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File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (393.9 KB,1920x1080)


WTF man, I JUST (reluctantly) moved to 10.

>Microsoft has been teasing a “next generation” of Windows for months now, but new hints suggest the company isn’t just preparing an update to its existing Windows 10 software, but a new, numbered version of the operating system: Windows 11.

Well, I'm not going to use this until 2025 based on the previous time I've "upgraded", not least of which because people will need time to crack all of its data harvesting that I'm sure will be even worse than 10's.



i thought they said that 10 is actually their last OS and they would just build on 10


Yeah, I remember reading that too. I guess it was just business talk


how are they supposed to make even MORE money that way?


File:1426899166125.png (367.11 KB,477x530)

Did somebody say... Windows doubles?


>I'm sure will be even worse than 10's.
Look on the bright side: maybe after years of complaining about the UI inconsistencies, hidden settings, and generally poorly thought out... everything, they've realized that they actually need to put in some effort. After all, if general users are always having so much trouble, I can only imagine how many complaints Microsoft gets from actual business customers.

Less positive guess is that "Windows 11" is a version of Windows where Microsoft embeds a fully-functional Linux subsystem that allows for native installation and use of Linux binaries. Good on paper, but ultimately intended to keep developers on Windows.


A more business-favourable operating system is definitely the direction I expect them to take, given that the rise of smartphones as the average person's main computer since the release of 10 really diminishes the significance of the home PC market.


this just looks like baseless clickbait to me. typical from the verge


I guess we'll have to wait and see, but the animation and the presentation having an unusual time of 11AM does seem pretty interesting...


I think the better business move would be to focus on graphics workstations and gaming, seeing as those are the last two places where Windows still holds a pretty strong lead over Linux and Android.


>graphics workstations and gaming, seeing as those are the last two places where Windows still holds a pretty strong lead over Linux and Android
huh? workplace computers with large amounts of legacy windows software is a much larger market than any of these
mobile phones are useless other than consumption and lots of people still have work needs


>legacy windows software
Doesn't need a new version of windows to run. Companies running legacy software are often very resistant to updating; they know all the quirks of the system that they're already on, as opposed to a new system which could potentially disrupt things. To put it into perspective, I've worked at places that are still running windows xp.

>mobile phones are useless other than consumption

So? They're still incredibly profitable. There's more people with android phones than there are windows computers

>lots of people still have work needs

Again, the old stuff runs on legacy versions of windows, and the new stuff is mostly web based.


>Doesn't need a new version of windows to run.
only applies to completely offline computers, meanwhile workplace communication and office programs require newer versions
>So? They're still incredibly profitable.
irrelevant to microsoft's business decision, they tried and failed
>the new stuff is mostly web based
did you imply they work with something like google docs on their phones? that they write their work report, presentations etc by tapping on a tiny screen?


>did you imply they work with something like google docs on their phones? that they write their work report, presentations etc by tapping on a tiny screen?


File:__cirno_touhou_drawn_by_ca….jpg (137.09 KB,800x800)

Everyone's talking about the 11 possibility but nobody's asking why the heck OP upgraded to 10 in the first place.


I had to. The workaround I tried for getting this i7 CPU to be recognized in the Windows 7 installer wasn't working, and the other option was to order a... uhh... I forgot what the solution was, something that connected to PCI-E that I can't remember.



They're already set to kill 10... and man is 11 fucking ugly.


File:windows11leak.jpg (49.75 KB,1008x762)

This is depressing.


Gigantic taskbar that takes up 100 pixels vertically.

Too stupid to believe.

Other than the enormous comically huge taskbar, this all seems reasonable.


looks like macos


Looks like a modern internet website but in OS form. Could be real, but hard to say for sure. It's just so... flat and barren looking. I don't know why that became a trend on the web but I hate it.


It's real

Microsoft leaked the ISO themselves (pretending it got organically leaked) and people are running it right now.


File:1623787923699.png (47.94 KB,734x580)


To me at least, it looks as if they're trying to emulate newer versions of gnome, which lends further credence to the winux theory.


just get AMD hardware and go Linux


Honestly, you'll save more time and effort just buying hardware instead of an OS licence


Where the H*CK are the close, minimize, and maximize buttons??


That's the start menu, not a program.


