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File:1280x720.webp (20.22 KB,1280x720)


Will there be anything interesting at E3 this year? Let's wait and find out...


File:RIP E3.png (39.52 KB,768x768)

E3 is dead...


Didn't Sony drop out of it? If so then I guess there'll be no Elden Ring news... and not much for me to look forwards to...

Also Amazon's having its Summer Games Fest right now too.


Why the heck is Amazon involved?
Anyway... new Tales game!


I actually have no idea why Amazon is involved. But at least the presentation was all games!


Amazon makes video games.


Amazon owns Twitch, so that's probably why.


Not sure what E3 has going for it since they already blew their load on the Summer Games Fest with Elden Ring which is the only game anyone cares about. The rest of the events now would need to have people actually playing some kind of alpha for it to make any impact.


I don't care about Elden Ring, I just hope they announce a good Atelier game this year or that they announce a new Operation Flashpoint game.


Oh, yeah that would explain it. Wonder how many of these giant companies will still be separate from each other in 20 years...


I'm really hoping there's some news related to that Dragons Dogma 2 leak at E3, been anticipating it ever since then. Also it'd be the perfect time to announce it since that horrid Dragon's Dogma thing aired recently.


Oh it's Ubisoft first... so literally nothing.


File:1623431547911.jpg (135.61 KB,600x800)

Let me some up this Ubisoft portion for those who missed it

Dude Fall Guys ripoff but everyone is a soulless realistic 2010s American

Dude gay black man who is a songwriter/director/dancer/composer/scientist here to present Let's Dance 2020

Dude new Ass Creeds games but this time Vikings who are lesbian women of color

Dude here's our new TV show about a game development studio with a highly diverse cast


File:[anorak] Null Peta - OVA (….jpg (183.26 KB,1536x864)

>Dude new Ass
sign me up


What was the fall guys thing? All I remember before Just Dance was Rainbow Six: Left for GTFO. Also I thought they already made Vikings ass creed is it a sequel or something?


File:1451398227328.png (67.44 KB,350x407)

Well guess my prediction was off mark, didn't expect them to be doing an Avatar game. But no gameplay though so who knows what it'll be like.


File:[SubsPlease] Subarashiki K….jpg (173.7 KB,1280x720)

I don't remember- are any Japanese companies taking part? I'd like to get more info on the TWEWY sequel. What about indie stuff or at least small studios?
Also I really, really need to buy an old model switch to crack...



According to this most of the possibly interesting showcases will be taking place tomorrow or the day after.


This 'gamer' movie looks like such trashy Hollywood trite.


Ohhhh Square Enix may be nice.


You're trashy hollywood tripe.


Don't tell me you can defend this...


Not going to watch this, but the preview image looks like Aniki.


I was just making a joke. I didn't even know what it was.


File:1512705520131.jpg (81.3 KB,300x300)

>I was just making a joke
How was I supposed to know!


File:[Endro!][05][BDRIP][1080P]….jpg (265.94 KB,1920x1080)

Well, it's a big hollywood movie for mainstream audiences so it's about what I would expect.


Tom Clancy is making really strange games these days.


Never thought him the kind to make crazy Alien stories, but I guess here we are. Maybe his brain's rotted a bit with age?


Uhhhh, I don't know if you guys are just joking or not but Tom Clancy has been dead for almost a decade and his name is basically like an ubisoft brand name because some earlier games were loosely based around his novels, don't think he had any direct involvement in the series whatsoever even back when he was actually alive...


living among legends such as Elvis Presley and Hitler


I kinda don't know what I expect out of Xbox aside from just more talk about Halo.


oh hey stalker 2 thing, isn't this that thing that anime was based on last season?


It was like a stalker setting based on Japanese folklore. It was odd. However, I can't say I expected this at the showcase, actually something I'm looking forwards to.


File:brave_Xijf0nagDy.png (856.8 KB,1123x629)

Yeah, it reminds me a lot of it. Very atmospheric. But i think we all know by now that the footage at E3 almost never carries over to the actual game.
I kind of regret not playing those games, but I had no idea it wasn't just a generic FPS until the anime




File:[SubsPlease] Subarashiki K….jpg (90.21 KB,1280x720)

It depresses me that so much amazing technology is used for military shooter after military shooter after military shooter.
Imagine if these games were on other planets or they were shooting something other than rifles and other modern stuff


I mean... DOOM Eternal just came out like a year ago...


File:brave_piBX5qbNcg.png (588.29 KB,817x464)

Wow, a blatant ripoff of that one /v/ guy's game, that ragdolling one with the blue and red guy


Free to play Halo multiplayer.... That doesn't leave me very optimistic about the game...


As in, they don't charge you extra to play multiplayer? Or the game is a free2play multiplayer one?


It seems they're releasing the multiplayer part of Halo Infinite for free. And... it looks to be just another "enhanced mobility" shooter with Halo skin, rather than... A Halo game.


grim, not like I was going to play anything post-reach anyway


Surrealist STALKER-like game!


