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File:42367b7a17f10c0431d51980bc….jpg (437.68 KB,1226x1800)


Why was this mindset so pervasive in the early days of anime? So many great classic manga turned never got proper adaptations because of this...


what do you mean? like anime original endings?


The words 'filler arc' come to mind. *shiver*


File:1564479224085.png (854.21 KB,1271x653)

Did you say... filler?


I feel like that sort of thing was also somewhat common in anime as well, but it's dropped off considerably since ~2010.


filler? that's mostly an been an anime original thing to pad stuff out to dozens of episodes


No... References to the manga or similar 4th wall breaks. I was replying to the OP...


That's actually an autobiographical manga by Go Nagai, it's meta by nature.


an autobiographical manga? not sure I've seen something like that before...


I don't really understand what mindset you're talking about, but if you're referring to anime and manga not being related I rarely feel like watching stuff I've already read so I sort of get from where they're coming with this


File:it's laced with drugs.png (160.44 KB,531x460)

Mostly a matter of different target audiences, I'd assume. Late night anime wasn't really a thing at the time. Plus, I recall reading somewhere that Nagai himself said shows like the 70s Devilman and Getter Robo anime were never intended to be adaptations of his manga, and should be viewed as separate works that happen to share basic settings and worldbuilding elements.


damn dude, he does drugs


Cigarettes are one thing, but cigarettes laced with drugs? Can't show that on TV, can you.


Back when nicotine wasn't considered a cancer on society...



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