File:1397031320220.png (128.64 KB,430x346)

O-oh, God, I t-think I'm gonna -- BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEGH


This looks like one of the stock themes that come with KDE 4 or 5 with Windows icons swapped in, complete with the default multi-row taskbar setting. Maybe the pic has been resized weird because whoever faked this couldn't mimic ClearType fonts perfectly.


Nevermind, looks like it's legit. I guess they've just become more blatant about what they're copying.


File:1507361500589.jpg (104.8 KB,478x604)

I'll switch to linux if I have to before I adopt such shitty design. Can't believe there are people who push this.


Imagine not only is the UI even worse than windows 10, but they make it a paid upgrade too. Boy oh boy. That would suck. That'd really make me consider moving to linux


File:1624550820422.png (129.84 KB,1920x1080)

For me, it will soon be golden time for buying old laptops and install linux on them.


Hahahaha, that's retarded. I can't believe they're making internet connecting a startup requirement...


Oh wait, it's just setup.


>Can't believe there are people who push this.
There's people who will push anything. But outside of Microsoft employees, I doubt there's all that many of them.

The internet connection thing is a real sticking point for me. I don't trust things that arbitrarily want to be connected to a network.

I have to wonder why Microsoft is doing this to begin with. They're fighting a losing battle here. In my experience at least, the business world doesn't need to upgrade. At all the places I've worked, everything is either old Java enterprise software, new web based enterprise software, or ancient dinosaur shit. The first two are OS agnostic, meaning an update is unessesary, and with the last one an update is either unessesary or unfeasible (I've seen places running Windows XP on hardware that's older than I am). I feel like they're trying to get into the Linux world with increased compatibility with Linux applications, but that's not why people use Linux. Linux is popular in the server world because it's secure, and it's popular in embedded systems because you can strip a lot of it away and still have a working OS. Unless Microsoft has turned Windows into a completely different operating system, it's not going to make much progress in either of those places. They still have the consumer market, but even that's slowly shrinking thanks to smartphones and tablets running android.

I guess my point is that a paid upgrade that changes things this much is not a risk that Microsoft can afford to take. It perplexes me that they'd do something like this, especially considering that they originally planned on just keeping Windows 10 going for as long as possible.


>I have to wonder why Microsoft is doing this to begin with.
As you said, Windows is stepping away from the enterprise market and focusing 100% on consumer market, because linux replaced most of them there. I'm net even sure if they will make a enterprise LTS version for Windows 11.
PC manufacturers pay Microsoft for OEM licenses, so requiring TPM 2.0 which deprecates all computers older than 5 years is a win for both of them.
Clearly they're competing with the new ARM-based Macs by developing more locked down systems and more ascetics copying. All while satisfying mass consumer demand.

>They still have the consumer market, but even that's slowly shrinking thanks to smartphones and tablets running android.

It's always the consumer market, and laptops aren't going away anytime soon. They have different market from smartphones and tablets. Tablets have demonstrated to fail to replace laptops, and the smartphones market is already saturated in developed countries.


>they're competing with the new ARM-based Macs
Honestly, I don't think x86 has much more time left in it. Even if the Nvidia ARM acquisition doesn't go through, PC hardware is definitely going to move towards ARM + integrated GPU SoC's since the Apple M1 has proven not only that ARM can easily compete with x86, but the sheer efficiency of ARM makes it infinitely more valuable not only for laptop users, but also for general desktop usage if it can be scaled up for better performance at the same TDP as x86 chips. Moreover, if anything's true, it's that people will care more about improved battery life than legacy 16 bit support built into the x86 microarchitecture. That's not even mentioning that a lot of the emulated x86 software demo'd on the M1 ran better on the M1 than on Intel!

Frankly, Microsoft probably knows this, and given the awful performance of Windows RT, I wouldn't be surprised if the murmurs about Windows somehow implementing Linux into itself is at least in part based on the fact that Linux already has fairly robust ARM support. Microsoft obviously has the money to create a realtime x86 to ARM compatibility layer, but I kind of doubt it'll be anywhere near as polished as Apple's which makes me think that a Windows+Linux version might just be a holder-over version until ARM gets mainstream desktop adoption and then re-releases a fully ARM-based version with new codebase based on Linux. Highly pessimistic, but I think it's a fairly likely scenario for Microsoft to go.