>Replaced 2022
ooh this looks nice


File:brave_qzkyGAx7oC.png (1.04 MB,1039x584)

Can't see in this screenshot, but this game does have really impressive graphics. Well, in the E3 demo


Car games are usually like that. Benchmark games for the new generation of consoles.




File:1623613171732.png (401.83 KB,1388x639)

I can't tell if this is going to be something to look forwards to or if it's going to be shit like the other PC ports...


a bit too pixelated. Are these all the 3D titles?


Pretty sure the only 3D ones in that image are 3 and 4.


Just tuned back in. I guess this is PC stuff now?
First saw a Stalker ripoff, and now an Eve Online.. ad?


-Ambrosia a "3D roguelike" seems interesting
-Tinykin ripoff of Pikmin not so much
-ANOTHER Stalker ripoff


None of the military shooters look that impressive though, the new Halo looks like it has the same Engine Halo 3 did.


I was looking Forward to Stalker 2 but it does not really look interesting, it just looks lie a modern Stalker game. Maybe if you can play as a girl in this one I will play it.


I was wondering whether I'm excited for the new platinum games title or not but then I realized not only is it a live service, but Yoko Taro was NOWHERE in the promotion so it's just a regular game.


Looks like a modern graphics stalker to me. It's still got the same team behind it so I'm not going to dismiss it just yet.


What the fuck... this 'game' sounds like you collect/create NFT funko pops for money or something... what the fuck
fuck crypto, worst thing ever


File:brave_EOrNbbxCYn.png (468.35 KB,640x390)

this is the worst thing ever


File:brave_bKJzMC8i3H.png (275.29 KB,546x385)

they're not even talking about the supposed gameplay, just talking about money theory and economics and blockchain and ...
I really really hope this crashes and burns


File:brave_8XF3QX5UEU.png (394.56 KB,682x393)

It's still going... They announced a partnership with some fashion brand, which had its ad about its brand power and such
I don't understand... I can't comprehend how bad this is


File:fd3936dfc128d15c89df875b6f….jpg (2.01 MB,4087x5923)

Good morning I hate capitalism.


Gonna go do something else because my spirit is drained. Someone please post if there's a good game mentioned


I feel like the bulk of this thread is just posts by one guy posting like he's on twitter or something.


you'd be quite wrong


File:brave_OFjMvrFmnv.png (248.06 KB,647x376)

Heh, Coromon.


File:brave_hsljAmajiD.png (384.38 KB,666x382)

Very direct Pokemon ripoff, but maybe it'll be fun


File:brave_wEmgHkCy4v.png (473.39 KB,662x371)

Fire Emblem copy


File:brave_VytSeAD0mw.png (567.25 KB,690x382)

Dark Deity
it has boobies!


File:brave_z6uVNWLhlH.png (665.85 KB,682x356)

This game looked really good, like Stardew Valley but seemed to have minigames


Are these all indie games being shown now? I guess that'd explain why it doesn't look too bad.


Yeah, but looks like it was just a few minutes of games and now it's back to talking
I'm going to mute it and do something else now I guess


File:brave_lxJlqnGflH.png (1.24 MB,1025x571)

Monster Hunter Stories seems neat. Looks like turn-based combat? The visuals remind me of the Tales games.
I really need to hack my 3DS again


Heh, west is getting owned. While they were announcing ports for Life is Strange and the Marvel game, Japan got a new fatal frame and SRW.


Oh huh, not just Prime 4, but a whole new 2D Metroid. Exciting


Not watching the english stream, did West get the new Wario Ware too?


File:1527780973218.jpg (38.97 KB,600x589)

Who's this West guy you're talking about? I've never heard of him before. Is he from the West? Does he live in a Western nation? Is he a Westerner?


SMT 5 looks really beautiful, though I can't help but wonder what it'd look like without Switch's limitations


Advance Wars 1 and 2 remake looks... decent I guess?
I'm just so tired of remakes. Yeah, I loved the video games I played back then, but I already played them


File:1568840264771.jpg (252.93 KB,1726x1847)

The collective of non-Japanese speaking nations West of Japan who got served a separate presentation from the Japanese.


I know, I was just teasing you for your grammar.


We're seeing a lot of remakes lately because we're at the point where a good number of millennials have kids that are old enough to play games. Selling a remake of an old game not only brings in the people who played it growing up, it also introduces old franchises to a new generation that otherwise wouldn't know they existed.


Looks nice


There are already remakes when they persisted on "advance" wars instead of the name of the console they are on


well, to be fair, switch wars does sound like a BDSM manga


Would've been the perfect title considering the console it's on...


I unironically want to watch that.
Shoot me /qa/ I know what my tastes are.


You've not seen movies to the point where you can already see the entirety of the movie from a trailer. It's not that bad a thing....


File:e495380d7d.png (27.87 KB,395x227)

It's not E3, but tomorrow is Gamescom and I'm betting it's finally going to have an Elden Ring gameplay demo.

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