x615)

I like some of these revival memes though I feel kinda ashamed for enjoying them.


File:1614556658127.webm (844.58 KB,480x480)

Yeah I've seen the "new" meme of trolge/schizioposting that brought trollface back
I saw some anons posting on /wsg/ looking for edits a few months back before this recent popularity spike, though considering the amount of content there was even then I don't think it was originating there and don't think it even started on 4chan.
A lot of the trolge comics remind me of troll physics in their execution but the point is instead of making light of physical phenomon people can't readily explain it's making light of what can be vaguely considered "darkness in the mind".


found the thread i was talking about
this post https://desuarchive.org/wsg/thread/3805713/#q3806743 mentions it coming from a subreddit called voidmemes whatever that is


same, as i feel about frogs and feelcancer, things should have an expiration date


File:a09f532b6b8f17fa3cdb2fc38a….jpg (329.62 KB,1720x2048)

Well, it's... I think... hmm...
It's not terrible, but I think they probably should stay in the past. I don't mean this in a cynical or gatekeeping type of way, it's just ehhh, it doesn't feel right. As long as they don't bring politics or outrage culture into it I guess I don't have any strong feelings.
Probably not something I'll partake in myself, although I still love awesome face.


Damn what a trip down memory lane...


Pre-[s4s] ironic ragecomic revival when?


File:Awesome Wallpaper.jpg (268.16 KB,1920x1200)

>I still love awesome face




File:we (1).png (450.66 KB,743x388)

I like it


Where is Luxembourg?

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