File:1611676936871.png (21.72 KB,650x400)

>That's not even mentioning that a lot of the emulated x86 software demo'd on the M1 ran better on the M1 than on Intel!
You mean, than on Intel Macs, which has severe thermal throttling problem. Simulation still slow them down.

>a Windows+Linux version might just be a holder-over version until ARM gets mainstream desktop adoption

This is highly unlikely to happen, as x86 simply has too much software to die. Microsoft, unlike Apple, isn't a fashion brand, and has much less power over influencing software developers' choices. That means most of Windows software will be emulated and as a result slower than properly cooled x86 computers.

>and then re-releases a fully ARM-based version with new codebase based on Linux

This isn't going to happen, otherwise Microsoft needs to release the full source code of Windows under GPL.


Frankly you can pry 7 out of my cold dead hands. It's not like it's just stopped working; maybe when all web browsers drop support and I can't compile one from source I'll switch to something, but not to a new Windows version. Vista already almost pushed me over the edge.


Windows 7 is lacking a lot of new driver support and it's only going to get worse with time.


File:1361433451629.jpg (15.68 KB,277x255)

Yeah, that'll be a problem when I can afford a computer with parts from the past decade.


I've held on to Win98 for years, and always loved it. I've added everything possible such as Kernal-Ex, to keep it going, and struggled to cope with incompatible software that requires newer versions of Windows, particularly browsers.

The time has come to retire Win98, and allow Microsoft to win their efforts to obsolete the older versions of Windows. But Microsoft really is NOT going to win. In fact in my case, THEY LOSE. From the moment I first put my hands on XP, I hated their so called NT based OSs. I tried, really tried to adapt to XP, and always hated it no matter how hard I forced myself to use it. By that time they had created their worst failure, Vista, and were on their way to more bloated OSs, which I would not touch if they gave me a free computer. Just seeing a Windows 8 computer on the shelves at a store makes me nauseous. All I see on those screens are ugly boxes with links to commercial companies I would not even go near, such as Netflix. They cant even offer decent looking icons anymore.

Years ago, I knew thart the time would come when I could no longer use Win98. It appears this time has come. Mainly due to the fact that there is no longer a browser that is made for W98 that is compatible with most present websites. I coped with occasional websites which would not properly load in past years, but it now seems that 4 out of 5 sites are no longer loading properly, using Firefox 3.6.x, and worse using other browsers that work on W98. Of course I place blame on Mozilla for not making their newer versions of Firefox compatible with W98.

The PC computer was originally supposed to be *THE* hardware for any OS, but Microsoft took over and made the PC the Microsoft Computer. Their only competitor is Linux, and there is really no competition involved, since Linux has no actual support, and there are so many different variations of Linux that only a computer geek can begin to use it, and even then, it wont run popular software intended for Windows witout adding yet more software.

The bottom line is this. Either kiss Microsoft's ass, or toss your PC in the nearest garbage can. Well, I have given this considerable thought, and decided that I will never give Microsoft another cent. Particularly when I hate every OS they have made since Win98. I can still continue to use WIN98 for my personal uses, but in order to go on the internet, I have decided to spend some money and buy a Macintosh computer. I never thought that I'd make that switch, and being elderly, I really hate having to relearn to use a completely different computer system, yet, there really is no other option.

I say this with much sadness, because I really liked Win98, and still do. It's the only decent OS made by Microsoft, and they did their best to destroy it. I guess 2014 will be the year when all of my past 25+ years of PC computer learning and use goes down the shitter, and I switch to Macintosh. In some ways, I wish I had begun my computer learning with the Mac, because I would not have to start all over now. But that's life, particularly when Misrosoft greed is involved, and they create one of the wealthiest monopolies on earth, while creating absolute shit.


I think my biggest hesitation with moving over to linux is I don't trust myself enough to not be a retard and mess everything up and/or delete data on my other drives. But on the other hand so many things seem like they'd be much easier if I had linux available...


Saging such a long post!
I'm not sure I ever used Win98. I think I went from 95 to XP. I was on XP for a long time and then on 7 for a long time. I wish I was still on 7, but Microsoft has also tied Direct X updates to the OS and I wanted to make use of some of the recent improvements. (I can't remember what they are, though).
I'm guessing you're not much of a PC gaming guy, but what else do you use your computer for other than internet browsing?


>I guess 2014 will be the year when all of my past 25+ years of PC computer learning and use goes down the shitter, and I switch to Macintosh.
A-ano. Anonymous... I think you might have replied to some pasta, perhaps?...


