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File:fighting.png (364.23 KB,640x480)


All the Gundam pilots are magically transported into space with their best mechs.

Who comes out on top and who dies first?


File:wp7772776.png (1021.16 KB,1920x1080)

Kira Yamato for both.


I doubt he'll be quick enough to die before Heero blows himself up.


File:1422038984742.png (13.16 KB,500x500)

You didn't say they were inside them, so which ones have the best lung capacity?
also was looking at images and I really do love this old ms paint drawing guy. I think he was from a /sp/ comic and somehow he's really funny to me even after looking at him repeatedly


One way it could be figured out and possibly canonically is to put on Gundam Extreme VS. Maxi Boost and have AI vs AI until one is left standing down side is that it would need to be 1 vs 1 in a tournament style.


File:1470605385625.webm (513.57 KB,984x720)

WHY hasn't anyone done this yet?


File:image.jpeg (80.48 KB,995x720)

I really would have done it by now and do mean the whole tournament style and recorded it as well but I only own the untranslated dusty-ass PS3 version with missing content and no means of recording. Damn this chip shortage and my PC dying on March 2020 just another conspiracy by Zeon.

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