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File:deihd1a-79c74ae0-7e41-4c4c….jpg (18.26 MB,9500x6438)


The World Map of the Internet in 2021
I'm usually very skeptical of these things published in mainstream places because it's full of the general ignorance we all expect, but he even has exhentai there and a whole continent for TOR that isn't just synonyms for 'dark' or 'mystery'.
Find anything interesting?


Wait, in my excitement to post the thread I didn't look at the whole of Dark Web Antarctica and I see stuff like IRC is there.
Well... it's a start?


Huh. Just realized that 4channel and 4chan are separated. Also it seems the 4chan is approximately as big as Pixiv, which is a weird thought.

I wish the key was labelled as such. I stared at it for a good 5 or so minutes trying to figure out what 4chan, Google, and the CEO of YouTube have to do with this map.


5ch appears at least twice. Once bordering 4chan and Reddit (between the top "A" and middle "A" in the "WATER" part of "WATERMARK"), and once bordering LiveJournal near Medium (the "E" of the top watermark). Are they different entities?

Below the "E" of the bottom watermark:
>Dating Sims
>Fighting Games
No mention of anime? Unless by "Westerns" they mean anime set in or inspired by stuff set in the Wild West, but that's kind of a stretch.

A few pixels above the "K" of the bottom watermark:
What the hell is this supposed to be?

For a moment, I'd forgotten about the split and thought you meant 4-ch. Given that they're bothering to include it at all, doesn't that mean /a/, /v/, /jp/, and /int/ are in the wrong place?


a lot of the websights on the darknet continent have been down for at least two years


heh, lists hanime.tv and none of the fakku stuff


File:RBQtrUG.png (227.03 KB,409x276)

quite well humoured

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