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File:mado.jpg (149.59 KB,1400x1400)


Do you keep a journal, /qa/? I write my thoughts an other stuff down so I will remember them in the future. You might think a NEET wouldn't have much to write about but I actually have a lot done since I started living the dream. You should keep a journal too!


I keep a dream journal but that's about all.


Every now and then I make journal entries, but they're not at all consistent. More than anything, I suppose you could consider posts in the blog thread impromptu journal entries.


File:(.png (12.19 KB,131x95)

i have book i write and sketch things that i want or need to do
reading through it just reminds me how lazy i am


File:1506687977930.jpg (1.57 MB,1600x900)

I write down my waking thoughts in a desktop wiki. My trick for keeping a dream journal is to jot down a few bullet points right after waking up, and revisit them later that day to write out the whole dream with a proper flow. The bullet points work as hooks to recall the visceral details later, and taking some time to let the dream sink in makes it easier to pick up on recurring themes and connections once you're more lucid.


File:[Endro!][06][BDRIP][1080P]….jpg (232.52 KB,1920x1080)

Thought about it a few times, but nope. I just think about things before I fall asleep. Bed is really the only place I can really think about this sort of thing, when I sit up I just lose the desire


i saw this image on sushi when someone was telling their first kiss story...


always wanted to but it failed every time for various reasons


Dreamed about playing a videogame so vividly that I think I was able to attain some actual proficiency in the game...

I wonder if I could make a guide based on these kind of dreams in a journal?


Sometimes I think of writing a new entry after years but then again I have problems with a)verbal expression b)contents c)physical writing process, bad handwriting, bad pens.
The modern diary could be contained within a camcorder but I'm not crazy enough to show myself making my show about how my POV stands out and contradicts another sense, or whatever I'm thinking of at some point.
I keep my thoughts for the rest of concsciousness left before falling asleep or for nightwalking.


File:1592393599833.png (26.82 KB,299x307)

I find that I usually lose my thoughts and move onto the next thing just by thinking about writing it down, I instead wait until im writing something, drawing, or making music to let my thoughts shine through there
i dont count it a journal but i used to and still occasionally use a certain board on a certain site to express thoughts coming straight from my mind

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