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File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (299.09 KB,1920x1080)


I've heard there's this "wallpaper engine" thing to have animated desktop wallpapers. I know I could google it, but I think a thread could be fun Does anyone have experience with this thing? Maybe we can make some.


File:out.mp4 (7.29 MB,1920x1080)

I was asking about it a while ago, and installed it. There's some built-in wallpapers that it comes with that are okay, and if you buy it through steam there are apparently ones you can download through the steam community thing that's normally for mods and stuff.

Otherwise, you can just use MP4's for the wallpaper. Here's one that I think is really nice that I found from some random gacha game's website some time ago.


File:dFzaCUYBP5.png (1.5 MB,910x1124)

Downloaded it and I'm messing with it. Wow, it's pretty crazy how some of them are reactive (to mouse position at least) and it seems like some are for music, too.
This reminds me a lot of old screensavers and screen stuff that we had before the energy-saving monitors came around that just turned off monitors automatically and killed screensavers forever.
Looks like there's some Azur Lane ones that have a girl stand there and talk, but it doesn't seem like she reacts to stuff on the screen..

Hmmm.... this has a LOT of potential


File:ui32_aDWCMFg416.png (329.53 KB,490x786)

holy crap I knew this looked familiar
it's mikoyan and uhh like many mikoyan works she's got a penis!
heh, always good to see fellow pervs on a platform


help I'm addicted...
page after page after page
I can't resist downloading all these boobs and butts
I'm also downloading cute and relaxing ones, but for now focusing on these primal instinctual urges I have to look at certain bodily shapes...


with X on linux you can use imagemagick to draw GIFs on the root window and I think you can embed mpv in there to play all kinds of video formats too


wow Yume sure has advanced, being able to actively summon that many question marks!


Yume is the question of her sword


File:JJlxpbkQYR.png (1.17 MB,1038x919)

Man, the Japanese really are in a league of their own.
So there's this very lewd Ishtar wallpaper here, but you can customize it by enabling laser arcs over the metal parts of her outfit, but also the "warm hole" options here produce animated steam clouds from... you know.
I feel like this wallpaper engine editing software thing might be wasted on wallpapers when people could be uploading this stuff to pixiv or something


I'm not quite sure how people would upload all those effects that come with the wallpaper to pixiv though, and it's probably more of a passion endeavor than a popularity one.


Never have I ever wished to buy something on steam as much as this.


File:2021-06-10 22-44-21.mp4 (4.62 MB,1280x720)

That image isn't to my taste, though, well, a bit too realistic/gross with the holes down there.
Anyway, the vast vast vast majority of the wallpapers making upload are just cute or pretty. The initial setup question at the beginning of opening it is "show anime content"? presumably because it's such a massive part of the stuff people are uploading, which is nice. Although there's a bit of "anime girl 152" which is unfortunate, but I guess something to expect from non-curated uploads.
This Miku one is really nice and I'm going to do a search for Miku tomorrow probably since she inspires the most beautiful stuff generally


File:2021-06-13 01-53-27.mp4 (4.52 MB,1920x1080)

Look! This is fun.


File:ui32_NVw8USchfs.png (650 KB,1312x865)

You can see that I messed up on the breasts. There's a 'shake' filter that I'm trying to get the hang of.


File:ui32_hKnTpBNpma.png (403.62 KB,734x525)

You can see here that I roughly gave the breasts different directions (for this demonstration I didn't actually do correct areas). I'll have to get a hang of this, but it's pretty impressive

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