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A new PV for the Tsukihime remake just came out, it doesn't look as bad as first impressions led me to believe it'd be.


I'll never like how the characters look


File:koha.jpg (31.46 KB,175x232)

It'll never look right, but maybe I can develop stockholm syndrome towards them by reading it and stop minding so much.


Well, it would need a translation for me to see it so that probably won't happen and it doesn't bother me much.
I'm hoping for a nice soundtrack I can download, though. Ideally just re-imagined versions of the old songs


I can't imagine that with the money FGO generates type-moon won't be able to afford a translation that comes out eventually. Also that's an english channel presenting the video so maybe they're thinking of coming out with an early tl?


I've only seen this as a passion project since F:GO prints money, and there isn't much passion in handing off something to be translated, really. Has Nasu ever remarked on Western Tsukihime fans? Does he know they exist?


File:1436492503050.png (334.11 KB,530x579)

Don't forget that not even F/SN is officially translated.

Maybe TM doesn't want their contemporary fans to find out that there was a time when they actually released finished products in a single installment, instead of drip-feeding content through loot boxes.


Yeah, it's more likely we'd see a dubbed Hifurashi/Umineko VN than a translation for this.


Arc seems younger, in appearance and voice, than the original for sure. About time we have VA lines and this is shaping up to be more than just decade old vaperware though.


sigh not sure it'll feel right when they can't get hisui's real voice for it....


feel that there's still no anime adaptation


I prefer it without voices and that goes for all VNs, really. I can read so much faster than people talk, it's really a waste


File:1361805346138.jpg (21.32 KB,460x564)

Was reading some news articles about it, and it seems Nasu has made comments to the effect that "playing this game will help you gain a deeper understanding of the F/GO world". I want to be optimistic and brush it off as him simply alluding to the fact that it takes place in the Nasuverse, but I wouldn't be surprised if he shoehorned some F/GO tie-in bullshit into the game. Ah well.

Anyway, about two weeks left.


Well the characters are in F/GO, so maybe he means understanding those characters better?


Are we going to be having a /qa/ melty lobby when it comes out?


of course


Not very far in, but I have to say they did a great job, it looks and sounds fantastic. Too bad I only own a Switch Lite, because it's a bit of a pain in the ass to play on a small screen. I am seriously considering buying a TV and a new console.

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