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File:[SubsPlease] Super Cub - 0….jpg (117.58 KB,1280x720)


When was the last time you were sick?


Maybe two years or so ago? For anything more serious than a cold or short-lived stomachache though its been well over a decade.


I'm not sure. I have tried fasting overnight a few times and that made me feel terrible and even vomit bile but I am not sure if that was me being sick persay.


The last time I was sick was probably about two years ago, but insofar as actually being bedridden sick, the last time was probably nearly seven years ago.

I think it's probably better to be sick at least somewhat regularly than to go with wide spaces like this, because then being sick seems all the worse. Being stuck inside, away from everyone the last year has kept me healthy for probably the longest stretch I've ever gone without getting even a little sick, but when I went back home and saw my cats again, I felt absolutely miserable. I had completely forgotten just how bad my allergies were, which made the experience of staying at home so much worse because my allergy medicine doesn't really help.


I got sick for a day when I got my 2nd covid shot last month, before that it was last year when I got the flu for the first time since I was a child and it was pretty bad.


right now i'm either on a really bad allergy trip or i have a sinus infection fuck spring


over a year ago...


File:image.png (219.49 KB,784x783)

I caught something back in March of 2020 I had severe chest pains a cough, dizziness and was burning up pretty bad but I got over it by a week I think but totally fine afterward.
Before that I have no clue since its been so long I only ever get mild illnesses as I try to keep myself healthy.


Spring allergies or cat allergies? If the latter, that really sucks.


I'm sick right now. I'm really lightheaded and queasy


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (245.12 KB,1920x1080)

I had a really bad reaction to the second dose of covid vaccine, but at least it only lasted a day and there was anti-nausua stuff in the house. Before that I bet it's been over a decade due to my hermit lifestyle.
Sometimes I wonder if my autoimmune system is compromised since it's not getting exposed to stuff..


after getting the 2nd covid shot a few months ago i had one of the worst colds of my life, could barely get out of bed
last year i had an unidentified sickness that had my throat swollen shut and painful so i couldnt eat for about a week and i felt really nauseous all the time and puked if i did manage to eat , for the first few days i couldnt get out of bed and was completely delirious. bad time


Yesterday, basically every time I forget to eat.


Same, the 2nd shot hit me hard.
I had had a chronic sore throat for the previous couple months, and strangely it got really painful when I got the second shot. But within a couple days it went away completely. I have no idea if it was related or not.


Isn't a vaccine basically just a powered down version of the virus? So maybe you guys had covid for a short while!


The new vaccine isn't that, it's something using mRNA to feed your cells info about the virus I think, so that your body can fight it off better.


I feel sluggish and sick right now but I don't want to actually go to the doctors to get a diagnosis for it.


Just last week, for the first time in years. Food poisoning I think - threw up all over my bed then felt like shit for a couple days before slowly coming right.


sounds terrible


File:mousu.jpg (113.4 KB,1000x1503)

haven't been sick since I went hiki
another solid proof that everyone is stupid except me


File:896504688870170624_1.jpg (28.41 KB,400x524)

Im sick every day
sick in the head


Do hangovers count as being sick?


File:1629225951373.png (360.67 KB,655x668)

probably 2019 since no one wore masks back then and my job had me next to kids who were perpetually sick and never covered their goddamn mouths, fucking brats


probably got punished by the heavens for this post. fell sick last week, I had the runs and headaches for the whole week it was horrible, I have no idea where it came from.

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