Introducing, your reason to switch to linux


someone mentioned it looks like a MacOS copy. Tempted to believe


It kinda does, and I don't like the MacOS UI so I dislike it.


windows has always copied ui from others
windows 3.1 - copied from os/2
windows 95 - copied from nextstep
windows 7 - copied from macos x


Windows will likely roll the back indefinitely. Companies aren't going to be happy about being forced to update all their software or be exposed to vulnerabilities. If they don't want to lose market share they won't abandon it.


oops... i clicked on a similar thread and got redirected into a completely different windows bashing thread


Well, it's somewhat more fitting since this is a primarily windows bashing thread.


File:StatCounter-os_combined-JP….png (119.08 KB,1280x720)

What OS are the Niponjin's using that's more popular than iOS?


I assume 'unknown' just means 'data not available', not that they're using some weird operating system.


was thinking that countries will start realizing that their over reliance on Microsoft is causing them more harm than good so there will be a few countries that are showing signs of using domestic operating systems designed for their county. Japan, India or China would be amoung the first, though I wouldn't be surprised if some North European countries already have abandoned it for Linux


Linux and its whole ecosystem are very much international already. I don't see the need for new nation specific OSes when you already have that.

That aside, I can't see japan doing that. Japanese people fairly consistently like technology that western techies hate, and while they hate plenty of things about the US, their overall opinion of it is neutral to positive.


China has already began the transition to Linux for all of government computers. They have an official distro for government usage. They also bought off a Taiwanese company so that they can also make their own (outdated) x86 processors.


I'm surprised China of all countries wouldn't just make their own OS from scratch so as to have complete control over it. It's not like they shouldn't have the expertise to be capable of it at any rate.


China can violate the GPL as much as it wants because it's china, so there's really no need.


Having an official government distro gives them complete control over it. Making the whole OS from scratch would just be needlessly repeating work.


>They also bought off a Taiwanese company so that they can also make their own (outdated) x86 processors.
That just about sums up the Chinese mentality


File:Red_Star_1.0_Boot_Screen.png (409.41 KB,656x493)

Even Best Korea uses Linux!


File:Windowing_in_Red_Star_Linu….png (512.6 KB,640x480)

Wow! Great! As expected of Supreme Leader it is amazing and has game!!


The world's most advance Operating system...


relocated a thread from /b/ into here


Are there any Linux distros that will work straight out of being downloaded? Can't see how the year of the Linux desktop will ever come if people aren't able to start stuff out of the install.


the installation comes with browsers and open office typically, doesn't it?


Yes, it's kinda the whole point of Linux Mint.


>work straight out of being downloaded
What you mean like a linux.exe?


I think that's called a live install, and I'm pretty sure most distros have one in their default install media unless it's a cut down net installer.


Even windows doesn't do that.
As for linux distros I tried only two, pop os and manjaro, both worked with minimal tweaks.


It's like a horrible melange of features from Windows ME on the minimalist features of a MacBook.

Now this is how you make a UI...


They're making an OS for tablets...


File:image.jpeg (1.18 MB,1365x1697)

I'm trying to wrap my head around the whole right click dicking about and how someone ascertains that to be the best decision and I just can't do it.


>The smoother performance is probably due to a more optimised telemetry collection engine.


can't wait for the windows hegemony to fall...


File:d83c00ae2406aa8965ba79667f….jpg (265.27 KB,852x1188)

Don't worry, Windows 10 still has 10 years to go!

>Today we are announcing that the next version of Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC and Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC will be released in the second half (H2) of calendar year 2021.

>Note that Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC is maintaining the 10-year support lifecycle

It's POSReady 2009 all over again.


>But Microsoft went instead with Windows 10 because they wanted to signify that the coming Windows release would be the last "major" Windows update. Going forward, Microsoft is planning to make regular, smaller updates to the Windows 10 codebase, rather than pushing out new major updates years apart. Windows 10 will have a common codebase across multiple screen sizes, with the UI tailored to work on those devices.



So does this mean that they re-evaluated their stance on making Win10 obsolete, or is this a way for them to milk people without making them move to 11.


Windows 10 LTSC is an offering for enterprises which can't afford breaking updates, not intended for consumers. It will coexist with Windows 11.


It's here. Windows 11 has been released.


the OS nobody asked for

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