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File:Kodi - PseudoTV.png (53.69 KB,1920x1080)


I'm sure /qa/ has heard of Kodi - a media player most infamous for hosting plugins that enabled piracy. But! That's not what I want to talk about!

A common problem I find with local streaming solutions like Plex, or Emby, or even paid streaming services like Netflix or Hulu, is that although there's mountains of content to be potentially watched, the sheer number of options makes it impossible to find anything to watch. And, so, your backlog steadily grows ever longer as you download more and more content that you will never watch.

So, that's where a really cool plugin for Kodi can step in! PseudoTV! Essentially, you point it to media directories and dictate how it should play episodes: randomly or sequentially, and in essence, it creates a sort of TV station for all the media you've amassed! You can even set up ads breaks, set channel logos, and browse the program guide for what's coming up throughout the day. And, unlike with standard TV, if there's nothing on that you want to watch, you can time-skip to a later point when there is something on that you want to watch. Moreover, you don't just have to have one station: you can set up multiple. For example, you might setup an anime movie TV channel, a TV anime TV channel, a live-action TV channel, a movie channel, and so on.

Maybe this is too niche of a thing for most people to want to deal with, but I still think it's a really neat idea.



A niche idea it may be, but I think I kinda like the idea of flipping through channels of my unwatched media. That's probably the only thing about TV I miss, being able to relax and sit down while putting *something* on.


I'm fascinated by the psychology behind this. How has it worked for you OP?


I feel this could work really well for watching super long episodic anime series that one would usually have only experienced by catching it on TV, stuff like Lupin, or Keroro Gunsou


i really like the concept behind this, now that ive started watching seasonal anime it feels weird to start an already aired show that I can watch in one go so this is nice as it puts already aired shows at the same pace as seasonals or maybe even faster im not sure how this works


i was thinking about this more, it seems like it would be possible for a community (/qa/) to create a cooperative drive or something that is then used to make channels
an issue is that the only way I can think of to access it would be to keep a stream of the channels going at all times which doesnt seem very possible outside of using the first person who joins in a session to host it until they leave

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