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Does /qa/ have an accent?

I recorded myself doing some karaoke a little while ago and noticed I have an accent when pronouncing some Japanese words. I've never really considered myself having an accent before. From what I've heard other people say, the Midwest is pretty accent-less so it was a really strange experience noticing how oddly I pronounced some words that seemed utterly normal when I was in the midst of saying them.


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possibly, but i hate the sound of my voice on recording so i never listen to it to test


this is what literally everyone thinks about themselves until they actually talk to people outside of their hometown.

why on earth would you think you don't have an accent? people would still clock you as "american" at the very least.


i wouldn't know. I don't speak much anyways


>why on earth would you think you don't have an accent?
Because I live in the US and interact primarily with Americans when it comes to discussing accents, and consensus is typically that Midwestern speech is rather accent-less compared to more distinct accents such as those in Appalachia or the Deep South. Moreover, with the internet, accents have begun converging to a large degree, much more so than happened thanks to radio and television.

Of course to a Brit, an Indian, Kiwi, Aussie, <fill in the blank>, I have an accent! What kind of fool do you take me for?


I have the original human voice, unchanged since the advent of speech. To hear my voice is to glimpse into the collective soul of humanity


I don't think I have an accent. In France people could not pick where I was from even though the Australian accent is fairly famous I think. Though I think people from my state are said to have a slightly different accent and pronounce some words like dance differently, probably because we were a free state. I don't think it's that different though.


Some british folks once applauded my british pronunciation. I don't know whether they were being honest or just bantering.


File:[FFF] Gochuumon wa Usagi D….jpg (187.11 KB,1920x1080)

not sure what accent this connects to but i tend to pronounce vowels softer like tuhdahy instead of tooday or eyhg instead of aeg (egg)
i think it could be a confused british american accent because i was raised in America but my parents had spent many years in England up until I was born


Insofar as I don't sound exactly like a native speaker of the standard variety of the languages I speak, yeah, but I don't think anyone could pinpoint my nationality just from what I sound like in my L2s.


I can't distinguish British and Australian accents really at all.


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