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File:__lunasa_prismriver_lyrica….png (1.62 MB,1884x1568)


What are some of your favorite instruments?

It's a shame that some instruments sound too specifically relating so a melody gives more touch towards a subcontinent's local affairs than towards a greater picture for the listerner's ears. It's hardly forseeable when relistening songs when a flute would make more sense to be played throughout the melody than a piano.


I suppose it's gotten a lot more recognition in recent years, but I like some stuff for the hurdy gurdy. It's a strangely evocative instrument, unlike traditional classic instruments.


I like banjo


My favorite would have to be the saxophone. The mellow sound that simply flows from it is always pleasant on the ears. Used to play it back when I was younger too, which probably contributes to my fondness towards it.


the butt drum of course


tr909 fm synthesizers and gamelans


The Roland starting from the Juno series to the XP-30 not just because it shaped my music taste when I was younger but also for the cultural impact.


I like sitar and guitars being played like a sitar
i feel like i could listen to a sitar play over a drone for hours and never get bored
also love slide guitar, especially on a resonator playing delta blues, also music that can go forever




I learned some piano when I was 12, I wouldn't dare touch one now.


soprano saxophone



File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (269.57 KB,1920x1080)

Violin seems like one of the most emotional instruments along with piano. Add those two together and you have yourself a sad soundtrack

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