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File:1580607186316.jpg (3.07 MB,3839x2321)


Does /qa/ know of any nice places to get stickers or have any themselves?

I'm not normally a fan of stickers, or really modifying the look of my devices, but I'm planning on getting something white and I've been having a hard time trying to find a nice sticker of Shobon. I tried looking at some custom sticker services but for a single sticker they typically want something ridiculous like $40 for just the one!


I have absolutely no idea. I'd probably just print something and tape it with double-sided tape or something, but I guess that wouldn't look very good




I would try to make my own because I like doing things yourself. Double sided tape and possibly do the lamination of an image yourself. I'm not too sure about hacky ways to give it the glossy finish of lamination though.


I always search Aliexpress for some low budget anime related stuff and there's lot of interesting things if you're not a purist in the sense of official merchandise.
Now for stickers if you really want to do them yourself pick a good printer, like a really good one for photography (those that you fill with liquid), grab sticker printing paper and photoshop.


there was a canadian dude who used to make /g/ related stickers and patches but it seems that his site is dead. it was called patchdynamics I think


here's another one with patches. they're not stickers but you can just stick velcro on your computer and change the patches once in a while, I think there's a regular thread on /k/ where people exchange them


Stickers is for going out and I haven't used laptops in public places or outdoors for years.

Used to do it often when I had to bum wifi though.


No, because I suppress my power level.


I got the sticker from Etsy.

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